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3 million tons of grain was handled at Odesa sea port at new terminal Brooklyn Kyiv Ltd

According to Sergej Chernikov, the Head of grain handling terminal Brooklyn-Kyiv Ltd, on April 4, the stuff of the terminal Brooklyn-Kyiv Ltd. at Androsovskiy Mole of Odesa sea port loaded 3 million tons of cargo on board of the m/v Wadi Alkarnak during 2 years period of the terminal’s operation. On the whole, for 2 years period, 85 vessels were handled, 46 thousands wagons were accepted and unloaded.


S. Chernikov underlined that in the meantime the building of the terminal at Androsovsiy Mole is still being performed. At the end of February c.y. the investor of the Grain Handling terminal – the company Brooklyn Kyiv commissioned the third turn of the grain handling complex. 6 more silos were added to 11 already existed.


Up to day the terminal can accept 132 thousand tons of grain cargoes for simultaneous storage.


As to results of the first quarter c.y. the company handled 456 383 tons of grain cargoes. 



Considerable increased in container handling at Odesa sea port in the first quarter of 2016

Per calendar day and little over, on April 7-8, four container vessels were operated at the Quarantine Mole of Odesa sea port (operator – company SC HPC Ukraina), including 3 vessels at new berths No.1k and No. 2k, which were commissioned in autumn 2014.


According to Odesa Sea Port Authority Main Operational department, on April 7 the container vessels ASIATIC ISLAND and YANKI A were moored at berths No.1k and No.2k one by one. Simultaneously, the container carrier ZIM SHEKOU moored at berth No.2. After handling of the m/v ASIATIC ISLAND, the berth was occupied with a came from the roadstead container vessel CANOPUS. The handling of the last mentioned vessel completed at 12 o’clock next day. The total program of handling operation amounted to 2 651 containers.


According to port authority operational service, from the moment of the first turn of a new container terminal commissioning at the Quarantine Mole, 61 container vessels were handled at its capacities, including 19 vessels in the beginning of this year. The availability of three working berths (No.2, No.1k, No.2k), with a total length of 960 meters, allows the operator company accepting for handling container liners and feeder vessels practically without delay, right off from the moment of approaching the roadstead.


The expansion of container terminal operational capacities at the Quarantine Mole came in handy in light of increasing volume of container cargoes handling on the whole in the port. Thus, in the first quarter c.y. at two container terminals of the port, i.e. at the Quarantine Mole and at Khlebnaya Harbor, 112 744 TEU was handled, that is 14 517 TEU or 14.8% more than the result of the same period last year.


Press-center Odesa Sea Port Authority 





The increase of Dry Cargo – More than 10%, the results of cargo handling at Odesa sea port for the first quarter of 2016

According to operational data of Odesa Sea Port Authority Economics and Finance Service , In January-March 2016 on the whole 6 155, 5 thousand tons of cargoes were handled at the berths of the port, that is 373, 2 thousand tons of 5.7% less than the same result of the first quarter last year. In the meantime, the handling of dry cargoes amounted to 5651,8 thousand tons, that is 560.1 thousand tons or 11% more than the result at January-March 2015. The dynamics of handling liquid cargoes is still with mark “minus”, i.e. 503.7 thousand tons against 1 437 thousand tons in the first quarter previous year (minus 64.9%).


The measurable increase of tons in the accounting period is recorder per following cargo classification:

- grain in bulk: 2 118,6 thousand tons  (+ 333,4 thousand tons  or 118,7 %);

- rolled ferrous metal products: 1 673,2 thousand tons  (+ 143 thousand tons  or 109,3 %);

- container : 114 thousand TEU’s (+ 15 773 TEU’s or 116,1 %);

- citruses and bananas: 12,3 thousand tons  (+ 5,9 thousand tons or 192,2 %).


Press-center Odesa Sea Port Authority 



Three stevedoring companies of Odesa sea port were awarder with “National maritime rating of Ukraine 2015”

On March 31, the ceremony of awarding the prize winners of National maritime rating of Ukraine following the results of 2015 took place.


The winners in the nomination “Gold ton”, where the awards are handed over for the record results in the history of the stevedoring companies with an annual cargo turnover not less than 1 million ton, are two companies of Odesa sea port:

- Brooklyn Kyiv Ltd. (General Director Yuriy Gubankov); the company operates the terminals in Khlebnaya Harbor (grain and metal products); previous year the stuff handled approximately 8.6 million tons; the increase to the previous year, which was set in 2014 amounted to 4.6 %;

- Metalsukraine Corp. Ltd. (General Director Nicolay Bondariuk); the company operates the terminal at berths No. 7-8 of the Quarantine Harbor (mainly metal cargoes); previous year the stuff drew a final line with a mark 2625.9 thousand tons. In order to beat a previous record, i.e. 2422.4 thousand tons, the company needed 13 years. The previous achievement was exceeded by 8.4%.


