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“The port is itself an existence of Odessa”

— Count A.Lanzheron





The port of Odessa became a member of “Ecoports”

On February 6, Odessa sea port Authority became a member of the working project “Ecoports”, which is the part of European sea ports organization. It became possible due to the preparatory work in seaport, the qualitative organization of the system of ecological safety and the corresponding to European requirements.


It should be reminded that on November 2013, the Ukrainian port branch was presented for the first time at the major ecological forum “Green Port Congress 2013” (Antwerp, Belgium).In the course of the meeting, the representatives of the SE” Ukrainian sea ports Authority” announced about the start of the procedure of entering into European association of “Green ports”- “Ecoports” and about the intention of Ukrainian harbors to become a part of European sea ports organization (ESPO).


“Odessa was the first city which stepped upon the difficult road to become a part of European “Green Ports”. This is an indicator of corresponding to high requirements of ecological safety, acting in ports of Europe. The chief of ecological safety department of the SE” USPA” Sergey Perfiljev said that nowadays, the port of Iljichyovsk and the port “ Yuzniy” make the same preparatory work.




The non – government organization “Ecoports” chose a new chairman

Oleg Vadimovich Nedostup is chosen as a new chairman of the non– government organization “ Ecoports”. Oleg Vladimirovich is a deputy director of A.V. Bogatsky physico-chemical institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, candidate of engineering sciences.


It was decided on the 6th of February during the extraordinary “ Ecoports” conference, where the general manager of Odessa sea port Authority, M. Sokolov and the representatives of ports  of Belgorod-Dnestrovsk, Iljichyovsk and Yuzhny were present.


While representing the delegates the candidature of the new chairman, the creator and permanent manager of the non – government organization “ Ecoports”, Sergey Perfiljev underlined Oleg Nedostup’s personal input in the realization of  big number of projects of the organization. Especially, he underlined the participation of the scientist in the investigations of factors which influence the air pollution in Odessa city, the cooperation arrangements with governmental authorities on the question of liquidation of poison-bearer in Altestovo village and participation in the expedition at the Snake Island.


Reminding that nowadays the organization needs the reloading of approaches and competence, Sergei Perfiljev urged to support the candidature of Oleg Nedostup, as a qualified specialist and a person, who is dedicated to his profession. Delegates welcomed the proposal solid.


Information: The Non – government organization “Ecoports” was created in March 2009, led by the workers of the port of Odessa and became the first non – government organization in the maritime branch in Ukraine. “Ecoport “is a part of Public Council. In autumn 2013 organization extended owing to entering of ports of Belgorod-Dnestrovsk,Berdiansk, Yevpatoriya Iljichyovsk, Izmail, Kerch, Mariupol, Sevastopol, Feodosiya, Kherson, Yuzhny and Yalta.






Turkey confirmed its reputation of “Ukrainian citrus granary”: Summarizing results (2013) at Odessa port cold store

The cargo turnover of Public Joint-Stock Company “Odessa port cold store” (index of the ship unloading) was 188 thousands of tons, which is 8 % more if to compare with the previous year. The lion’s share of the transshipment makes citruses and bananas. Answering the questions connected with the results of the so called “new-year delivery”, the deputy chief executive of Public Joint-Stock Company, Igor Khmelevskoy stated suggestive surge in demand for citruses from Turkey.


In December, Odessa port cold store accepted and worked 11 vessels with citruses, from port of Zonguldak,- said Khmelevskoy,- it is only one ship more than in December,2012.Meanime,  the tonnage time of the products imported made almost 25% . Turkish tangerines are in high demand, which had the best of bargain in consumer’s price than Spanish ones with its prices, and to compare with Georgian tangerines, they win at marketable appearance and eating qualities. This consignment is planned to be accepted up to the middle of March inclusive. Last year’s citrus harvest was very good in Turkey.


