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Odessa Sea Port Authoruty 24/7 hotline (048) 706-57-96. For prevention of anthropogenic, terrorist and other threats as well as in the events of corruption at the port.

“The port is itself an existence of Odessa”

— Count A.Lanzheron



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Youth litter-pick will take place on April, 4 at Odessa sea port

Scheduled litter-pick of the Youth organization of the port of Odessa on March, 28 (YOPO), was moved on April, 4 due to unfavourable weather conditions. YOPO decision was made at the main port operations meeting, held at Odessa Sea Port Authority, by the representative of the public organization Olga Galadzjan. The same information was presented by the chairman of the YOPO of the SE “OCSP” Stepan Derevenskij.


Press-centre OSPA 


USPA was awarded by the National Maritime Rating of Ukraine

Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority was awarded for “Achievement of year 2014” for the project realization, i.e. dredging of the sea port “Yuzhnij”.


It should be reminded that, one of the most important infrastructural achievements of the previous year was the creation of the deepest water area in Black Sea at the sea port “Yuzhnij”. The dredging works on reconstruction of marine approach canal and inland waterways to deep-water berths were performed in the harbor.  During works 16 millions of cubic meters of soil were extracted. The performing of dredging works created conditions for safe acceptance and servicing of Capesize type heavy cargo vessels with a draft of 18. 5 meters.


The Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Andrej Pivovarskij, and public deputy Boris Kozyr awarded the manager of the enterprise Andrej Amelin in the framework of National Maritime Rating of Ukraine awarding ceremony.


Note: National Maritime Rating Of Ukraine was initiated in 2008 by the magazine “Ports of Ukraine” and by the information-analytics center Black Sea Trans. The rating is carried with a support of Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Association “Ukrport”, an alliance of port operators, International Forwarding Agents of Ukraine Association, Sea Agents of Ukraine Association, Black Sea International Shipowners Association (BINSA). The winners of the majority of nominations are defined according to the results of ratings, which are created on the basis of the enterprise working data.


Press-center USPA 



At the request of the prosecutor’s office, the ship "Kanton" was arrested for violation of the order on calling at the ports of the Crimea

Interrogators of the Department on representation of citizens or the state in court interests, and crime and corruption prevention in the temporarily occupied territory of the Crimean Peninsula of the General Prosecutor's office investigated the facts of courts order violation on calling at closed ports of the Crimea (the entry to the occupied territory of Ukraine and leaving it) with the purpose of harming the state interests.


According to the Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine, chief military Prosecutor A. Matios, during the investigation it was established that one of the vessels, under the flag of the island nation of Tuvalu, stayed illegally in July 2014 in a closed port of Sevastopol, and in March this year called at Kherson port for uploading.


With a help of immediately organized and conducted in accordance with the criminal procedure legislation of Ukraine investigation, the conclusive proof of committing crime by a master, citizen of Turkey, was eliminated under item 2 of article 332-1 of the criminal code of Ukraine.


In this regard, he was given a written notice of suspicion, which in accordance with the legislation together with the request for international legal assistance was sent to the competent authorities of the Turkish Republic.


On 24.03.2015 Pechersky district court of Kyiv satisfied the request of the investigator on arresting the vessel "Kanton" (tonnage - 5 thousand) and on banning its use.


Now vessel is at the port of Kherson.


The sanction of the article oversees the punishment by means of deprivation of liberty for a term of three to five years with confiscation of vehicles.


Meticulous work to ensure the inevitability of punishment for violation of the order on entering the occupied territory of Ukraine (Crimea) continues - said the Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine A. Matios.


PR Department and Prosecutor General Office media



Visit of the frigate “Lafayette” is cancelled

According to the press centre of the naval forces of Ukraine, the announced earlier visit by the citizens of Odessa and guests of the French frigate Lafayette (on Saturday, 28 March), is cancelled by the decision of the French side.


Press-centre OSPA 



First day of staying of the French frigate in the port of Odessa: calling at the Harbor, mooring (photos)

Today, on March 26, the frigate of Naval Forces of France LA FAYETTE called at the port of Odessa with a planned visit.


The ship was moored at the berth No. 15 of Odessa passenger terminal on 8:35. Military orchestra solemnly welcomed French colleagues at the berth.


The ship will stay in Odessa for 5 days, from March 26-29.


The frigate of GW (guided weapon) "La Fayette” is a leading one in a series of 5 ships built for French Republic Navy Forces. It is designed on the principle of radar stealth. It was accepted into the fleet in 1996. The main armament is 8 Exocet anti-ship weapons. Also it has a helicopter, a 100-mm gun and antiaircraft means.


