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Veterans organization

In July 1956 the Supreme Council of USSR passed the law “On State Pensions” – the first document that specified the retirement age for all working people.


Mostly military generation – the people, who defeat fascism and raise the country, have fallen within the purview of law.

Among the retiree port workers there were many veterans – industrial workers, whose experience could be invaluable for young generation. Regular workers did not want to break bonds with native enterprise where they spend the most part of the life. A demand on creation of own organization arouse.



And such organization was created in May 1957 at a general meeting (103 veterans participated). New organization was named the Council of Elders.

The main tasks, such as: labour veterans protection, youth tutorship, assistance of the organization in production problems were declared at the first meeting of the Council of Elders


One’s own experience the veterans gave in variety of ways: directly from the work places, during the meetings they foster love to the port. They executed the duties of out-of-staff job safety inspectors, warehousing inspectors lending assistance to the enterprise in resolution of on-the-job injury rates.


From the first days of Independence the port administration and Trade-Union Committee began to pay attention for social protection of unemployed veterans. The funds for extra payments to a pensions, food assistance, scarce goods provision and sanatorium voucher supply were laid out.


In 1991 the merging of the Council of Veterans of War and Labour Veterans occurred. 6 years later in 1997 the first Charter of the Council of Veterans of the port of Odesa was worked out, approved at the general meeting and registered Odesa City Council.

At the same time was launched the program “Care”, which foresees financial support to a low-income groups as well as domiciliary care, free-of-charge medication, discounts for essential goods, sanatorium voucher supply, free-of-charge lunches at the port’s dining hall and others.


Powerful moral stimulus for both the retirees and the port workers became the establishment of honorary degree “The Port’s Veteran”. The title is bestowing by the order of the General Manager of the port for long service on the assumption of continuous service in the port during 30 years for men and 25 years for women.


Rewarded were presented with a decoration and certification which allows owner to enjoy a number of benefits.

Another unusual event in the life of port workers was erecting of the monument to a workaholic port worker in 2002.An idea of such a monument belongs to the General Manager of the port Nikolay Pavluyk. The monument was unveiled on the professional holiday – Marine and River Transport Workers Day.


A special place in hand of veterans’ organization takes the Society of Disabled Workers of the port. The organization was established in July 2001 and pioneered by the General Manager of the port N. Pavluyk under the auspices of the Trade-Union Committee to provide social protection of the workers, that received an injury or occupational disease as well as for family members of people who has died of sustained injuries.


Today the members of the Society have all the benefits according to existing labor contract and participate in all administrative and cultural events that conducted by the Society of Veterans.