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“The port is itself an existence of Odessa”

— Count A.Lanzheron


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Please, pay attention that Odessa Sea Port Authority has started the campaign on prolongation of valid agreements for 2015. In case of intention to operate at the territory of Odessa Sea Port in 2015, it is needed to provide an appropriate application form (a standard form is attached) for the prolongation of the agreement. Due to the tendency of increasing the quantity of requests on prolonging the agreements at the end of the year, for the purpose of timely prolongation of the agreement, it is recommended to provide an appropriate application form not later than November11, 2014. Should you have any questions concerning the agreement prolongation, or any other related comments, please, contact the Commercial Department of the Odessa Sea Port Authority, tel.: (048) 729-34-53, (048) 729-37-65, (048) 729-49-25, (048) 729-34-39.



Order of the Chief Administration of the Odessa sea port number 613 approved


Technological scheme of informing the administration on the import of dangerous goods into the territory of the Odessa seaport.


The scheme can be found on the website of the Port Authority at (See "About Port" of the main menu of the site, heading "Regulatory Documents", then "Imported Dangerous Goods").


If you have questions, please refer to the work of mobilization and civil protection, tel.: 729-45-48.


A family festival «Happy Day» will take place in Odessa Mariner’s Palace on November 1 (press release)

The festival will take place in Odessa Mariner’s Palace, Primorskiy Boulevard, 9 on November 1 from 11:00 am to 22:00 pm.


From the very morning various show-programs and concerts, informative films and rousing performances of dancing and creative teams will be held for children and their parents. All day long master-classes on hand made (more than 10 types), round tables with discussing the most actual problems between relations of children and parents will be performed.


Adults and little visitors of the festival will find all the entertainments there: outdoor active games with playing techniques, gigantic trampoline, the newest aero hockey, a bull “Rodeo” and other attractions, a separate hall is dedicated to table and floor-level games.


Together with an interactive part of the program, a fair will be working. Here you will find everything needed for you and your children, all the products for art, games and books, clothes and accessories, exclusive handmade products, and etc.  A lot of needed and actual information will be also presented to parent’s attention on the Services fair.


Also, all the attracted will be able to take part in a charitable action – there will be a collection of clothes, shoes, toys, etc for disabled children.  All of us can help children, to give them a part of warmth and care by presenting a toy or any other thing. A noble cause is within the pocket of all the people and the action will be one more lesson of kindness to the younger generation.


One more innovation of the fair is mini-market of good and needed things. Due to it, there will be a possibility to change or sell children’s clothes, shoes, and other things, which are not in use by your children now, but can find new owners and to acquire one more “life”.


Also there will be a tasting of homemade masters’ and the city restaurants’ different sweeties, delicacies, and hot-beverages. In the end, there will be a film show for all the family, chosen by the participants of the festival on web-sites “Vkontakte” and “Facebook”.


We hope, that our mutual celebration will help the parents to widen their knowledge in the process of children’s development and also that this festival will be one more bright page in your family life. And what can be better than a perfect day, spent together with your loved?


Organizing Committee.


All the medicals from Ukraine got acquainted with methodologies of actions on preventing the import of the Ebola virus

On October 30, at the territory of the passenger terminal of Odessa sea port, a first stage of studies on preventing the import of the Ebola virus by sea was held. This is a first study ever connected with yellow jaundices in the country.


According to legend, a patient with signs of Ebola was on the ship "Western Copenhagen, which came from the port of Conakry (West Africa). A passenger catamaran ship “Khadzhibey” acted in the role of "Western Copenhagen’. 


During the studies the actions of Odessa sea port Sanitary and Quarantine Department and of Infectious departments in the region on preventing the expansion of the infection, and it’s localization were trained, and also the interaction between epidemiologists, doctors of emergencies and doctors in infectious diseases was tested.