The length of the frigate is 125 meters and a maximum speed of it is 25 knots. Crew consists of 164 people.


According to the plans of the French command, Lafayette after Odessa will return to base in Toulon.


Help. The ship is named in honor of General Gilbert La Fayette (1757-1834), French politician, member of three revolutions: the American independence war, the French revolution and the July 1830 revolution.


Today, at 10 am through Vorontsov gate the frigate Hetman Sagaidachny, which is a flagship of the Ukrainian Navy called at the Harbor. The Ukrainian ship was moored at the berth No.16 of the passenger terminal.


Press-centre OSPA 



Turkish schooner-the offender was convoyed to Odessa sea port

On March 25, about 10 o'clock in the morning accompanied by the ship's marine protection "Nikolaev" Turkish fishing schooner ZOR called at the New Harbor of the port of Odessa. The ship moored at the berth No.16 and was immediately taken under protection by the special department of the State Border Service.


The circumstances of the detention of the schooner were given to the journalists by the officer commanding of Odessa Maritime Guard Department of the State Border Service of Ukraine, captain I rank Dmitry Dukov, and by assistant commander of the Maritime Guard "Nikolaev", commander of the examination service, Lieutenant-Commander Denis Zakharchuk.


According to information obtained, the following is known:

A fishing schooner ZOR was in operational development of Ukrainian border guards for quite a long time. On March 24, at night, after the receipt of relevant information, Maritime reconnaissance aircraft and the ship sea protection "Nikolaev" were sent to the area of the alleged illegal fishering by fishing schooner of flounder-turbots in the exclusive Maritime economic zone of Ukraine. After the record from aircraft that stated that the vessel casted nets, the coordinates of the schooner were given to the border ship, which immediately moved to the specified point.


Turkish sailors, took by surprise, did not attempt to escape. The arrest was performed in 51 miles to the South West from Zmeinij Island. When the inspection team climbed on the ZOR vessel, there were found 10 km of nets for fishing and 2.5 tons of dry ice. To the opinion of border guards, due to the deadweight of the schooner, which is 43 tons, and onboard amount of fishing gear, Turkish fishermen could in one calling at Zmeinij Island catch up to 10 tons of valuable fish species. It is interesting, that the master of the schooner ZOR, the name isn’t mentioned, was detained repeatedly by Ukrainian border guards while attempting illegal fishing.


It should be recalled that five years ago, on April 5, 2010, the Maritime Guard Department of the State Border Service of Ukraine arrested two Turkish schooners near Zmeinij Island, and then convoyed them to Odessa; they are m/v MUAMER REIS and m/v HASAN. Schooner HASAN was confiscated by the decision of the court and later converted into a Ukrainian guard ship.


According to captain I rank Dmitry Dukov, in recent years a number of attempts of Turkish fishermen to engage in illegal fishing in the exclusive Maritime economic zone of Ukraine have decreased significantly.


Press-centre OSPA 



The main objectives in port industry and their solutions were underlined in USPA

(from the materials of the press conference of the SE “USPA” CEO Andrey Amelin on  March 18, 2015, Odessa).


Among the priorities in the port industry there are: capital fund renewal, improvement of the regulatory basis, the development of port infrastructure, of electronic document management and the establishment of the FEZ in Ukrainian sea ports. About the tasks and ways of development of the port economy, the SE “USPA” CEO Andrey Amelin told during the press conference


 "Today, moral and physical depreciation of fixed assets at seaports is from 80% to 90%. Therefore, there is no other choice but to exclude state stevedoring companies -  sea trading ports from the list of objects of state property that are not a subject to privatization. Next it is needed to look for the most balanced and effective solutions for each specific CSP (commercial sea port) in cooperation with the specialists, local authorities, groups of enterprises",- underlined the CEO of the enterprise.


Also among the primary steps to improve the regulatory basis of the port industry and attracting investments, CEO has allocated the necessary changes to several laws, including the Laws "On sea ports of Ukraine", "On management of state property", etc.


"All the necessary draft documents Has been already prepared by USPA specialists and require political will and inclusion in regulatory procedure",- said Andrey Amelin.


To improve the operation of state enterprises, there is an urgent need for decentralization and optimization of the control system. We are talking about changing the approval of the financial plan, procurement, disposition of property. In particular, due to the complex and long procedure of approval of the financial plan, the company failed to perform the full scope of works on development of infrastructure in the past year.


To improve control procedures, USPA seaports works on further implementation of the Information system of the port community, and participates in the reduction of the activity of the control bodies to the European standards.