It should be added that in 2013 in Ukraine, a record number of apples was cropped, which consumer’s price plummet if to compare with previous years. This fact, perhaps not surprisingly, doesn’t influence domestic consumer’s predilection for expensive tropical fruits. A month ago, a data was given in the Ukrainian statistics, according to which in September-November 2013 , 109 thousands of tons of citruses was imported , which 38 % more than in previous year. The major part of the import, that is 60%, falls on tangerines.


Press-centre of Odessa Sea Port Authority.






Dry cargo is in the dock, dredge is in turn: ship repairers of port of Odessa started the 2014 with good manufacturing loading

On January 8, the motor ship JIGAWA was put into dock №2 Shipyard «Ukraine» of SE “OSCP”.


The specialists of the shipyard set about cleaning and washing the hull.


As the chief of the shipyard operations service, Alexandr Voloshchuk said, the motor ship JIGAWA needs to undergo the set of dock operations, besides the repair of corps work: cleaning and washing the corps, maintenance at the aggregate of propeller-rudder system, the repair of ground -outboard fitting. Docking of the ship is planned to be finished in two weeks. Then instead of dry cargo , the pump-dredge “Dneprovskiy 5” will be on the dock floor, which has already been put at the factory terminal №8.


As A. Voloshchuk says, a scope of work, like the repair of corpus constructions should be done at the dredger, and also a lot of repair operations of mechanism and aggregates, so that causes the planned term of docking to be twice bigger. As to the chief of operations service calculations, the work on the ships JIGAWA and “Dneprovskiy-5” will provide the loading of the dockyard up to the end of February, which is a good prerequisite for successful completion of the first quarter of 2014.


It should be reminded that, the motor ship JIGAWA has been repaired in the dock yard in port of Odessa. Meantime, the pump-dredge “Dneprovskiy 5” didn’t enter the factoring terminal before. Securing of this order is the result of efficient marketing work of the company’s managing team and high reputation of the shipyard at the market of ship repairing services.  


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The heroic submarines “K-21” and “C- 13”: Two more exhibits appeared in Marine Fleet Museum at Odessa Sea Port

Odessa, December 6. The representatives of amateur club of carton –modelists, Andrew Seleznev and Dmitriy Lynnik made a donation of reduction of submarines “K-21” and “C-13” to Marine Fleet Museum.  As the director of the museum, Ludmila Bondarenko, assures, the models will be presented in the functioning exposition, which is at the Odessa sea port, at the marine passenger terminal. The museum got the exhibitions gratis.


Represented combat ships in models were at war under the command of inhabitants of Odessa , Nicolay Lunin and Aleksandr Marinesko. Both of them made a great input into the history of Great Patriotic War.


“ K-21”  under the command of the hero of USSR, the captain II rank N. Lunin, on July 5, 1943 launched 4 torpedoes on the battleship “ Tirpitz” ( one of two major surface vessels of Nazi Germany) , and “ C-13” under the command of captain III rank A. Marinesko, on January 30, 1945 took down the major German transport “Wilhelm Gustloff”.


As L. Bondarenko remarked, new exhibits turned up just at the right moment. A big number of museum visitors are interested in the history of undersea fleet, and until now, a museum guide could illustrate the story only with the help of photos.


 The director of the museum highly appreciated the accuracy and exactness with which, the modelists reproduced “K-21” and “C-13”. The finishing of models is such that they look like metallic ones. Both of them, by the way, became the award winners in international competitions.


And several words about the creators. Andrew Seleznev is the worker of the mechanical sector at SE “OCSP”. Modelling is a longtime passion, which was supported by all members of the family. The main hobby is sailing ships, but it was he who started to “build” “K-21”. But his friend, Dmitriy Lynnik finished the model, as the specialist of the undersea fleet. As to the main activities, he isn’t connected with sea; he works in the services sector. The sea theme is for the soul.


 As L. Bondarenko says, nowadays the collection of models of different ships and vessels in Marine Fleet Museum enumerates more than 300 depository items. A lot of exhibits are of the historical and cultural interest.  About 70 % of ship copies are in need of reconstruction and recovery after fire in 2005. Unfortunately, as the director of museum said, such sort of work isn’t planned to be financed.