The study was carried under the authority of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the main office of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service in Odessa region and the Health Department of the regional state administration. Nicolay Golubiatnikov, state sanitary doctor was leading the sea stage of the study.  The managers of health institutions and the main epidemiologists in all the regions of Ukraine attended the events.


Note: According to World Health Organization, more than 10 thousand people suffered from the Ebola, and 4,9 thousands died. The majority of death cases is among the population of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. People become infected due to direct contact with infected bats, rodents or primates during catching, showdown, or cooking the meat of these animals and using products that may be contaminated with its secretions.


The disease is transmitted from person to person. A latent period of it can be from 2 to 21 days after the moment of infection.


Press-center of Odessa Sea Port Authority.











Odessa Sea Port Youth Organization shares its Working Experience

The active position of young workers significantly increases the efficiency of the protection of the interests of workers on the docks, allows putting into practice large-scale social and cultural projects, to ensure continuity of the traditions of the labor collectives. This is the main refrain of the activists’ meeting of “Youth organization of Odessa sea port" (the chairman is Dennis Buzinovskiy) and "Youth organization of the sea port of Oktyabrsk (the chairman is Olga Catelyna). The meeting was held in Odessa sea port with the support and the participation of the head of the Trade Union Odessa Sea Port Vladimir Zaikov.


Appealing to the young, V. Zaykov gave a brief background of creation of a youth organization in the port of Odessa, noting the role of a former head of the port, Hero of Ukraine Nikolay Pavlyuk.


D. Buzinovskiy, in turn, shared experience with the guests concerning implementation of programs and projects, which can be regarded as the core of the history of the organization for the last few years. Among them there are numerous charity events in orphanages and boarding schools, collecting money for children with infantile cerebral paralysis and for Ukrainian soldiers, wounded in the ATO, the organization of cultural, environmental and sports events, etc.


The results of the meeting of the representatives of the youth teams of two ports have been assigned by a special "Protocol", which will be a formal basis of a future agreement on cooperation between the Odessa Organization Youth organization of Odessa sea port" and "Youth organization of the sea port of Oktyabrsk”.


During the second visit to Odessa young workers from the "Oktyabrsk" visited the Museum of F. de Volan and went to a bus excursion by the port.


Press-center of Odessa Sea Port Authority.







The 70th anniversary of liberation of Ukraine was celebrated in Odessa sea port

On October 28 a solemn meeting of the Council of veterans of Odessa sea port, dedicated to the 70-th anniversary of Ukraine's liberation from Nazi invaders, was held at Odessa passenger terminal.


Odessa Sea Port Authority General Manager Mikhail Sokolov, Director of SE "OCSP" Gennadiy Zhukov, the Honorary President of Odessa sea port Nikolay Pavlyuk, the Chairman of the trade Union of Maritime transport workers of Odessa sea port Vladimir Zaikov congratulated the veterans with the significant jubilee.


The Chairman of the Board of veterans Nicolay Debeliy reminded that now the participants of the battles for the liberation of Ukraine are being a part of the veteran organization of the port. Among them are Nikolay Ivanov and Vladimir Shevchenko. Many veterans contributed to the victory by their selfless work in the rear.


At a festive gathering the General Manager of Odessa Sea Port Authority and the Manager of the SE "OCSP" awarded a number of veteran activists of the organization with the certificates of Honor for the contribution to the victory over fascism, the restoration and development of the port of Odessa, and active participation in community work.


The event ended with a concert of an amateur choir under the Council of veterans.


Press-center of Odessa Sea Port Authority.








The President of Ukraine visited Odessa sea port

On October 23, the President of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko visited Odessa. The President held a working meeting at Odessa Sea Port, where he raised questions on prevention of smuggling and anti-corruption on board.


Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman, First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Zubko Hennadiy, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Shymkiv Dmytro, Head of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine Ihor Bilous and his Deputy Anatoliy Makarenko, First Deputy Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Yurii Artiukhov, The Head of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine Nazarenko Viktor, the Chairman of Odessa Regional State Administration Igor Palytsia,  Odessa City Mayor Gennadiy Trukhanov, representatives of Odessa law enforcement agencies, the Security Service, customs and Border services were present at the meeting.