Also, to optimize the procedures of obtaining permits on performing dredging, the most urgent is the issue concerning amending the Decree of CMU as of 12.07.2005 No. 557, which regulates the procedure mentioned.


At the same time, a comprehensive solution for many problems of the industry will be the creation of special (free) economic zones in all the seaports of the country. The mechanism of the FEZ will provide additional investment attractiveness, as well as sustainable development of port areas for the long term period.


"The construction of modern infrastructure at the territories of seaports is a progressive step, repeatedly tested in the leading ports of the world. When creating FEZ investor must receive a clear road map for approval of investment project, the ability to transparently acquire the land for the period of implementation of the project and have a clear right to protect their investment. This partnership of state and private sector will benefit all," said Andrey Amelin.


Press-centre USPA 





USPA tax liabilities to the budgets of all levels and trust funds is 1billion 786 million UAH for a previous year

(from the materials of the press conference of the SE “USPA” CEO Andrey Amelin on  March 18, 2015, Odessa).


The income of the SE “USPA” in 2014 is amounted to 4 billion 491 million UAH. Tax payments to the budgets of all levels and trust funds are amounted to 1 billion, 768 million UAH. Among them: 1 billion 370 million UAH is transferred to the state budget, trust funds are 285 million UAH.


The volume of other obligatory payments is amounted to 113 million UAH. In particular, the amount paid under the law of dividends to the budget of Ukraine is amounted to 564 million UAH. Thus, USPA has complied fully with the plan of payments to the state budget.


In 2014, the company's net profit amounted to 1.5 billion UAH, and, under current law, a portion of profits has been directed on the payment of dividends to the state budget and the part on investing in the development of the port industry.


On the whole, USPA capital investment in 2014 amounted to 967 million 212 thousand UAH. The biggest part of it is focused on the construction and development of hydraulic structures. In particular, 499 million UAH is the construction of new canals and new hydraulic marine terminals; 436 million UAH is reconstruction of the approach canals, operating areas and berth lines.


As the USPA financial plan was adopted only in November 2014, the enterprise failed to comply fully with the entire scope of work scheduled for infrastructure development. It should be mentioned, that in accordance with a Decree of the CMU No. 899 as of 03.10.2012 in case of absence of an approved financial plan, the company is substantially limited in the implementation of development projects, repair and replacement of fixed assets, etc.


Press-centre USPA 




Dredging works is a priority of USPA for 2015

(from the materials of the press conference of the SE “USPA” CEO Andrey Amelin on  March 18, 2015, Odessa).


During  2014, Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority has performed a number of dredging works.


Thus, one of last year's most important infrastructural achievements was the creation of the deepest-water area in the Black sea in Yuzhny sea port. Dredging works on the reconstruction of the marine approach canal and inland waterway approaches to deep-water berths were completed in the harbor. This dredging works created the conditions for safe acceptance and servicing of heavy Capesize type vessels with a draft of 18.5 meters. Thus, from July to December, the port additionally received 7.5 million dollars.  
Also maintenance dredging in the port area and on the approach channel of Berdyansk sea port during the past year was carried out. The excavating was carried by own means, i.e. with a help of dredger "Meotida". 200 thousand cubic meters of soil was extracted, and the conditions for the safe calling of vessels with a draught of 7.5 meters were created.


Depth were brought to the nominal 8.5 meters in Mariupol sea port. When performing work, using the dredger "Meotida", 190 thousand cubic meters of soil were extracted.


The dredging of the seabed was also carried out in the internal waters of the Odessa sea port (90 thousand cubic meters of soil was extracted), at the Bugsko-Dnieprovskij lake channel (1 million cubic meters) and the "Deep-water navigable channel Dunaj-Black sea" with own means, i.e. dredge "Ingulskij" (300 thousand cubic metres). 


Among other things, dredging works on the Dniester lake channel and at the approach channel of the Dniester-Tsaregradskoje delta arm of Belgorod-Dniestrovskij sea port.


The actual depth in harbor waters and on the approach channel to Skadovsk sea port also been brought to the nominal 6 meters. The dredger "Ingulskij" performed dredging in a volume of 80 thousand cubic meters (including the approach channel that is 45 cubic meters and the water area which is 35 thousand cubic meters). Thanks to the dredging the operation of the ferry line Skadovsk-Zonguldak was restored.


It must be underlined that a performance of large-scale dredging works became possible due to centralized system management of these works and due to own specialized USPA fleet.


