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“The port is itself an existence of Odessa”

— Count A.Lanzheron



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“Veter permen” (wind of change) fills the sails of the yacht club of the port of Odessa

On February 27, in the common-room of the Yacht complex at Odessa passenger terminal a conference devoted to the preservation and development of traditions of yachting and tourism in the region was held. The event marked the start of the great cultural and educational program "Wind of change", which was initiated and implemented by the port authority with the support of the Department of culture and tourism of the Odessa city Council, the Youth organization of the port of Odessa (YOPO), by the company Adriatic Yacht Club and a number of Odessa yacht masters.


According to the Director of the Yacht complex Artem Yegorov, "the purpose of the meeting is to develop proposals on practical problem solving and the creation of favourable conditions for development and promotion of yachting in Odessa, taking into account international practice".


Odessa Sea Port Authority, General Manager, Mikhail Sokolov, Odessa Harbor Master Alexander Antonov, head of the Department of international relations, European integration and logistics of the SE "USPA" Yurij Tavolzhanskij, Department of culture and tourism of the Odessa city Council Deputy head Alena Dyachenko, Vice-President of the sailing Federation of Ukraine Sergej Cherviakov, outstanding sportsmen, owners and masters of yachts took part In the first conference


Opening the meeting, M. Sokolov involved representatives of the yachting community to interested, business talk and, in particular, stated:

The port authority has a huge desire to make the life of Odessa Yacht masters brighter, and easier (in terms of simplification of legislative procedures). However, without You, without Your feedback, it is impossible to perform. The purpose of our meeting today is to listen to yacht owners, sportsmen, amateurs of sailing, and to try to implement their suggestions in life. We have particular resource for this, and we'll use it. I hope that the result of our joint work will be the revival of the best traditions of yachting in our city.


As it was said at the conference, leased for more than 10 years property complex of the yacht club at the passenger terminal, returned on October 1, 2014 to Odessa Sea Port Authority. Despite the obvious benefits, i.e. the location in the heart of the historic and touristic part of the city, convenient transportation, the presence of a heated shed for winter storage of yachts, the former tenant was unable to cope with the economic difficulties caused by the crisis in yacht tourism. Now these problems are solved by the recently created division of the port authority, i.e. Yacht club. According to the head of the division A. Egorov, up to date a number of measures to attract vessels to the Yacht complex of the passenger terminal were undertaken. One of them is the approval of competitive rates on services of the Yacht complex.


Yurij Tavolzhanskij in his speech informed the participants about the steps taken to bring customs and border legislation in line with international practice. According to the State Enterprise "USPA", port authorities are making efforts to simplify procedures for small vessels to pass through the state border in order to remove artificial obstacles on the way of foreign yacht tourism development. However, there are problems that are more visible from the point of view of owners, yacht masters and sportsmen, the speaker said.


Each participant of the conference "Veter peremen" had the opportunity to present their opinion on the development of yachting in Odessa by filling in the distributed questionnaires. In the ensuing discussion, yacht masters raised the question that to promote yachting, more regattas are needed, they offered to set preferential rates for public yachts, raised other problems hindering the development of private small boat sailing fleet, sailing tourism and sports. These problems are designed to solve the conference working group " Veter peremen " at the head of A. Egorov.


The second part of the conference was an educational one and it can be said that nostalgic one. 40-minute excursion into the era of creation of sailing in Odessa, into the story of Catherine and the Black Sea yacht clubs, the fate of the famous yachts of Odessa at the turn of XIX-XX centuries. The excursion was performed by the Vice President of Odessa Yachtmaster Association Andrew Skachek. Yacht master Victor Glickman very warmly and with lots of interesting details talked about the heyday of sailing in Odessa in 1970-80. Both stories were accompanied by a large number of illustrations.


The next conference program "Veter peremen" is planned to be held on the eve of the first yacht regatta of the season 2015.


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An order on amending the decree No. 69 as of 03.10.2014

An order on amending the decree No. 69 as of 03.10.2014 on announcing the actual depths in the approach channel and near berths located in the water area of Odessa sea port.



In the port of Odessa the trainings on usage personal means of protective respiratory organs were carried

In accordance with the plan of bringing the system of civil protection of the enterprise in the mode of "Increased readiness", Odessa Sea Port Authority conducted classes on the usage of staff and personal protective equipment.

