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“The port is itself an existence of Odessa”

— Count A.Lanzheron





The cruise liner AMADEA waiting out the storm in the port of Odessa

As it has been mentioned before, on October 23 the m/v AMADEA completed the passenger navigation of this year on Odessa sea port. On 23:00 pm. The vessel had to leave Odessa to Sochi. But, due to the outbreak of a severe storm, the master was forced to make a decision to extend the moorage at the 15th berth of the sea port under the protection of hydraulic structures of the port.


According to the representative agent of the company, the calling of the m/v AMADEA at Sochi was cancelled and, if the vessel isn’t to leave Odessa tomorrow as well, the vessel wont visit the next scheduled port: Sinop, Turkey. In this case, the liner will follow in the direction of the Bosporus and then to Venice.


The administration of the cruise tried to compensate the breakdown of the port call schedule by force-majeure circumstances by the expansion of the program of a stay of tourists in Odessa. It should be reminded that, there are 415 passengers on board.


Note: As to “Ukrainian hydro meteorological center”, the weather on October 24-27 in the Northern part of the Black sea will determine the volume of the storm up to 19-24 m/s with gusts up to 25-30 m/s. The wave height in the Black sea will reach to 3-4 meters, in the Azov - up to 2 meters.


Press-centre of Odessa Sea Port Authority.






«Theatrical» liner AMADEA dropped the curtain of the cruise season 2014 in Odessa sea port

On October 23, the cruise season 2014 ended with calling of the vessel AMADEA at Odessa sea port.  The vessel, with 415 passengers on board came from Constanta at 8:00 am. The leaving of the vessel is scheduled on 23:00 pm.


The liner, with musical name AMADEA was built in 1991, under order of Japan company and initially had the name “ASUKA”. The zest of the vessel is the presence of the classic theatrical hall on the board. At the time of the building of the vessel it was the first shipboard theatre with personal loges. At the present time the m/v AMADEA is a flagship liner of the German freighter PHOENIX REISEN.


As to the head of the External Relations and Tourist Services Department, Elvira Leschinskaya, the ending cruise season cannot be regarded as a lucky one: there were only 28 ship calls, instead of 159.


- We lost 67 ship calls of the foreign cruise companies, - remarks E. Leschinskaya. -Because of the events in Crimea, Donbas and in our city (on the 2nd of May) our constant clients, as SC Cruises, Azamara Cruises, Silver Sea Cruises, Aida Cruises, and Costa Cruises cancelled ship calls. Besides, the scheduled Black Sea circular routes on the vessels “Adriana” and “Izabella-1” weren’t launched. Thus, as to the data on number of visits of foreign cruise liners, Odessa sea port showed the number of the year 2000.


As the Head of the department narrated furthermore, Odessa Sea Port Authority holds events constantly in order to restore the image of Odessa as a safe city for sea travelers. The representatives of the port participate in international exhibitions and conferences, publish the passenger’s impressions about Odessa, and keep a direct contact with top-managers of the leading cruise corporations of the world. The port also leads activity in frames of Association of Mediterranean cruise ports MedCruise, where E. Leschinskaya is in the Board of Directors.


However, particular characteristics of the cruise business suppose higher safety concern of the passengers and cruise ship planning for the next 1-2 years in advance. That’s why a fast “recovery” of the cruise ship calls in Odessa cannot be foreseen. Nevertheless, 81 cruise ship call is scheduled for the next year. 


Press-centre of Odessa Sea Port Authority.


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A visit of a celtic queen

Despite the fog, on October 22, in the morning, the cruise ship BOUDICCA (206 m, Nassau home-port) proceeded Vorontsov gates and on 9:00 am moored at 15th berth of the passenger terminal of Odessa sea port. The ship came from Sochi. The vessel carried 704 passengers on board, who furthermore went on comfortable buses to an excursion to get acquainted with the sights of the city.

The m/v BOUDICCA was built in 1973 in Finland. For 4 decades the ship has repeatedly changed names and the owners, survived the fire and two upgrades. Its present name, in honor of the Celtic Queen who fought against the Romans, the liner received in 2005 when it was bought by the Norwegian-British shipping company Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines.

At 18:00 pm the liner with its sculptural figure of a dancing girl on the aft deck will be leave to Constanta.


Press-centre of Odessa Sea Port Authority.