NB: one of the best in Europe Marine Fleet Museum since 1965 is situated in the building of the former English club in the very center of the city. During the fire in 2005, the inner constructions of the building were damaged, and the exhibits suffered from fire and water. In December 2012 during the session of Odessa Regional Council, the decision to take the establishment in balance of regional community was made.  At the start of this year, the region allocated funds for reconstruction of the museum building. 


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«UKRAINIAN EXPERIENCE WILL BE USEFUL FOR US», Port Community Informational System (PCIS) was presented to the delegation of Eurasian Economic Commission in Odessa Sea Port

The business call of panel member, the minister of Custom cooperation Of Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), Vladimir Goshin, took place in Odessa. He was invited by the Freight –Forwarding Association of logistic organizations of Ukraine “Association of freight-forwarding organizations of Ukraine”. The main goal of the trip was the sharing experience of the realization of the project “Single-window is a local solution” and several similar projects.


Vladimir Skiba, the director of division of custom infrastructure of ECE, Alexandr Arefiev, the assistant of Colleague member ( Minister) of custom cooperation, Yuriy Sokolov, vice chief of south customs of Minister’s finance and charges in Ukraine, Oleg Platonov, counselor-minister of Infrastructure, Konstantin Savchenko, vice director of the Department of coordination of Ministry of Infrastructure, Viacheslav Voronoj, head of service of strategic development  of executive office of SE” OCSP” , Dmitriy Yakimenkov, head of service of information technology of executive office SE “ OCSP”, Alexandr Fedorov, head manager of the project “One contact is a local solution”, Ruslan Sahaudtinov, the chief dispatcher of Odessa Sea Port Authority took part in the meeting.


Port Community informational system (PCIS) was presented in the course of the meeting. It was presented by V. Voronoj and D.Yakimenkov. As it is known, Port of Odessa became the first among domestic ports, which implemented the first stage of PCIS (electronic assignment), which had moved from experiment to commercial production since September 2. The electronic assignment spread on bulk cargo, which is carried by transport. The commercial production PCIS became possible due to Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on 3.07.2013 №553 « Concerning the Introduction of changes in resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on May 21, 2012 №451»


As V.Voronoi said, the first stage of PCIS should, later on, provide the informational background of the whole chain of transit of cargo through water area and the territory of port of Odessa. Nowadays, electronic and paper-based form of execution of containers, which are carried by rail road, function parallel in the port. But, in the soonest possible time, it is planned to be only the electronic way of execution.


Before the year is out, the mode of “free practice”, which is a component of the first stage of PCIS, and functioning in the port of Odessa more than three years, will be applied in the port Yuzhnuy.  The implementation of PCIS was started also in the port of Iljichyovsk, where more than 1300 containers are modeled by that scheme up to day.


The participants of the meeting in the course of the visiting port of Odessa got to know the usage procedure for ships in the mode of “free practice”. In the consistent office, which is situated on the territory of manufacturing area of the service of logistics and commercial work of sea port authority, guests had a possibility to watch the process of electronic execution. A general sightseeing tour around Odessa sea port was organized.


The implementation of the project “Single-window – is a local decision, and the free practice mode is the part of the system process of realization of Ukrainian Sea Ports reform, which is oriented on the creating the maximum favorable terms for running the business in ports, attracting strategic investors with constant cargo traffic into the sphere, increasing the competitiveness of sea ports an evaluation of its activities according to European standards.


NB.  Eurasian Economic Union was created in November 2011. The president of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia signed the declaration Of Eurasian Economic integration and the Eurasian Commission agreement. According to commission of the president of Russia, Eurasian Union of transporting, forwarding and logistic organizations ( EUTFL) was constituted. 9 organizations and 4 countries (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine) became the participants and also the founding members of EUTFL. The activity of EUTFL is directed on the simplification of international trade procedures and transport.


