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For prevention of anthropogenic, terrorist and other threats as well as in the events of corruption at the port. Odessa Sea Port Authority 24/7 hotline (048) 706-57-96. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using the phone book on our web-site

“The port is itself an existence of Odessa”

— Count A.Lanzheron




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The working meeting of the TEMPUS project participants is being held at Odessa sea port

On Monday , July,20 the working meeting of the representatives of the EU project TEMPUS “Regional Competence Centre of Cruise Tourism in the Black Sea region” (Georgia and Ukraine) «CruiseT» was opened at Odessa passenger terminal.


The representatives of Odessa regional state administration, Odessa city council, Odessa and Illyichivsk Sea Ports Authority, Black and Azov Seas Ports Association (BASPA), Association «Cruise Black Sea», teachers and students of Odessa and Kherson maritime universities , and also European partners of the project from Germany, Bulgaria and Romania took part in the event.


Greeting the participants of the meeting, the General Manager of Odessa Sea Port Authority, Mikhail Sokolov underlined, that the current situation at cruise market demands active and goal-directed activities in strengthening and upgrading the image not only of the passenger terminal of Odessa sea port, but of the whole Black Sea region.


Discussing on the significance of TEMPUS project, M. Sokolov especially underlined the support of the colleagues from Odessa National Maritime Academy and their European partners in promotion of the image-building project «Cruise Black Sea» in the form of Association of all the interested participants of the cruise market. He also expressed his hope, that their commune work in such a form, aimed only at solving of problematic issues of the branch, will bring step-by step notable and long hoped-for positive results.


NOTE! Tempus is the Trans-European educational programme which supports the modernisation of higher education system and creates conditions for universities cooperation in EU countries with educational centres in partner-countries. It was founded in 1990. Up to day it comprises 27 countries in Europe, Central Asia, North Africa and Middle East.  In Odessa the representatives of the project provide methodological support in teaching perfection of touristic disciplines in universities, creation of modern training bases for guide-interpreters and other specialists of tourist industry.






The cruise liner with 20-years experience of visiting South Palmira called at Odessa sea port

On May, 24 in the morning, the workers of Odessa passenger terminal met first mooring from the mariners of the liner WIND STAR.


 The m/v came from Turkish port Bartin. The vessel carried 205 passengers on board, mainly the citizens of the USA and Great Britain, “plus” hawk who is regarded to be a symbol of the vessel. The sightseeing tour over Odessa city was planned for passengers, and also a visit to the Opera House and Ballet for the performances “Chopiniana” and “Carmen Suite”.


According to the information of the chief pilot-operator of the Vessel Traffic Control, Yuriy Stuliy, for the first time this vessel called at Odessa 20 years ago. Then, in 1995, the legendary pilot V.K.Richter passed the vessel to the harbor. Since that time, the vessel visited Odessa constantly, and even 3 times previous year.



Certificate issued by a commission concerning readiness of the Children Health Complex “Young Ship-repairer” of the SE “OCSP” to greet children in summer 2015

On may, 21 the commission, presented by the representatives of Odessa Sea Port Authority,  the Directorate of the SE “OCSP”, labour organization and municipal control organizations, checked the operational readiness of the Children Health Complex for summer 2015. According to the examination, the appropriate Certificate was signed.


On the purchase of vacation package:

The workers of Odessa Sea Port Authority and of the SE “Odessa Commercial Sea Port” can contact the port labour organization: 729-32-46

The workers of the forwarding companies can contact with its labour organizations;

Third party organizations can contact with the Children Health Complex “Young Ship-repairer” by the number (0482) 63-04-40.


What did examiners see? The territory and building of the camp, which is located in the resort area of Odessa, near the sea, was set in order by the staff of the complex. Necessary repairs, renewal of furniture in the bedroom building No. 2, updating of the playground used for sports and outdoor activities, purchase of sports equipment and stationery were performed. 5-meals daily menu was prepared for children, and agreements with suppliers were signed. Also. the stuff prepared an interesting cultural-educational program with visits to cinemas and theatres of the city, planned concerts in its own green theatre, boat trips, regular bathing in the Northern part of the beach "Seagull" (10th Station of the Big Fountain), etc.