As to the Head of the State, the problem of smuggling and corruption on boarders is crippling the economy of the country, and this problem must be solved and defeated.


For many years Odessa sea port has been an initiator of reforms, directed to the implementation of electronic document management, the creation of maximum transparent system of cargo execution in ports in order to prevent corruption schemes. The implementation of “free-practice” for vessels, electronic passes for economically clean cargoes, and also a creation of Informational system of port community are the projects, which started in Odessa harbor as pilot ones, and nowadays are experienced in other ports of the country.


“Odessa sea port for many years has been offering and implementing specific mechanisms and optimization procedures in order to make all the procedures of cargo execution in port as transparent as possible, accessible and least contingent on human factor”, underlined Odessa Sea Port Authority General Manager Mikhail Sokolov.


After the meeting, the Head of the State got acquainted with a project of building of a third stage of a grain terminal in Odessa sea port, and answered the journalists’ questions.


Press-center of the SE ‘USPA”. Photo by the press-center of President of Ukraine.




The cruise liner AMADEA waiting out the storm in the port of Odessa

As it has been mentioned before, on October 23 the m/v AMADEA completed the passenger navigation of this year on Odessa sea port. On 23:00 pm. The vessel had to leave Odessa to Sochi. But, due to the outbreak of a severe storm, the master was forced to make a decision to extend the moorage at the 15th berth of the sea port under the protection of hydraulic structures of the port.


According to the representative agent of the company, the calling of the m/v AMADEA at Sochi was cancelled and, if the vessel isn’t to leave Odessa tomorrow as well, the vessel wont visit the next scheduled port: Sinop, Turkey. In this case, the liner will follow in the direction of the Bosporus and then to Venice.


The administration of the cruise tried to compensate the breakdown of the port call schedule by force-majeure circumstances by the expansion of the program of a stay of tourists in Odessa. It should be reminded that, there are 415 passengers on board.


Note: As to “Ukrainian hydro meteorological center”, the weather on October 24-27 in the Northern part of the Black sea will determine the volume of the storm up to 19-24 m/s with gusts up to 25-30 m/s. The wave height in the Black sea will reach to 3-4 meters, in the Azov - up to 2 meters.


Press-centre of Odessa Sea Port Authority.




The terminal as a symbol of investor’s faith in economic prosperity of Ukraine

On October 22, the participants of the “International Black Sea Transport Forum 2014", which takes place in Odessa, visited the building container terminal "Quarantine mole" in the port of Odessa. More than 40 people asked for an excursion after the speeches of representatives of the operator of the terminal SC “HPC-Ukraina” at the 11th international shipping, shipbuilding, ports development exhibition in the framework of the forum. Among them there were representatives of established foreign and domestic organizations: the Antitrust Committee of United States Department of Justice, Black Sea International Shipowners Association (BINSA), Container Lines Association of Ukraine, Ukrsudprom, Ukrenergotrans, German company  Bahnagentur Shoneberg (passenger carriage), Ukrainian LLC «Hermes-Trading»(storage and working of agrarian production), etc. 


The executive director of the company SC "HPC-Ukraina" Rashid Bouda and the communication and public relations director Svetlana Yarovaya accepted the guests at the terminal. It should be reminded that: SC "HPC-Ukraine" is a subsidiary company of the German logistics group HHLA, and from 2001 operates the container terminal at the Quarantine mole of Odessa sea port, on a parity basis with the port authority invests the construction of a new terminal with the same name "Quarantine mole".


The improvised excursion for participants of the transport forum, R. Bouda began with the history of the construction of the terminal.