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On October 21, the INTERNATIONAL BLACK SEA TRANSPORT FORUM 2014, organized by Advertising-News Agency “Mediacompass Ukraine”, started in concert and exhibition hall at Odessa passenger terminal. In the frames of the forum, such events take place: the 11th exhibition on navigation, shipbuilding and the development of the ports “Odessa 2014”, specialized exhibitions "TransUkraine 2014", "TransRail Ukraine 2014", "Commercial and municipal transport 2014", as well as Round tables "Public transport of the 21st century. Amendments in the legislative framework" and "Modern tendencies in the creation of "green" ports...".


Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine on Eurointegration, Oksana Reyter, Executive Director of BASPA Mr. Georgiy Tokman, Deputy Mayor Oles B. Yanchuk, Commercial Attaché of the Consulate General of Republic of Turkey in Odessa  Сetin Yilmaz, and other took part in the opening ceremony.


The events in the frames of INTERNATIONAL BLACK SEA TRANSPORT FORUM 2014 will be held at Odessa passenger terminal for 3 days, up to October 23, inclusive.


Press-centre of Odessa Sea Port Authority.


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The preparation to winter: Odessa Sea Port Authority introduces energy-saving technologies

When repairing the roof of a 4-floor building of Odessa Sea Port Authority (a total area of about 600 square meters) for the first time the company used the latest materials - polyurethane foam and polyurea. New technology provides not only the tightness and water resistance of the coating, but also contributes to the conservation of heat in the premises during the heating season.


New materials interact with each other, creating a very durable waterproofing layer, " says the chief engineer of the contractor "Oblteplo", Sergey Poberezhec.- The European manufacturers guarantee that this coating will last 25 years. Advantages of polyurethane coating are obvious. The ruberoid in the summer heats up to 80-90 ° C, and that is why it is so hot in the building. Polyurethane foam (usually white or silver colors that reflect light) keeps you warm in winter and summer is not heated by the sun, thus preserving the freshness in the apartments.


On the basis of long-term energy efficiency programs developed by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Odessa Sea Port Authority has prepared events introducing energy-saving technologies for the future. Among the priority measures are: the replacement of traditional lamps to led, the substation of gas to unconventional sources of heat, reducing heat loss of buildings due to the replacement of windows, heat proof of roofs, walls, etc.


Press-centre of Odessa Sea Port Authority.





Future masters are getting acquainted with Odessa Sea Port

On October 15, more than 100 undergraduates of Odessa National Maritime Academy visited Odessa Sea Port. The visit to the enterprise of the students of navigator faculty was held in the frames of educational program and with the help of Odessa Sea Port Authority.


The off-site lecture started at the museum of the port after F.P. De-Volan. The future masters listened to the lecture by Olga Sevostianova, the manager of the museum, about 220-year history of the enterprise, got acquainted with its rich exposition.


Furthermore, in the course of the tour of the port by bus, the representatives of External Relations and Tourist Relations department narrated the students about the work of manufacturing complexes and plans of the port development for future and distant prospects. The students of ONMA had a possibility to compare both practice and theory within an example of the leading enterprise of maritime industry.


The acquaintance with OSPA ended at the passenger terminal with a group photo.


Press-centre of Odessa Sea Port Authority.


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The liner ISLAND SKY at Odessa sea port

The cruise liner ISLAND SKY (90 m, Bahamas flag) called at Odessa sea port. On 7:45 am the m/v moored at the berth #15 of Odessa passenger terminal. The vessel came from Sochi with 78 passengers on board.


As to schedule, the liner will leave to Sulina on 15:00 in the afternoon, with more people: 4 people from Odessa will board the vessel.


Press-centre of Odessa Sea Port Authority.




All of the hospitality - 2 cruise liners of the company Hapag-Lloyd called at Odessa Sea Port

The cruise season in Odessa went on its accustomed way. On October, 8, according to the schedule, 2 cruise liners of the company Hapag-Lloyd called at Odessa Sea Port, i.e. m/v BREMEN (111. 52 m, Bahamas flag, with 128 passengers on board) and m/v Europa 2 (225m, Maltese flag, with 292 passengers) . The passengers are mainly Germans. The first one will stay up to 23:00 pm, and the second will stay till October, 9, 23:00 pm also.


It should be reminded that on September 16, the m/v EUROPA called at Odessa, and the calling at Odessa sea port was regarded as the act of support of Ukraine, and became an example for other cruise liners: Odessa is open and safe for sea-travelers, despite of hard political situation.