According to the Chairman of the Acceptance Committee, Deputy Director of SE "OCSP" Aleksey  Tzihotskij, "despite challenging economic conditions, the willingness of the camp to improve the health of children is traditionally on high level, and we can only hope that due to the staff efforts all 4 shifts of younger guests will be provided with quality and safe holiday, and the Odessa Port Labor Union, as usual, will help parents, working in the port, to acquire vacation package for only 10 % of the cost"...


We remind dates of arrival to Children Health Complex “Young Ship-repairer” during the summer school holidays 2015:

I shift – 02 June -22 June;

II shift – 24 June - 14 July;

III shift – July 16 -05 August;

IV shift  – 07 - 27 August.


Press-centre SE OSPA



Under the auspices of the European Commission a workshop on the methodology of border inspection of small size vessels took place at Odessa sea port

On May 21, at the territory of the passenger terminal of the Odessa Sea Port Authority training for employees of Border Service Department "Odessa" was held. Sessions were conducted with the assistance of the European Commission Mission on the provision of promotion in matters of borders in Ukraine and Moldova (EUBAM).


The main aim of the training was to explain the basic aspects of European methods of border control in relation to yachts and ways to identify possible violations of law when small size vessels are calling -leaving- parking at the Harbor. The representative of EUBAM Vasilis Aristidu (Cyprus) shared his experience and knowledge with the inspectors of Border Service Department "Odessa" in the sphere of relations between border guards and sailors.


The theoretical part of the training was held in the wardroom of the Yachting complex and practical at the berths of the complex and at ship- house of the passenger terminal.


The chief of the Border Service Department "Odessa", Major N. Labun named the training “of the most immediate interest“for his workers, as only one city in Ukraine and it is Odessa is allowed to accept and service foreign yachts. N. Labun expressed appreciation to EUBAM for assistance provided.


The chief also mentioned, that the higher the professionalism of the inspector is, the less discomfort is caused when examining the ship.


It should be mentioned that during the last years the representatives of Odessa Sea Port Authority repeatedly paid attention to the slump of foreign yachtsmen visiting Ukraine, due to the complex procedure of border and customs control, and initiated its simplification at industry and interdepartmental meetings.


Press-centre OSPA 



Port ecologists studied the European experience in the oil spill at the seminar in Lisbon – a review of the participant of the event

The representative of the Odessa Sea Port Authority participated in the international seminar on response to marine pollution. The event under the auspices of the European educational project TRACECA and of the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) was held in mid-may in the Portuguese capital Lisbon. The main aspect of the seminar theme was to get acquainted with the experience of EU countries (specifically Italy) on liquidation of oil spills in the sea.


Commenting on the trip to Portugal, the head of Ecological Safety Department of the OB SE USPA Vladimir Kiskin notes the informational richness of the workshop theory lessons and benefited greatly from the experience of the satellite monitoring operational centre in relation to environmental status of the marine environment CleanSeaNet.


According to V. Kiskin, the organizers of the event with the help of presentations and a visit to the centre CleanSeaNet demonstrated modern European standards in prevention and management marine oil spills, in particular, on the example of Italy. Methodologically, the topics of the presentations were built on a scale "from the particular to the General," which reflects the main principle of construction of the national system of response to marine pollution. Examples of presentations:

- "The procedure for the mobilization of vessels engaged in the oil spill recovery" ;

- "Spill using mechanical collection of oil or dispersants";

- The "national plan for Italy in case of emergencies", "Examples of the elimination of a real spill";

"European identity service oil spills and vessels based on the use of satellite communication systems CleanSeaNet".


Besides, in the frames of the seminar there was a presentation of the ongoing practical training in relation to oil spill elimination on March 2016 in Georgia, which will be also held under the auspices of project TRACECA and European maritime safety agency (EMSA).


 As to V. Kiskin , the practical experience acquired at the seminar “is giving an image, where to go further in relation to perfection of the system of prevention and management marine oil and product spills in Odessa sea port waters.