When our company signed a joint investment agreement with the port on the construction of a new deep-water terminal, - began his speech R. Bouda, - many of our business partners took this news with a pinch of salt. It was 2009, the year when the collapse of the container market in Ukraine happened, when volumes fell by 60 %. We decided to build the terminal at that time, as many foreign companies have decided to close their business in this country. But we consciously decided to take this step, knowing that the low level of containerization of cargoes in Ukraine, system-based problems in the economy - all these are temporary phenomena. Sooner or later the advantageous transit location of the city at the European map of transport corridors will be in full demand. And by this time, a new modern infrastructure of handling should be prepared... 


We believe in sustainable future of Ukraine as an economically developed European State, and our faith wasn’t shaken even by the events of the current year. The SC "HPC-Ukraine" continues to cooperate with the port of Odessa; we operate the old terminal at the Quarantine mole and the new, deep-water one, right now only in the test mode, «R. Bouda ended.


During the seminar on the terminal, the participants saw with their own eyes the regained territory from the sea (19 ha of artificially created territory), visited the new berths K-1 and K-2, got acquainted with the technical characteristics of three new container cranes LIEBHERR, purchased by the investor. The acquaintance with the object, which is the business card of the development strategy of Odessa sea port, became for the visitors a visual confirmation of the possibility, necessity, and benefits of cooperation with Ukraine as a major player in the Black Sea market of the port transshipment. 


 Note: Terminal “Quarantine mole", with a capacity of 700 thousand TEUs of annual handling is the largest infrastructural project in the maritime transport industry of Ukraine. First terminal includes two berths with a total length of 650 meters and 112.4 thousand square meters of warehouse space, a new breakwater with a length of more than 300 meters. The total volume of investment is more than 2 billion UAH. The construction started in April 2010. In September, current year, two container vessels were worked in test-mode regime at the terminal.


Press-centre of Odessa Sea Port Authority 





Environmental-related activity in the ports needs European approaches - the participants of the round table in Odessa discussed the problems of ecological safety at the enterprises of the Maritime industry

The Authority of the ports of Odessa, Yuzhniy and Ilyichevsk were the first to join the project "green" sea ports of Europe. In turn there are smaller authorities of sea ports. This piece of news was made during the round table "Modern tendencies in the creation of green ports in the basins of the Mediterranean, Black and Azov seas". The roundtable discussion was held on October 22 in Odessa, in the framework of the “International Black Sea Transport Forum 2014", chaired by the Deputy Director of the state enterprise "UkrNIIMF, by the Candidate of Technical Sciences the corresponding member of Ukrainian Academy of Science Alexander Yatsenko. The round table was attended by representatives of relevant state and public organizations, environmental scientists from research institutes and universities of Odessa, specialists of a number of domestic seaports and private companies.


The head of The Environmental Safety Department of Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority Serhiy Perfiliev started the discussion, where he raised the problem of adaptation of national legislation in the sphere of environmental protection of marine ports to modern European standards.


According to the speaker, from the first day of the existence of the USPA before specialists-ecologists a task to build a system of ecological security in ports on the methodological principles that are consistent with the legislation of the European Union was set. Therefore, when Ukraine signed the Association Agreement with the EU, and there appeared a need in the shortest possible time to adapt domestic legislation to the European norms, environmental department of the Authority of ports approached this task sufficiently prepared.


- Lets take the EU Directive 2000/59 - s. Perfiliev singled out a concrete example. - This document defines the need in acceptance and safe handling of pollution, generated on ships that call at port harbors. We cannot say right now that we fully comply with European standards. But the necessary work (with one’s own effort or under contract), is carried out in the ports , we have the necessary environmental fleet, the cleaning stations of oily waters, Oil garbage disposal vessel, floating means of collection, auxiliary facilities, incineration facilities for disposal of quarantine wastes from ships. Thus a significant part of this problem is being solved ...


At the present time, the speaker mentioned further, USPA together with relevant scientific institutions develops the Concept of ecological security of the Ukrainian ports, which aims to systematize, to set priorities and to identify sources of funding for specific activities. Environmental Concept will become an important addition to the approved by the Cabinet of Ministers Strategy of the development of Ukraine sea ports till 2038 year.