Sea capital of Ukraine demonstrated the guests its hospitality. The vessels were met with Odessa music. Also tour operators organized an excursion, due to which they are able to get acquainted with the history of the city and its sightseeing.


Press-centre of Odessa Sea Port Authority.



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The port of Odessa became a member of “Ecoports”

On February 6, Odessa sea port Authority became a member of the working project “Ecoports”, which is the part of European sea ports organization. It became possible due to the preparatory work in seaport, the qualitative organization of the system of ecological safety and the corresponding to European requirements.


It should be reminded that on November 2013, the Ukrainian port branch was presented for the first time at the major ecological forum “Green Port Congress 2013” (Antwerp, Belgium).In the course of the meeting, the representatives of the SE” Ukrainian sea ports Authority” announced about the start of the procedure of entering into European association of “Green ports”- “Ecoports” and about the intention of Ukrainian harbors to become a part of European sea ports organization (ESPO).


“Odessa was the first city which stepped upon the difficult road to become a part of European “Green Ports”. This is an indicator of corresponding to high requirements of ecological safety, acting in ports of Europe. The chief of ecological safety department of the SE” USPA” Sergey Perfiljev said that nowadays, the port of Iljichyovsk and the port “ Yuzniy” make the same preparatory work.




The non – government organization “Ecoports” chose a new chairman

Oleg Vadimovich Nedostup is chosen as a new chairman of the non– government organization “ Ecoports”. Oleg Vladimirovich is a deputy director of A.V. Bogatsky physico-chemical institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, candidate of engineering sciences.


It was decided on the 6th of February during the extraordinary “ Ecoports” conference, where the general manager of Odessa sea port Authority, M. Sokolov and the representatives of ports  of Belgorod-Dnestrovsk, Iljichyovsk and Yuzhny were present.


While representing the delegates the candidature of the new chairman, the creator and permanent manager of the non – government organization “ Ecoports”, Sergey Perfiljev underlined Oleg Nedostup’s personal input in the realization of  big number of projects of the organization. Especially, he underlined the participation of the scientist in the investigations of factors which influence the air pollution in Odessa city, the cooperation arrangements with governmental authorities on the question of liquidation of poison-bearer in Altestovo village and participation in the expedition at the Snake Island.


Reminding that nowadays the organization needs the reloading of approaches and competence, Sergei Perfiljev urged to support the candidature of Oleg Nedostup, as a qualified specialist and a person, who is dedicated to his profession. Delegates welcomed the proposal solid.


Information: The Non – government organization “Ecoports” was created in March 2009, led by the workers of the port of Odessa and became the first non – government organization in the maritime branch in Ukraine. “Ecoport “is a part of Public Council. In autumn 2013 organization extended owing to entering of ports of Belgorod-Dnestrovsk,Berdiansk, Yevpatoriya Iljichyovsk, Izmail, Kerch, Mariupol, Sevastopol, Feodosiya, Kherson, Yuzhny and Yalta.






Turkey confirmed its reputation of “Ukrainian citrus granary”: Summarizing results (2013) at Odessa port cold store

The cargo turnover of Public Joint-Stock Company “Odessa port cold store” (index of the ship unloading) was 188 thousands of tons, which is 8 % more if to compare with the previous year. The lion’s share of the transshipment makes citruses and bananas. Answering the questions connected with the results of the so called “new-year delivery”, the deputy chief executive of Public Joint-Stock Company, Igor Khmelevskoy stated suggestive surge in demand for citruses from Turkey.


In December, Odessa port cold store accepted and worked 11 vessels with citruses, from port of Zonguldak,- said Khmelevskoy,- it is only one ship more than in December,2012.Meanime,  the tonnage time of the products imported made almost 25% . Turkish tangerines are in high demand, which had the best of bargain in consumer’s price than Spanish ones with its prices, and to compare with Georgian tangerines, they win at marketable appearance and eating qualities. This consignment is planned to be accepted up to the middle of March inclusive. Last year’s citrus harvest was very good in Turkey.


It should be added that in 2013 in Ukraine, a record number of apples was cropped, which consumer’s price plummet if to compare with previous years. This fact, perhaps not surprisingly, doesn’t influence domestic consumer’s predilection for expensive tropical fruits. A month ago, a data was given in the Ukrainian statistics, according to which in September-November 2013 , 109 thousands of tons of citruses was imported , which 38 % more than in previous year. The major part of the import, that is 60%, falls on tangerines.


Press-centre of Odessa Sea Port Authority.