Press-service of Odessa Sea Port Authority.




Longshoremen from Odessa thank their colleagues from Izmail for sewed workwear

Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (SE “USPA”) contributes to building mutually beneficial business relationship between its branch offices under the auspices of one state enterprise. Thus, Odessa sea port authority placed an order of sewing work wear at the port of Izmail.  On December,3 , the inhabitants of Odessa got the first part of it, which is 79 of 400 ordered item of winter clothes. It is cold-proof jackets and trousers.


As the representative of the logistic department of SE “USPA” , Irina Kozachenko said: “ New work wear compare favorably  with the that, which was bought before. The previous one was made from cotton and warmth-keeping sintepon. The upper part of the jackets, which were made in the port of Izmail, consists of synthetic water-repellent material, and the warmth-keeper, vice versa, from warmer natural batting. Significantly is that the warmth-keeper can be unbuttoned. It is comfortable both for laundering, and to adjust to treacherous weather in Odessa, if it is warm – you can unbutton warm-keeper, it is cold- you can button it again.


As to I.Kozachenko opinion, the quality of the work wear entirely complies with the requirements and standards. And significantly is that , in spite of elaborated technology of fabrication , the production of clothing manufacturers of port of Ismail doesn’t cost more, than the supplier’s one.


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Applause for Care and Attention – A traditional meeting dedicated to The Disabled International Day took place at Odessa sea port

An election meeting of non-governmental organization “Odessa Sea Port Society of the disabled “took place in the portclub on 4th of December.


By tradition, deputy chief of Odessa Sea Port Authority Sergei Kujko, vice-chairman of trade union of port of Odessa Nicolaj Makovetskiy, port-veterans council chief Nicolaj Debeliy, chief doctor of medical unit of SE “USPA” Janna Putienko, the representatives of Odessa municipal government of Executive Directorate of Social Insurance Fund from Occupational Accidents and Diseases  , took part in the meeting.


Vitaliy Kotenko, chairman of non-governmental organization, noted in the report the significance of social care, which administration and trade union of the port renders to people, who suffered an injury at working place.


Staff of the medical unit was singled out for special gratitude for care and attention, and chief doctor’s speech started and finished with applause.


In the second part of the meeting, the representatives of the administration and trade union of the port, Executive Directorate of Social Insurance Fund from Occupational Accidents and Diseases , answered all the raised questions.


The reelection of the corporate management team took place in the end of the meeting. Chairman’s and the body’s of active functionaries work was recognized “satisfactory” The chairman V. Kotenko is reelected to a new term.


NB. Non-governmental organization “Odessa Sea Port Society of the disabled “ was created on September, 21, 2001.  It enters the Council of Veterans as to rights of structural subdivision. At the present day, 83 people are registered in the organization. Since February 2005, the organization cooperates with Social Insurance Fund from Occupational Accidents and Diseases.


Press-service of Odessa Sea Port Authority.


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Santa Claus and Snow Maiden have already landed at Odessa Sea Port. (Friday photo reportage)

On November, 29 two sightseeing tours for scholars took place at Odessa Sea Port – pupils of secondary school № 40 and the patients of the sanatorium “ Khadzibej”


About 90 excursionists, aged 7 to 14, had a bus tour of 7 km long pier of the enterprise, they saw loading on ships, they went to access balcony , which is on the upper floor of marine passenger terminal and became guests of the New Year and Christmas Festival production Go! CHRISTMAS!


The organizers of the Festival showed the first grade pupils , and pupils who arrived from Lvov, Vinnitsa, Cherkassy, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkow, and other cities  the fragment of a big new year performance “ Super Christmas Tree” , which was prepared by artists of Odessa’s Philharmonic theater and famous theater “ either people , either dolls”.