Press-centre OSPA  



Ukraine aims to privatize 13 Ukrainian governmental port operators (stevedores) in 2015 – SE “USPA” explanation

Lately, a number of publications began to appear in mass-media, where authors run about the privatization of PORTS. We find it necessary to comment on and to clarify this situation.


First of all, according to the article 1 of the Law “On Ukrainian sea ports”, sea port – is a geographical meaning, but not a legislative one, as it was before the reform in maritime sphere. That is why, PORT can not be privatized as a matter of principle.


Secondly, in 2013 together with the Law coming into force “On Ukrainian sea ports”, all the strategic belonging of the governmental property of sea ports (berths, hydraulic structures, channels, water areas, infrastructure facilities of general usage, nets and etc) was given to the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority” and its branches in sea ports.


All that belonging of the governmental property, which is not regarded to be a strategic one (mechanic means, warehouses, equipment, port fleet) remained Governmental enterprises “Commercial sea ports”, which didn’t change its name and respectively derived in its abbreviation the word “port”, thus not being such. Thus, these companies perform exclusively economic functions, perform cargo handling and in fact their activities do not differ from other port operators of private form of property, which now handle 2 times more cargoes, that governmental stevedoring companies.


Thus, the strategic belongings of sea ports, assigned to the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority”, remain fully in governmental property and is not subject to privatization.


Only the assets of 13 Ukrainian governmental port operators are subject to the privatization, on condition of exclusion from the Verkhovanaya Rada from the Law of Ukraine “On description of right of state ownership items, which are not subject to privatization”


“This step was dictated by the market”, underlined SE “USPA” Acting Deputy Chairman on investments Viacheslav Voronoj. Thus, in 2014 the cargo handling of governmental port operators decreased by 3 %, and of private ones increased by 8%. This tendency has been tracked for many years. If now this step is not to be performed, we will face the situation, when all the cargoes will move to private companies and thousands of people working at state enterprises will lose their work. Besides, depreciation of key assets of governmental port operators is more than 80%. The legislation, allowing the investors to perform its effective modernization in Ukraine, doesn’t exist. That is why, there should be no question whether to allow privatization or not. The question should be – how to do it. The main aim of the state should now be the provision of the maximum transparent and effective privatization.


Press-centre SE USPA 


Children should go on vacations to the sea - Health Complex “Albatros” offers bathe two times a day

The Iljichyovsk Sea Port Authrity health complex “Albatros” is ready for work in summer period. The start of the first shift is planned on June 15.


The HC “Albatros” is situated in the ecologically clean zone of the famous resorts Gribovka and Karolina-Bugaz, at Black sea coast. For 45 years, this childcare centre takes care of 900-1000 children, it is planned to accept 700 children in summer 2015, 350 in each shift.


The detachments of campers are divided by age categories, and by 25-30 children. There are 2 tutors working in each detachment.


Sandy beach with an area of 1 ha is equipped with sunshades, twice a day for children the bathing is organized, during bathing rescue and medical services are working.


5 meals are organized in one shift. A daily diet complies f fresh fruits, vegetables, confectionary, ice-cream. Dining room is up to 600 seats - 4 halls with 150 seats.


Children holiday organization is carried by experienced educators - teachers, students of pedagogical Universities. Daily discos, cultural and sports activities are in a daily schedule.
The complex is guarded 24 hours, and enhanced at night.


Press-centre USPA 


Building materials, bathroom fixtures, hardware is the first experience of electronic procurement at Odessa Sea Port Authority

In space of a month with little work in the system of e-procurements, the Odessa Sea Port Authority Materials management department posted 17 announcements at electronic trading platform. The agreements have been drafted up for 15 of them, which are in the stage of conclusion. The first supplies are scheduled to the end of the running week. Andrey Negadov the head of Materials management department, announced.


According to the head of the department, due to e-procurement the port authority is purchasing Building materials, bathroom fixtures, hardware, technical oils.