On 31.01.15, training with employees of the departments and divisions of the port authority on warning about the threat of an emergency situation and the organization of shelter for staff in the defense construction was held.


On 27.02.15, trainings on the use of personal means of protective respiratory organs (gas masks GP-5, GP-7, GP-7M) were carried.


Under the guidance of the Head of the of Civil Defense and Mobilization Department, Vladimir Piskun, employees of the authority head office studied the types and purpose of masks, peculiarities of their use in various conditions, trained to act on signals "Chemical alert!" and "Gas!". Similar activities were also held in other departments of the port authority.


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More than 7 years of successful experience in the Youth organization of the port of Odessa (YOPO) can serve as a methodological basis for the establishment of their youth organizations in other Ukrainian ports with a coordination centre at the state enterprise "Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority". This initiative was made by the leader of the youth organization Denis Buzinovskij at the portback election conference of the youth organization held on February 27, at the head office of Odessa Sea Port Authority. The event was attended by the head of the port authority Mikhail Sokolov, Director of SE "OCSP" Gennady Zhukov, Honorary President of the port of Odessa, the Hero of Ukraine Nicolay Pavliuk.


In the opening speech of the conference D. Buzinovskij noted that during the years of existence of the YOPO, it has made significant progress in the development of professional, social, cultural, spiritual and creative qualities of young workers. Activists take an active part in the public life of labor collectives, they initiate numerous actions in support of the industrial interests of the port, of environmental measures, on a regular basis visit and help orphanages and help needy veterans. Separately, the leader of the youth team noted the work of youth organization in strengthening the enterprise image in the media, promoting the history and traditions of the labor collective through the organization of the general port festivals and other cultural events, through cooperation with public organizations of the city, etc. Experience of the YOPO, according to D. Buzinovskij can be very useful for the development of the youth movement in other Ukrainian ports.


The participants supported the initiative of D. Buzinovskij to reorganize the Youth organization of the port of Odessa in the Youth organization of Ukrainian sea ports with the establishment of representative offices of the organization in each port, to make relevant amendments to the regulations of the organization and to organize conferences of the youth movement at the maritime industry enterprises.


In connection with the proposed expansion of the work range, D. Buzinovskij has resigned as Chairman of the youth organization. As the new Chairman of the Youth organization of the port of Odessa was elected Olga Galadzjian, engineer of administration and maintenance services of Odessa Sea Port Authority. The employees of the OB SE “OSPA” Alexander Gorbik, Evgeniya Prokopets, Stepan Derevenskiy, Aleksandra Levchuk were elected to the board of the YOPO Council.


Note. OO "Youth organization of the port of Odessa" (YOPO) was established in 2007 with the aim of protecting the interests of the staff, the formation of qualified personnel reserve and active participation of youth in economic, social, patriotic, cultural, and spiritual development of the enterprise and the region on a whole. Currently, the organization has more than 500 activists from among full-time employees of Odessa Sea Port Authority and SE “OCSP”.


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The USPA specialists took part in the meeting of the interdepartmental working group on trade facilitation

On February 26, a regular meeting of the interdepartmental working group (IWG) was held Kiev. The meeting was attended by members of the working group, including all the ministries and departments whose competence includes issues of good and vehicle documentation at the border, representatives of the European economic Commission of the United Nations and international experts. On the whole, there were approximately 50 people.


Head of Strategic Development of the SE “USPA”, Viacheslav  Voronoj raised such questions:


1. Environmental declarations documentation on 100% of the cargo. "Although an exhaustive list of goods, which should be registered by the environmental Declaration, is specified in the CMU Resolution No. 1031 as of 05.10.2011, still, the ecologists in the ports require the Declaration of all types of cargo. During the meeting we were able to reach an understanding on this issue with the Ministry of environment. Representatives of the office after receipt of the Protocol IWG promised to regulate this issue. In addition, it is not clear why this Declaration is provided by the decree of the Ministry of environment exclusively for sea checkpoints. Therefore, we will insist later on complete abolition of this document," commented V. Voronoj.


2. The need for equipment of marine terminal with special devices of radiological control and connection to the information system of the port community (ISPS) of the environmental department when cargo documentation  for turnout  from  the checkpoint that would allow to perform radiological control in automatic mode without participation of the freight forwarder. "To resolve this issue, 3 decrees of the Ministry of environment must be changed. We have prepared and passed the projects to the Ministry of environment for approval. These 2 steps, if they are supported by the Ministry of environment, will help in principle forwarders not to cross with officials representing environmental services in the ports. Thus, if the first leaders of this Ministry has a desire to optimize, to deregulate and reform, there is a real opportunity to show it. Moreover, a large part of the preparatory work has been completed by the SE “USPA”,- said V. Voronoj.


