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For prevention of anthropogenic, terrorist and other threats as well as in the events of corruption at the port. Odessa Sea Port Authority 24/7 hotline (048) 706-57-96. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using the phone book on our web-site

“The port is itself an existence of Odessa”

— Count A.Lanzheron






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З метою надання можливості підприємствам, що здійснюють агентську діяльність, надавати послуги в усіх філіях ДП «АМПУ», центральним апаратом ДП «АМПУ» розроблено проект уніфікованого договору, який дозволить здійснювати агентським компаніям свою діяльність в усіх морських портах України без укладання окремого договору агентування з кожною філією, у зв'язку з чим чинні договори з ОФ ДП «АМПУ» пролонговані на 2016 рік не будуть, а договір буде укладатися за новою проформою.


Для укладання договору про взаємодію сторін під час агентування суден у морських портах України Вам необхідно надати лист-звернення до начальника адміністрації Одеського морського порту та голові ДП «Адміністрація морських портів України» (проформа №1) та підписаними примірниками договору у двох примірниках з супровідним пакетом документів:

- копія витягу або виписки про державну реєстрацію;

- наказ про призначення на посаду уповноваженої особи, яка підписуватиме договір з боку контрагента або довіреність на уповноважену особу, якщо такі повноваження не визначені статутом (положенням);

- документи дозвільного характеру;

- витяг із статуту (положення);


ВАЖЛИВО!!! З метою своєчасного укладення договору просимо надати необхідні документи, відповідні звернення та підписані примірники договорів до 13.11.2015 року.


У разі виникнення будь-яких питань щодо укладання договорів, прохання звертатися до комерційного відділу ОФ ДП «АМПУ» (каб. №48, будівля Управління №1) та за телефонами:


(048) 729-34-39, (048) 729-34-53, (048) 729-37-65, (048) 729-49-25

адреса для надсилання документів ОФ ДП «АМПУ»  (65026, м. Одеса,  Митна пл., 1)


З повагою

Адміністрація Одеського морського порту


A new shiploader was tested in Odessa sea port on loading soy

A system work on increase of grain handling capacities is being carried in Odessa sea port. One more step of development in this direction became the commissioning of a new grain shiploader on July this year at the berth No.3 of the Quarantine Mole, with a productive capacity of 17, 5 thousands of tons in an hour.


This is a second shiploaer for handling grains, which is at the disposal of the stevedoring company LTD Olimpex Coupe International. Now, using 2 shiploaders, a company has a possibility of simultaneous loading of two vessels from the grain terminal with a total productivity of 35 thousands in an hour.


According to Odessa Sea Port Authority Master Control Center, for testing of new shiploader in work by the management of LTD Olimpex Coupe International, a ship with small cargo capacity was chosen, i.e. m/v Sea Breeze (length is 106, 86 m, deadweight – 7165 tons). The vessel was moored at the berth No.3 on previous Friday, on 31.07.2015 on 11:00. On 12:00 the testing offloading of soya started in the quantity of 4 820 tons with a destination to Turkish port Mersin. The loading is to be finished today, on 3.08.2015.


Press-centre Odessa Sea Port Authority 



Practicing at Odessa sea port territory: life guarders hone skills in fire-fighting operations at the elevator

On July 31, fire tactics training took place at the enterprise “Ukrelevatorprom”. Workforce and means of the Main Department of the Public Administration in emergency in Odessa region took part in the event, and also fire-fighting organization of Odessa Sea Port Authority and of State Enterprise “Odessa Commercial Sea Port” were attracted.


The actuality is in the fact that approximately 50 enterprises in Odessa region are connected with operating and storage of grain, and the worst thing that can take place at the elevator is fire. There are special aspects in fighting fire. And they were practiced during this very training – commented training exercise manager, the manager of Emergency Response Authority of the Main Department of the Public Administration in Emergency in Odessa region, lieutenant colonel Alexander Kritzkij.