National maritime rating of Ukraine also underlined success of the third operator of Odesa sea port berths, i.e. German company SC HPC Ukraina (General Director Heiko Poehlemann). The company specializes in handling container cargoes. In July c.y. the company will celebrate 15 years from the moment of commissioning activities in Odesa sea port. Practically all these years the company is regarded to be a leader in Ukraine in container cargoes handling volume. Acting General Director SC «HPC Ukraina» Rashid Bouda and PR and Communication Director Svetlana Yarovaya took the congratulation on the forthcoming jubilee at the stage of the Rating. 



The peculiarities of public procurement: seminar at Odesa Sea Port Authority

Applicable aspects of work at the state enterprises in the conditions of the Law of Ukraine “On public procurement”, which will come in force on April 1 c.y., were discussed at training seminar at Odesa sea port. The representatives of management and executives of Odesa Branch of the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority” (Odesa Sea Port Authority), responsible for goods procurement, works and services in structural divisions were present at the seminar.


The moderator of the seminar, the Head of Procurement Department, Viktoriya Kolesnik explained to the auditory the main innovations of the Law and all the “pluses”, which it contributes into the practices of procurement activities of state enterprises, especially:

- development of business practices at domestic market of goods, works and services;

- considerable costs saving; 

- cutting time of open bidding procedure and decrease of document flow volume;

- openness and transparency at all the stages of procurement procedure.


Also V.Kolesnik paid the seminar representatives’ attention to the fact that the transfer of all tender procedures of the state enterprises in online space (PROZORRO system) prompts the practice of procurement activities in Ukraine to European standards and gives real instrument for decreasing corruption risks in this very sphere.


Press-center Odesa Sea Port Authority 


OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) representatives visit to Odesa sea port

The observers of the Special Monitoring  Mission OSCE in Ukraine Peter Palmer (United Kingdom) and Radek Gradecki (Czech Republic)  visited Odesa sea port with
a reference visit on March, 23.


In the framework of the meeting, P. Palmer and R. Gradecki informed the port authority on particular results which took place during OSCE Mission 2-years staying in Ukraine in the light of entrusted with a Mission tasks in assistance of lowering the stress level, maintenance of peace and stability in certain regions.


The Mission representatives visited Odesa sea port with a purpose of acquaintance with manufacturing activities and interchanging of views in relation to efficacy of branch reforms, aimed at corruption negotiation.


Note. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), uniting 57 state-members from the North America, Europe, and Asia, is the world’s leading regional organization, the main activities of which are security matters, providing peace, democracy and stability under the area with population above 1 billion. The Special Mission in Ukraine, that was created at the behest of Ukrainian government, and its observers (600 people) have diplomatic status and accreditation in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. During the process of performing their own directed functions the employees of the Mission are entitled to meet with the representatives of local, regional and national authorities, public associations, etc.





The non-governmental organization “Eco-port” resumed its activities at Odesa sea port. A new chairman was elected

On March, 22 the election meeting of the non-governmental organization “Eco-port” took place at Odesa Sea Port Authority head office conference hall. Approximately 30 public ecologists of port authority, State Enterprise “Odesa Commercial Sea Port” and stevedoring companies, performing their activities in Odesa sea port, i.e. Brooklyn-Kiev LTD, Novotech-Terminal LTD, SC “HPC Ukraina”, Novolog LTD, etc., participated in the event.


In the framework of the meeting “Eco-port” activists discussed and adopted changes into Enterprise charter, approved near-term agenda, elected the Organization Council, the chairman and his deputies. Vladislav Dzedzora, the engineer of the SE “OCSP” Environmental Control department was formally announced a new leader of Odesa sea port public ecological movement.