3. "One of the most fundamental issues is the integration of ISPS with ASAUR (customs information base) that will allow to run an approval of an order (customs permission for loading the container on the vehicle and the assignment of the form control in automatic mode. I.e. if ASAUR did not work, it isn’t necessary to run an approval. Customs should consider this proposal until April," commented V. Voronoj.


4. Also during the meeting the issue of granting of the original vet certificates on discharging from a vessel was discussed, that does not always arrive on time, that causes the agent to have problems with getting permission to unload the ship. This is a question on which we are fighting for over a year and reached the Cabinet. Vitalij Vladimirovich Boshinskij, Deputy Chairman of the state veterinary and phytosanitary service, who was present at the cab, reported willingness to work with a copy, certified by a digital signature in ISPS. For this it is needed to add another module in ISPS for registration of ships in the free practice mode that is not a problem.
Still a number of important issues considered. It is needed to wait the minutes of the meeting in order to decide on further our actions," said V. Voronoj.


Press-center of the “USPA”


Odessa port accepted the first vessel of M2 alliance

On February 27, the container vessel JPO Atair, of 2015 year of construction, came up to the berth No.2 of Odessa sea port, which committed its first voyage. However, the sensation is that the ship complies its honorable mission -  it opens the new M2 Alliance at the line Asia - Europe.


M2 Alliance was created by two worldwide known container lines Maersk Line and  Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC). The companies have signed a contract for 10 years on the joint use of the vessels on the line Asia - Europe across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. This agreement applies to 185 vessels with a total capacity of 2.1 million TEU, which will work in 21destinations.


In the framework of the Alliance the new service AE3 will operate, which covers the black sea region. Service will be operated by 15 vessel with a capacity of 4500-5000 TEU with a call at the following ports: Constanta (South Container Terminal (DP World)), Ilyichevsk (fishing port), Odessa (SC "HPC-Ukraina"), Novorossiysk (NCSP). It is planned that the new service will provide weekly shipcall at black sea ports.


New alliance ship calls at Ukrainian ports – is an extraordinary event. Despite the fact that our country is keeping fiels at the Donbass, the leadership of the two world leaders in container traffic has seen fit to include in the rotation and domestic ports. This suggests that the service provided, in particular in the port of Odessa, meets international standards, and Ukrainian market is still in demand.


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Odessa sea port resumes the program of cooperation with the largest port in France

On February 26, representatives of the French Republic visited Odessa Sea Port Authority. The purpose of the visit was the exchange of experiences of the port sector reform. The French delegation was headed by the Director of international cooperation of Ministry of the environment, transport and sustainable development of France Mr. Herve Boisguillaume. Guests were met by the Mikhail Sokolov, General Manager of Odessa Sea Port Authority.


In the course of negotiations, the questions of intermodal transport routes that pass through the port of Odessa, the implementation on the premises of major infrastructure projects, the relationship between the port authorities with municipal authorities. Considerable attention was paid to the problem of harmonization of the Ukrainian port legislation with main EU and the UN requirements.


The meeting culminated in the signing ceremony of the cooperation Agreement between the port of Odessa and the port of Marseille. From the Ukrainian side the signature under the document was signed by Mikhail Sokolov, on the French side by the Director of development of the port of Marseille, Mr. Georges Oberle. 


The agreement includes three main areas of collaboration:


- information exchange (questions of attracting cargo traffic and investment, development of industrial infrastructure, environment);
- organization of experience exchange, training and personnel period of probation;
- cooperation in the development of cruise tourism.


It should be noted that the cooperation agreement of the leading ports of Ukraine and France is being signed for a second time. The first signing of the document for a period of 3 years was held in Odessa on May 26, 2010.


Note. Formed in the early 1990s, the efficient market model of public-private partnership in Odessa port was developed according to principles of the work organization of the French port of Marseille. This was preceded by several official missions by the specialists of OCSP for learning the experience of French colleagues. Subsequently, the specialists of the port of Odessa (operators, economists, lawyers) have undertaken an internship in Marseille.