According to A. Kritzkij, the hallmark of the held event is “maximum roughness to “actual hostilities”. The safe guarders acted without preliminary “estimate”, in an unknown situation, because the training of such scale was carried for the first time at “Ukrelevatorprom”. The only one convention is absence of real fire. The skills of fire liquidation at the elevator were operated by 60 people of workforce (6 units of main equipment and 5 of specialized) of municipal branches in emergencies, and also port departments of the military fire brigades No.1 and No.2 of Odessa Sea Port Authority and Raid fire brigade at the tug “Kentavr” of the State Enterprise “Odessa Commercial Sea Port”


Press-centre Odessa Sea Port Authority 












Odessa Sea Port Authority initiates legislation simplification in the sphere of state procurement for strategic enterprises

To set simplified and more accessible form of inventory, services and works procurement for state-owned enterprises that have strategic importance to the economy and national security: this is in two words the ideology of the legislative initiative of Odessa Sea Port Authority, which made a proposal to amend the Law of Ukraine "On peculiarities of procurement in certain spheres of economic activity" (No. 4851-VI).


According to Odessa Sea Port Authority General Manager, M. Sokolov, during two years that have passed since the creation of Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority, the management of Odessa Sea Port Authority repeatedly proposed changes and additions to legal acts regulating the activities of public enterprises.


Another legislative initiative of the port workers, according to M. Sokolov, was dictated by an urgent need to modernize the legislation in the field of state procurement, which today does not meet the realities of the time, the norms of international practice, and creates difficulties in business activities of enterprises.


The main point of change in the Law is that along with the current procurement procedure for customers - companies included in "the List of objects of state property, which is of strategic importance to the economy and security of the state" (approved by the CMU decree No. 83 as of 04.03.2015) offers an alternative way of goods, services and works procurement, without limiting value in electronic form, by way of carrying out of an auction with the price reduction in online mode (subsequently the order of purchasing data in electronic form must be approved with separate documents, including the requirements clarification in relation to members qualification).


Thus, all state-owned enterprises retains the right to perform public procurement under existing competitive bidding (tender), with all its bureaucratic delays and difficulties in obtaining documents.


Also changes offered by the Odessa Sea Port Authority will give the opportunity for all state-owned enterprises without an exception to increase the threshold value of the limits of the subject of procurement for goods, works and services, and to bring them to current market value, which grew in local currency, due to the depreciation of the national currency.


Thus, in accordance with part 3 article 2 and part 1 of article 4 of the law "On peculiarities of procurement in certain spheres of economic activity", enterprises are permitted at their own expense to buy without procedure of competitive bidding (tender) goods and services with sum up to 1 million UAH, and the work – up to $ 5 million. Port workers consider it appropriate to raise a specified cost benchmark for the goods and services to 5 million USD, and works, respectively, to 10 million UAH.


According to M. Sokolov, the decision to initiate the simplification of legislation in the sphere of purchases was made on the basis of experience of the procurement of goods and services through electronic trading platforms.


 -There is no need to convince anyone that on smooth work of transport and its Maritime component, in particular, depends the stability of the national economy in general, comments the position of the port authority its General Manager M. Sokolov. – At the same time, at the example of the port, as a major transport hub, we see excessive regulation of procurement procedures that prevents the company from its own funds (not budgeted) to quickly purchase the building materials and spare parts, to conclude contracts with contractors for maintenance of engineering infrastructure, road maintenance, machinery and mechanisms. Today, we are already have well-proven, simple, clear and transparent mechanism for electronic trading "subthreshold amounts", which eliminates the risks of corruption.


Introducing proposed changes to the Law will improve the efficiency of strategic enterprises work, will make them more mobile in the resolution of economic issues and more attractive to investors, will expand the number of potential participants, including foreign, will ensure transparency of public procurement procedures, and also will reduce government spending by means of the auction procedure will, added M. Sokolov.


Press-center Odessa Sea Port Authority 



Popular excursion “Path of a light keeper” has renewed at Odessa Sea Port

One of the main symbols of Odessa,, i.e. Vorontsov lighthouse, is again in access area for tourist groups. On July 28, after completion of repair works at the Raidovy Mole, the first excursion in this year “Path of a light keeper” was held. The premiere of a season at hyper-popular route was organized by the Port Authority Tourism Department and was "sanctified" by the participation of Ivan Tzihovich, the Patriarch of the domestic housing of lighthouse keepers. By the way, March next year marks 60 years since Ivan Timofeyevich has become the keeper of the Vorontsov lighthouse.


Excursions to Vorontsov lighthouse started in Odessa port in August 2011. Those willing to go by " Path of a light keeper " can get acquainted with the details of the tours on port website in the section "Tourism".


Resumed construction works at the Quarantine Mole

The construction of the container terminal in the framework of investment project "Quarantine mole" implementation is being held. The first and second start-up facilities of the new terminal were put into operation in August 2014.  The Capacity is  250 thousands TEU per year, two berths with a length of 650 meters, 112.4 thousand sq. m. of warehouse space, allows to accept vessels with a draught of 14 m.