-There could be no better surprise for children than this performance- the manager of tourist service of Odessa Sea Port Authority, Tatiana Yakovleva commented, - Our little excursionists were honored to be the first to meet Santa Claus and Snow Maiden id Odessa, or even in Ukraine, with whom the period of long-awaited New-Year’s festivities comes.


As T. Yakovleva says, the tourist service made 120 excursions over the territory of Odessa Sea Port in 11 months. More than 3500 people got acquainted with past, present and future of flagman of marine system of the country. As a rule, tourist agencies order excursions in summer for tourist groups from other cities, and in the period of academic year pupils and students become the guests of enterprise, and on the whole, the excursions are regarded to be professionally oriented.


Press Office of Odessa Sea Port Authority


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The Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Vladimir Kozak: The European Integration movement of Ukraine will keep on

The Europen Integration processes are not finished, they will be kept on, - the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Vladimir Kozak said at the meetings with representatives of worker’s association of transport department, students, and teachers of specialized universities. But in a very difficult situation, which developed in National economy because of the loss of big number of export to Russia and counties of Custom Union and general complication in trade and economic cooperation with our east neighbors, the rushed signing of Association Agreement will bring Ukraine more risks, dangers and losses than profits, advantages and stability. So, in spite of repeated attempts of Ukrainian government to discuss the business of contingent consideration with European colleagues, in the form of wide access of Ukrainian goods to European market and giving Ukraine a credit on reasonable terms at transition period, the representatives of EU didn’t give any concrete answers. In fact, Ukraine didn’t receive any hands-on assistance , except for naked addresses of European politicians to Russian and was left alone with its problems.


That’s why ,with all the responsibility, government came to a decision to pause a process of signing Association Agreement with EU  and proposed to discuss further prospects of European integration of our country with saving normal , good neighborhood and mutually beneficial trade and economic cooperation with Russian and counties of Custom Union  in three-side form: Ukraine- EU- Russia.


“  The cooperation of Ukraine with EU keeps on and the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine goes on actively cooperate with European colleagues in preparation of the variety of common and mutually beneficial agreements for Ukraine and counties of EU” , -the Minister remarked. On November, 27 , the Vice Prime Minister , Alexandr Vilkul, signed an agreement , in Brussels , according to which , the EU will supply our country the funds for modernization of aero navigational system, it will lead to flying safety  in full compliance with European standards.


Exactly during Vilnius summit a treaty about Common Aeronautical Space ,open-skies, will be initialed.


Such a treaty will open our market to European air carriers , and will give a possibility to Ukrainian carriers to add new routes, and create  more competitive terms. It will help the Ukrainians the get more manifold service at a low price”,- Vladimir Kozak said.


(The full text of the article of the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Vladimir Kozak, can be read on the site


The State Enterprise “Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority” prepares the reform of the system of the preparation and certification of seamen

November, 19,  Odessa, Head Office the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority”

The meeting of harbormasters of domestic sea ports and the representatives of the regional branch offices of the Inspection took place under the chairmanship of CEO of “Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority”  Yuriy Vaskov and Head of the Inspection of the preparation and certification of seamen, Alexandr Shiptsov.

The basic question on the agenda was the necessity of the reformation of the system of the preparation and certification of seamen from the standpoint of the requirements of the President of Ukraine, The Cabinet of Ministers, and the Minister of the Infrastructure of Ukraine, and the forthcoming changes in the legislative field in the sphere of the preparation and retraining of seamen should be taken into the account.

As Yuriy Vaskov underlined in the course of the discussion, the forthcoming reorganization should diminish the influence of the subjective factor to the maximum when sitting for the qualification examination and the registration of the confirmative documents should be organized on the “single window” basis.

The participants of the meeting expressed their opinion on the specific aspects of the optimization of work of the native training centers in the preparation of seamen and diploma-passport office in the ports.

All the propositions will be analyzed and completed by specially created workgroup, which consists of the specialists of “Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority” and Inspection, and then, furthermore, it will be possible to proceed to manufacture the itemized recommendations of the reformation of the system of preparation of the certification of seamen.