Marseille is the largest port in France with 2500 years of history. The cargo turnover is 90 million tons per year.




On February 16 -18, at the Environmental Safety Department (ESD) of Odessa Sea Port Authority issues concerning the development of a unified methodology for the treatment of ship wastes in Ukrainian ports in accordance with the standards of the European Union were discussed. The meeting was attended by ecologists from the Head office of the SE "USPA", from Odessa, Iljichyovsk and Mykolaiv ports, the port "Yuzhnij", and by the expert in ecology of the international project TRACECA Jens Peter Olenshlager (Denmark).


According to the head of ESD Vladimir Kiskin, during the three-day period of professional discussions, there was developed a draft methodology document regulating circuit of accepting and delivering for further disposal of waste from ships in big and little seaports. The participants formed a working group (under the auspices of the state enterprise "USPA") and made scheduled working plan of the group on developing a “Model plan for the management of ship waste in the sea ports of Ukraine". This document will be formed with respect to the basic European standards in the field of management of ship wastes, interlined Vladimir Kiskin .


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Odessa Sea port firemen saved the “injured” and eliminated a training fire at RCM

On February 19, in the framework of complex inspection, carried by the Head office of the SE “USPA” at the port of Odessa, fire and tactical exercise was held. The event was aimed to determine the level of readiness of the personnel of the fire service and emergency fire actions in emergency situations.


According to legend, the fire occurred in one of the rooms on the 2nd floor of the Repair and Construction Management (RCM), and one employee could reach an exit because fire blocked it.


Guard 1 (ВПК-1) arrived at the scene within minutes after receiving the signal. Fire-fighters quickly established angled stair and evacuated "victim" into a safe place, then proceeded with fire fighting operations.


Watching the trainings, head of fire and technological safety Department of the SE "USPA" Vitalij Shelestyuk gave a positive assessment of fire-fighters actions and noted the skills and teamwork. Supervisor highly appraised training of the RCM employees actions in a dangerous situation: fire brigade was timely notified, evacuation of personnel was properly conducted, staff has demonstrated the ability to use the primary fire extinguishing means.


V. Shelestyuk praised material and technical security basis of the SE "USPA". According to him, the state machinery, outfit and equip of fire-fighters and shelters meet existing requirements.


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"DIGITIZED" BERTHS - Port of Odessa created its own profile on the social network Instagram

Dear friends! To expand understanding of Odessa sea port, you can visit the recently created profile of our company in the social network Instagram. At the specified resource there is a photo gallery of the port. Shots are constantly updating.


If you have interesting, in your opinion, photographs (landmarks, genre, retrospective) that somehow reflect the theme of Odessa port, you can send them to the postal address \n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. previously providing a short summary - where and when the photo was taken, what it depicts. The most successful and rare photos will be posted on our web site.


Together we will make history and modernity of the largest companies of the Maritime industry of Ukraine more accessible to the Internet community.


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Trainings on civil defense are held in Ukrainian seaports

During the previous week, as well as the current practical trainings in civil defense were held in seaports of Ukraine.


So, on February 17, Head of Mobilization and Civil Defense Department of SSP "Oktiabrsk" carried theoretical exercise for port workers on issues of shelters in the defense constructions of civil defense and provision with personal protective equipment.


In the course of the classes, employees got acquainted with the alert of civil defense, the procedure of obtaining personal protection equipment, and procedures in case of real threat.


Also, exercises in civil defense took place in Belgorod-Dnestrovskij sea port. According to the information of the specialist in mobilization work of the port authority Sergey Kovalenko, the evacuation of the entire working group of the port authority was held for the first time.


Along with the exercises on use and appliance by stuff of protective equipment, coordinated placement in shelters, in the course of practical training there was also brief narration on the rules of personnel behavior in case of terrorist threats.


Also trainings in civil defense well carried at all the production departments of the branch “Delta-Pilot” of the SE “USPA”.


 Complex of practical exercises included evacuation and shelter of staff in the defense constructions of civil protection (shelters) in accordance with the evacuation plans, check status of individual means of respiratory organs and skills of the personnel on their use, as well as the skills of first aid to the injured due to an emergency.


The results of the evacuation and exercises in shelters showed a high level of practical training of port workers to act in an emergency.


Press centers of Belgorod-Dnestrovskij Sea Port Authority,

SSP "Oktiabrsk", and branch of the SE “USPA” “Delta-Pilot”