According to Vladimir Kiskin, the Head of OB SE “USPA” Ecological Safety Department, the non-governmental organization “Eco-port” was established in March 2009 upon an initiative of the Odesa sea port workers and became the first public ecological association in the Ukrainian maritime sector. Initially, one of the main targets of the non-governmental organization was the “protection of ecological rights and interests of Odesa sea port workers and citizens of Odesa region”. Over the period of activities from 2009 to 2013 the ecologists of SE “OCSP” succeeded in performing good deeds, including public control over liquidation of toxic landfill ,located in the close proximity to regional center, “ecological support” the realization of large-scale investment projects’, including construction of a new container terminal at the Quarantine mole, Dry port, grain terminal at Androsovsky Mole, etc., mutual performing with Odesa public organizations actions against building the coastal hills, and actions in relation to organization of ecological patrol raids at Odesa sea port, awareness-building, ecological excursions, etc. The “Eco-port” assessment was the acceptance the organization into the Public Council affiliated with the State Ecological Inspections in Odesa region’.


According to V. Kiskin, in 2013 the activity of “Eco-port” decreased due to external factors. The main factor was the reorganization of maritime sector management, discontinuance of public activity and port workers leaving, who were the core of the organization.


Press-center Odesa Sea Port Authority


Odesa Sea Port Authority commenced the overture activities in relation to international cruise forum

The Association of Mediterranean and Black Sea Cruise Ports “MedCruise” 48th General Assembly organizing committee held a first meeting on March 15, 2016 under the chairmanship of M. Sokolov, Odesa Sea Port Authority General Manager. The heads of departments and services of Odesa Branch of the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority” (Odesa Sea Port Authority), who are in duty for organization, technical, transport and information support of the forum took part in the meeting. The forum mentioned is to be held in Odesa at the end of June c.y.


- According to E. Leshchynskaya, MedCruise Association Director – Black Sea, Head of Tourism and Eurointegration Department of Odesa Sea Port Authority , 5 worldwide leading cruise corporations confirmed their presence at General Assembly in Odesa as of middle of March. The interest in our region, city and consent to participation in the venue of leading cruise operators is regarded to be a great success. Despite complicated political situation in the region, we managed to persuade our partners in the perspective of holding regular discussion concerning developing cruise business especially in Odesa, as it was planned earlier. Thereby we want to show that Ukraine still remains tolerant and safe country for international tourists.


The holding of the cruise forum in Odesa is planned on June 22-25 c.y. The format of the forthcoming General Assembly is traditional: plenary meetings, discussions of separate issues, B2B meetings (cruise ports and cruise operators), seminars, working out and acceptance of the final declaration in agenda key issues.


It should be noted that, continued E. Leshchynskaya, the General Assembly of the highest status cruise association in Europe is a unique opportunity to demonstrate to the leading players of cruise market all that best that Odesa can give to experienced tourists as original city, cultural and historical center, as a port with developed infrastructure for passenger vessels acceptance. Although, according to cruise operators for now it is not auspicious moment for planning ship calls at Black Sea ports. But cruise itineraries are planned 2-3 years in advance. And we hope that the holding of MedCruise Association 48th General Assembly in Odesa, which is by the way celebrates this year 20th anniversary since its creation, will lay a foundation for returning white vessels to Black Sea.


Note. Set up in Rome on the 11th of June 1996, MedCruise is the Association of Mediterranean Cruise Ports. MedCruise's mission is to promote the cruise industry in the Mediterranean and its adjoining seas.


Today, the association has grown to 72 members representing more than 100 ports around the Mediterranean region, including the Black Sea, the Red Sea and the Near Atlantic, plus 32 associate members, representing other associations, tourist boards and ship/port agents. Odesa Sea Port became a member in 2008 and since 2011 has its representative in the Board of Directors.


The infrastructure of Odesa sea port passenger terminal is ready to accept cruise vessels in season 2016

Due to the partial reconstruction of Odesa passenger terminal, which started in February c.y., some observers started to ask questions: will passenger terminal be still able to serve cruise tourists at correct level.


Odesa Sea Port Authority Passenger Terminal Deputy Head Oleg Klimenko assures that the reconstruction will not impact negatively at intended use of passenger terminal.


The main object if infrastructure in all the cruise ports is a berth, - explains O. Klimenko, - and Odesa is not an exception. The passengers get into buses from berths and go to the city. Bycilcle tours also starts and finishes at the board of the vessel. For those passengers, who would like to get to the city center on foot, port authority provides such a possibility with a help of escalators. A lift is in operation for tourists with disabilities, also there is an exchange bureau (under customs) and Duty-Free, which are on the first level of the passenger terminal.


According to O. Klimenko, during previous seasons, Odesa Sea Port passenger terminal acquired high experience in relation to acceptance and servicing several liners simultaneously and mega liners, such as, for instance m/v  AZURA, with a passenger capacity of more than 3 000 people. During these ship calls Odesa Tour operators practice combine scheme of transport servicing, which include an order of excursion buses, shuttle buses, with a route “berth – Deribasovskaya str.”, and also micro buses, and electro cars.