- The advantages of the electric platform in comparison with the previous type of procurement is first of all saving of time on search and telephone conversations with potential contractors, - A. Negadov says. – E-system widens the possibilities of suppliers choice, that positively reflects on the price factor. All the contractors get equal and transparent access to the procurement information. The subjective factor is being excluded while informing potential suppliers on holding the procurement. Plus, addition to everything mentioned above, all the information concerning procurement procedure, which had taken place remains in Internet data, starting with the proposals of the bidders, which are kept in open access in the archive of e-platform, up to the report on concluded of fact agreement, which is being posted at the official web-site of Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority. Any willing, can compare prices on the item in e-auction and in the agreement.


It should be reminded that in accordance with the decree of the Head of the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority” 


Odessa port museum named after F.P. de Volan got as a present a unique atlas of Black sea antique maps

Today on May 18, on International day of museums, according to the existing tradition, Odessa port museum named after De Volant is open for free visits, according to the manager of the museum Olga Sevostianova.


As Olga Nikolaevna narrated later, on May 15, on the eve of the professional date, the museum of the port received a great present from the Kiev-based publishing company “Kartography”. I.e. a unique atlas of reproductions “Maps-portolan of Black sea” under the editorship of A.Y. Gordeev. The publication represents a richly released album of old maps created in the XIV-XVII centuries (then they were called "portolans"). Also, according to the Director, the representatives of the publishing house gave to the Museum of the port another great album "Ukraine on old maps”.


In turn, the Odessa port museum also shares its work with other cultural institutions of Ukraine and abroad. Last week the Director of the Museum gave the company "Bavarian house" for one of the libraries of Germany a book about the sights of Odessa port «open air Museum".


It should be added that, the Museum of Odessa port history named after F.P. de Volan was restored a little over than 20 years ago by Nicholaj Gleb-Koshansky on errand of the then head of the port Nikolay Pavlyuk. It has a rich collection of artifacts – evidence 220-year history of the company. During the existence of the museum, its workers released 10 books on the history of the port.


The port always cherished its history and traditions. Some entities have established their own museums. For example, a mini-museum exists at the fire department brigade No. 1 of the port authority fire safety service.


Press-centre Odessa Sea Port Authority 



The Yacht club at the passenger terminal attracts clients with commercially viable tariffs

ON may 14, at the yacht club of the New Mole of Odessa port, just another 2 more yachts were launched, which came from other regions for moorage during the summer navigation 2015. Despite heavy economic situation in the country, the season in the marina at the passenger terminal is open, as usually, in May. Up to day 15 yachts have been launched.


The head of the yacht club of Odessa Sea Port Authority, Artem Egorov underlines, under the conditions of heavy competition between the marinas of the region, the yacht club of Odessa sea port has to use its advantages in full measure.


Half a year ago the yacht complex was returned to the management of the port authority, that became the reason of essential decline of tariffs for vessel’s mooring, - says A. Egorov,- Due to low prices, and also favourable location of the yacht club in the very centre of the city, it is possible for us  to attract to the passenger terminal yacht club our constant clients from Odessa, Kyiv, Kherson regions. The perspective of extension of geographical partnership with yachtsmen is being planned.


To get to know the tariffs for Odessa port yacht club services, visit the official web-site, topic “infrastructure” in the main menu, and the tab “Yachting complex”.



Get vacation packages to the Children Health Complex “Young Ship-repairer”

Children Health Complex “Young Ship-repairer” of the State Enterprise “Odessa Commercial Sea Port” announce the reception of children in the age of 7-14, during summer school holidays 2015:


I shift – 02 June -22 June;

II shift – 24 June - 14 July;

III shift – July 16 -05 August;

IV shift – 07 - 27 August.


On the purchase of vacation package:


For children of Odessa Sea Port Authority and of the SE “Odessa Commercial Sea Port” workers can contact the port labor organization: 729-32-46


For children of the forwarding companies workers can contact with its labor organizations;


For children of the third party organizations can contact with the Children Health Complex “Young Ship-repairer” by the number (0482) 63-04-40.


Press-center Odessa Sea Port Authority