The project oversees berths operation regardless of the completion of the breakwater construction, which is confirmed by obtained permits by GASK and Registry of Shipping of Ukraine. For example, in similar conditions without the protection of a breakwater berth No. 7, i.e. Oil Harbor, for processing gas carrier vessels operated safely from March 2006. In September last year at the new terminal first two container ships were operated.


What is the situation at the Quarantine Mole today?

The Contracting Company "MAST-BUD LTD" Acting Director Yuriy Shupik commented on the ongoing activities:


On July 8, our builders have resumed works at the Quarantine Mole, which were interrupted due to the fact that part of the protective breakwater descended from regular places. The scope of work was defined previously by signed agreements between Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority within the limits of available funds. Now the preparatory works have started at the terminal: construction of temporary roads, of reversal and of areas for construction materials storage, the necessary construction equipment is being mobilized. At the reinforced concrete constructions manufactory the order for the manufacture of concrete slabs for arrangement of the construction site was placed.


In the next two months, and to be more precise in August and September, we plan to proceed directly to hydro technical works. They include: the construction of a temporary berth at the Raidoviy Mole, dumping and levelling the sand berm with subsequent packing of gravel, etc. Until the end of the year dumping sand berms, with laid on them ballast and geo-grid, and tetrapods will be finished. Thus, the temporary suspension of construction works at the new terminal is in the past, and we are steadily moving towards the goal to complete the project "Quarantine mole".


Unfortunately, because of political and economic recession the ports of Ukraine have reduced the volume of containers transhipment. But together with the operator of the terminal, the investor company "HPC-Ukraina" Odessa port is hopeful for the future. There is confidence that the situation in the country will change for the better, and the operator of the terminal will be able not only to restore pre-recessed volume of containers, but also to attract new customers.


Press-center Odessa Sea Port Authority 


Visit of a delegation USAID to Odessa port

On July 27, the U.S. Ambassador on coordination support for Ukraine Clifford Bond and the Director of Mission of U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Jed Barton visited Odessa port.


Guests were greeted by Odessa Sea Port Authority General Manager Mikhail Sokolov. During the meeting, the possibility of cooperation between the parties in raising investment attractiveness of the port, development of individual areas of cargo handling and cruise infrastructure was discussed.


USAID (eng. United States Agency for International Development) is an independent Agency of the U.S. Federal government. It is responsible for non-military U.S. assistance to other countries. In Ukraine, USAID provides assistance in such areas as economic development, democracy and governance, health and social sector. Starting from 1992, The United States Agency for international development has provided Ukraine with technical and humanitarian assistance in the amount of 1.7 billion dollars.


Press-centre Odessa Sea Port Authority 





Operating data INDICATE STABILITY – Odessa Sea Port Authority gave an account on the outcome of cargo handling in the first half of 2015

As Odessa Sea Port Authority General Manager, M. Sokolov stated during his press conference on July 23, in January-June this year a total of 12 369.9 thousand tons of cargo was handled at the berths of Odessa port , which is 419,1 thousand tons or 3.5 % more compared to the first six months of the previous year. In this case, transhipment of dry cargo grew by almost 9 %. In the nomenclature of dry cargo (excluding containers), grain in bulk dominate by volumes, i.e. more than 3.5 million tons (+ 31 %) and ferrous metals - over 3.1 million tons (+ 45 %).


Analysing the structure of cargo traffic, M. Sokolov noted a significant increase in the reporting period of cargo transhipment in export mode by 13% and falling of import and transit by 27.5 % and 5% respectively.


Port charges increased by 6 percent and amounted to 344 million UAH. The number of ship calls is  1 090 fleet units (+ 20 units).


- On the whole, operating data of a half-year period demonstrate port stability - underlined M.Sokolov – These figures and this stability are the result of the daily efforts performed by professionals, by cohesive and committed stuff. I would also like to say that the stuff does not live only for today. In spite of the difficulties, a number of investment development projects are being actively implemented at Odessa Sea Port that will in future increase the volume of cargo handling, create new working places, rise incomes and deductions in budgets of all the levels.


Press-centre Odessa Sea Port Authority 




Odessa branch of the State Enterprise "Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority" continues to conduct e-procurement

Supporting the initiative of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine on conducting electronic procurement using an automated information system that provides transparency of the procurement results, the Odessa branch of the State Enterprise "Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority" joined to participate in this project.