- Odesa port is regarded to be a transit one for cruise passengers, - continued O. Klimenko, - That is why customs and border control is being performed on board of the vessel. Together with, if there is such a need to examine luggage in specially equipped places, passenger terminal is ready to provide such services – customs and border control areas are on the first and second levels of passenger terminal building. Therewith, the construction works didn’t impact at port possibilities to accept and service cruise vessels.


It should be reminded that this year a partial reconstruction of big hall and the face of passenger terminal is being performed in the framework of the project “Open Customs Area” concerning creation new terminal of Odesa customs.


Press-center Odesa Sea Port Authority 







Ukrainian Sea Port Authority is planning to perform dredging works in 11 sea port this year

This year Ukrainian Sea Port Authority is planning to perform dredging works in 11 Ukrainian sea port, at in Bugsko-Dneprovskyi lagoon channel and at Deep water navigation pass “Danube-Black Sea”. The information was presented by the CEO of the enterprise A. Amelin in the course of press conference.


In particular, the plans foresee the performance of dredging works in the volume of 14 mln 15 thousands cub.m. To compare, in 2015 the volume of dredging works amounted to more than 3 millions cub.m.


Thus, the most large scale works are planned in the frameworks of reconstruction of approaching channel in the sea port “Yuzhnyi” (3 mln 443 thousands cub.m.). Also, among vigorous planned works there are: technical maintenance of approaching channel and Berdiansk sea port water area (1 mln 584 thousands cub.m), the channel of coal harbor and water area of Mariupol sea port (1 mln 420 thousands cub.m.)


In the course of the press conference the CEO of the enterprise A. Amelin underlined, the plans of USPA for this year foresee performing works at Bugsko-Dneprovskyi lagoon and Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi sea ports ( 1mln tons)


Besides, the works are planned to be carried out at Izmail, Odesa, Kherson, Nikolayev, Reni, Illichivsk sea ports, and at Deep water navigation pass “Danube-Black Sea” and at specialized sea port “Oktiabrsk”.


More detailed presentation about USPA plans can be found in the section “Promotional Materials and Presentation” at web site





Turn on “green light” for yacht tourism - foremost Odesa Sea Port Authority legislative initiative

For the first time ever, Ukrainian yacht tourism development organizational and legal bases were formulated in the practice of national legislation. The corresponding legal act was prepared and passed for community debate by the Odesa Sea Port Authority. On 25.02.2016 on the official web sitе of Odesa Sea Port Authority, project concerning amendments into the Law of Ukraine About tourism” was posted in the section “Legislative initiatives”, which was developed by specially created working group consisting of specialists from different departments and services.


According to the developers of this document, today the procedure of passing the Ukrainian border by foreign yachts is very difficult in comparison with European and global standards. The confirmation of simple and understandable rules of location of this category of vessels inside the Ukrainian territory will serve as an incentive for increase of vessel calls, and will create suppositions for the development of yacht infrastructure objects, will favor in attracting investments, and will create new working places and increase tax remission to local budget.


The proposed modifications foresee in particular an addition of the Decree by new section, i.e. “Yacht tourism”, the name of which speaks for itself. Conditions of this section are aimed at simplification of registration procedure and regime liberalization of foreign yachts staying in Ukraine in accordance with a practice of developed countries.


Therewith, Article 38, in a new version of the Decree foresee that “foreign yachts, which were imported to Ukraine, may be used for individual and collective tourism, recreation and sport, and also be chartered for excursions, sport purposes or for leisure”.


The following paragraph of the same Article guarantees foreign yachtsmen the right of temporary stay at the territory of Ukraine for the period until one calendar year under the terms of buying the relevant certificate – transitlog. The availability of the document mentioned make it possible for foreign yachts to cruise in territorial and inner  waters with call at ports and bases for moorage of small size vessels without passing addition customs procedures.


The individual standard foresees the variant, when “foreign yachts may stay within Ukrainian territory until 5 years under condition of their crossing border minimum one time in two years”


The amendment project of the Decree of Ukraine “About tourism” is regarded to be the third legal initiative of Odesa Sea Port Authority, which was developed in the course of last half-year. Several months earlier,  the proposals of Odesa Sea Port Authority  specialists  concerning  amendments   into the Decree of Ukraine ” About peculiarities of performing purchases in certain spheres of business activities” and into the Instructions for foreign voyage  lines registration order were hosted at official web-site


Press –center Odesa Sea Port Authority