Together with, analyzing the experience of the leading ports in Europe, Sergey Perfiliev expressed the view that on the path to effective European practices, the enterprises of the industry should overcome many problems connected with the archaism of the national environmental legislation, the methodology of which had been formed in the era of socialism, in the 70-ies of the last century.


- In European countries, port authorities decide themselves the questions on the deployment of new complexes and new technologies, and on attracting cargo traffic, - emphasized Sergey Perfiliev, and they are responsible to the state for the environmental consequences of those decisions.


We, up to now have this many organizations issuing regulations to enterprises, but still they are not responsible for the result. The state bears serious costs for maintaining these services and for the implementation of the regulations, and attraction of the specialists for the inspections. And in the end, a long and costly procedure for obtaining all permissions does not improve the environmental situation: thousands of illegal dumps throughout the country, the quality of the water and of the Black sea coast, leaves much to be desired, balneological potential of the Kuyalnik which is in the poor condition, and so forth.


If we are not in words but in deeds want to go on European principles and to have such quality of the natural environment, as in Genoa, Barcelona, Antwerp, we must liberate the environmental activities from bureaucratic pressure.


Instead of examination from outside the internal audit system of ecological safety should work. In such a formulation there will be a completely different scale of values and priorities. A company where every employee is a part of this self-improvement system, discovers the actual risks and eliminates the existing discrepancies, or is able to solve serious environmental problems on one’s own «concluded the speaker.


Following the results of the discussion, the participants of the round table "Modern tendencies in the creation of green ports in the basins of the Mediterranean, Black and Azov seas" have decided to prepare proposals to higher authorities in improving the industry-based regulatory structure and national legislation in the sphere of environmental protection.


Press-centre of Odessa Sea Port Authority.





«Theatrical» liner AMADEA dropped the curtain of the cruise season 2014 in Odessa sea port

On October 23, the cruise season 2014 ended with calling of the vessel AMADEA at Odessa sea port.  The vessel, with 415 passengers on board came from Constanta at 8:00 am. The leaving of the vessel is scheduled on 23:00 pm.


The liner, with musical name AMADEA was built in 1991, under order of Japan company and initially had the name “ASUKA”. The zest of the vessel is the presence of the classic theatrical hall on the board. At the time of the building of the vessel it was the first shipboard theatre with personal loges. At the present time the m/v AMADEA is a flagship liner of the German freighter PHOENIX REISEN.


As to the head of the External Relations and Tourist Services Department, Elvira Leschinskaya, the ending cruise season cannot be regarded as a lucky one: there were only 28 ship calls, instead of 159.


- We lost 67 ship calls of the foreign cruise companies, - remarks E. Leschinskaya. -Because of the events in Crimea, Donbas and in our city (on the 2nd of May) our constant clients, as SC Cruises, Azamara Cruises, Silver Sea Cruises, Aida Cruises, and Costa Cruises cancelled ship calls. Besides, the scheduled Black Sea circular routes on the vessels “Adriana” and “Izabella-1” weren’t launched. Thus, as to the data on number of visits of foreign cruise liners, Odessa sea port showed the number of the year 2000.


As the Head of the department narrated furthermore, Odessa Sea Port Authority holds events constantly in order to restore the image of Odessa as a safe city for sea travelers. The representatives of the port participate in international exhibitions and conferences, publish the passenger’s impressions about Odessa, and keep a direct contact with top-managers of the leading cruise corporations of the world. The port also leads activity in frames of Association of Mediterranean cruise ports MedCruise, where E. Leschinskaya is in the Board of Directors.


However, particular characteristics of the cruise business suppose higher safety concern of the passengers and cruise ship planning for the next 1-2 years in advance. That’s why a fast “recovery” of the cruise ship calls in Odessa cannot be foreseen. Nevertheless, 81 cruise ship call is scheduled for the next year. 


Press-centre of Odessa Sea Port Authority.