As of 21.07.2015, Odessa Sea Port Authority has placed 76 announcements with a total amount of 4 869 900.55 UAH without VAT.


Of them accepted suggestions of the participants: 47 (40 – for goods and 7 services) with a total amount of 2 634 679. 92 UAH without VAT, which is 62% of the total number of announced procurements.


Achieved cost savings is about 204 thousands UAH without VAT, which is 7% of the expected value of the procurement that took place (complete with acceptance).


The main reasons for cancelling bidding are:

— The lack of proposals from the participants;

— Commercial proposals from the participants exceed the amount of the customer at the declared procurement;

— Participants do not have the required package of documents necessary for signing the agreement;

— Commercial proposals from the participants do not meet the technical requirements of the purchase subject of the customer.

— The refusal of the participants to sign the contract due to force majeure.


Press-centre Odessa Sea Port Authority


The working meeting of the TEMPUS project participants is being held at Odessa sea port

On Monday , July,20 the working meeting of the representatives of the EU project TEMPUS “Regional Competence Centre of Cruise Tourism in the Black Sea region” (Georgia and Ukraine) «CruiseT» was opened at Odessa passenger terminal.


The representatives of Odessa regional state administration, Odessa city council, Odessa and Illyichivsk Sea Ports Authority, Black and Azov Seas Ports Association (BASPA), Association «Cruise Black Sea», teachers and students of Odessa and Kherson maritime universities , and also European partners of the project from Germany, Bulgaria and Romania took part in the event.


Greeting the participants of the meeting, the General Manager of Odessa Sea Port Authority, Mikhail Sokolov underlined, that the current situation at cruise market demands active and goal-directed activities in strengthening and upgrading the image not only of the passenger terminal of Odessa sea port, but of the whole Black Sea region.


Discussing on the significance of TEMPUS project, M. Sokolov especially underlined the support of the colleagues from Odessa National Maritime Academy and their European partners in promotion of the image-building project «Cruise Black Sea» in the form of Association of all the interested participants of the cruise market. He also expressed his hope, that their commune work in such a form, aimed only at solving of problematic issues of the branch, will bring step-by step notable and long hoped-for positive results.


NOTE! Tempus is the Trans-European educational programme which supports the modernisation of higher education system and creates conditions for universities cooperation in EU countries with educational centres in partner-countries. It was founded in 1990. Up to day it comprises 27 countries in Europe, Central Asia, North Africa and Middle East.  In Odessa the representatives of the project provide methodological support in teaching perfection of touristic disciplines in universities, creation of modern training bases for guide-interpreters and other specialists of tourist industry.






The works on creation on a new generation security System are being carried out at Odessa Sea Port

Video surveillance systems and automatic access control that are in operation today in Odessa port, in the next few years are to be upgraded and integrated into a single hardware and software system using intelligent tools and analysis. The creation of such a complex will allow ensuring compliance with the requirements of common marine and transportation security of the enterprise in relation to the modern worldwide standards.


This is in a nutshell the Concept of creation of the next-generation automated security system in the port, the presentation of which took place on July 17.


According to one of the authors of the Concept, Vladimir Protsenko (Head of IT Department of the Odessa Branch of the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority”), the detailed study of developmental plans of video surveillance systems and access control is developed in accordance with the decision of the port authority adopted this spring and based on the analysis of three factors: the technical condition of operating systems, the totality of existing risks (including terrorist threats, attempts at smuggling and corruption), as well as trends in the development of security systems of major transport hubs in the developed countries (especially in airports).


 - The new system should include electronic tools for video recording and analysis, centralised control-analytical post and a division of rapid response to emergencies and risk prevention, commented further V. Protsenko. – Among the principal novelties of our proposed Concept we can name the introduction of automatic transmission skips fopr cars and trucks, integrated with functions of license plate recognition, number of wagons and containers, the faces of drivers and passengers. Some elements of the new System are already tested in the port. For example, automated pedestrian gate.


The discussion of the project, which was held after the presentation, Odessa Sea Port Authority General Manager M. Sokolov instructed the experts of services to examine the technical, legal and financial aspects of a "phased" implementation of the Concept in order to proceed to the feasibility study and other necessary documents for approval in the higher courts. Specific deadlines were set.


Press-centre Odessa Sea Port Authority