“Today the works are being performed in large ports and harbors, which couldn’t allow earlier such expensive works as dredging and even the support of nominal characteristics. This is an obvious example of realization by Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority one of the main goals of its creation, overseen by the Law “On Ukrainian sea ports”, - commented CEO of the SE “USPA” Andrej Amelin


SE “USPA” spent appr. 900 million UAH on dredging works.

As for plans of the SE “USPA” for 2015, the CEO of the enterprise said that this year's plans are even more ambitious.


In Illichevskij seaport the reconstruction of the sea approach canal with bringing depths up to 16 m and waters of the 1st basin of Dry lake with bringing depths up to 15 meters is planned. In addition, the support of navigation depths at the Bugsko-Dnieprovskij lake channel (11.2 meters), Kherson sea channel (8.25 meters) and at water navigable channel Dunaj-Black sea (5.5 m) will be given. Scope of scheduled work on all channels will be about 2 million cubic meters of soil.


Also dredging works will be carried out in the port of Odessa with reaching the design depth of 14 m, and it is planned to extract more than 130 thousand cubic meters.


Planned dredging works with reaching nominal depths in Nikolaevskij port up to 11.2 meters, with a volume of more than 170 thousand cubic meters, Reni port to 4.5 meters, with a volume of more than 30 thousand cubic meters, Kherson port to 8.25 m, a volume of about 50 thousand cubic meters, Mariupol port - channel is 9.15 m, the harbor waters 9.75 meters, with a volume of about 550 thousand cubic meters, Berdyanskij port - channel to 8.55 m, harbor waters 8,40 m, a volume is about 280 thousand cubic meters, SSP "Octiabrsk" to 11.2 m, volume is about 260 thousand cubic meters.


Also the dredging works are being carried in port “Yuzhnij”


Among other things, dredging works at the approach canal of Dniester-Tsaregradskoje delta arm of Belgorod-Dniestrovskij sea port should be noted. Dredging of the marine part of the canal will be conducted by own means of the SE “USPA”. It is planned to extract 200 thousand cubic meters of soil that will allow you to restore the design depth of 6.5 m.


The continuation of the dredging works on the Dniester lake channel is planned. Length of the lake part is more than 14 kilometers, it is planned to remove about 800 thousand cubic meters, with reaching nominal characteristics, i.e. 5.5 m.


Also last week in Izmail port dredging works on reaching nominal depths of 4.5 m. Works are beong performed by means of hopper dredger "Meotida", it is planned to remove about 300 thousand cubic meters of soil.


To conduct dredging works in 2015 the enterprise has planned about 1 billion UAH.


Press-centre SE “USPA” 






On March 17, at the berth No.15th of Odessa sea port a new music video for musical group Septa (leader and vocalist of the group is Eugene Timchik) was being shoot.


As to the information on sites, Septa is an Odessa Quartet, formed in 2010. The boys are playing music in the style of alternative rock, plus experimenting with such styles as post-rock, trip-hop, hardcore. In a relatively short time of its existence the band from Odessa has worked with such well-known Western artists, such as Chris Common (These Arms Are Snakes), Mehdi Safa (*shels) and Matt Bales (Minus the Bear). Today, Septa has released two albums - Lover (2013) and Destroyer (2014).


Interesting coincidence. At the time the shooting started the wind in the harbour though was squally, but did not exceed 7 m/s. After an hour of alternative rock the weather station of the port recorded an increase of wind force up to 6 (10 m/s) and sent the record to the relevant storm warning services. When alternative rock on the dock stopped, the wind calmed and storm warning was cancelled.


Press-centre OSPA 



Unique unloader crane called at Odessa sea port

On March 14, a self-propelled crane vessel Atlas Double (76х23 m, Beliz) called at Odessa sea port for the first time. Up to day it is the most modern floating vessel in Ukraine with 2 cranes for transshipment of bulk cargo in high seas.



Atlas Double was designed and built in Ukraine. It was commissioned last year. The vessel is provided with two Liebherr cranes with lifting capacity of 35 tons each with a maximum reach of 36 m. the Crane is able to handle vessels with deadweight up to 300 thousand tons with an intensity of more than 40 thousand tons per day. This enables to upload large ships from two "rivers" simultaneously.


The Distinctive features of self-propelled crane are high maneuverability, which provide vertical thrusters at the bow and stern, as well as a unique stabilization system pitching, not allowing the vessel to give a roll of more than 3 degrees. Atlas Double can perform sea voyages, work in cramped conditions and to moor without tugs.



In the last few years regular guests of Odessa port are cranes Atlas-1, Atlas-4 and Atlas 5, used for roadstead vessel’s additional loading.  First call of AtlasDouble at the Harbor became an event for city media. 



Press-centre OSPA