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SUMMARY-2018. The port of Odesa leads in terms of container turnover, grain acceptance from the railway and the number of passengers traffic


According to the USPA, the seaports of Ukraine in 2018 increased container turnover by 19% compared to 2017, up to 846 485 TEU.

Cargo operations with containers during the reporting period were carried out at the capacities of four sea commercial ports. The share of the Odesa port in the joined indicator of the industry is 70.7%, the seaport Pivdennyi makes up 14.7%, the seaport Chernomorsk (including fishing port) has 14.4% and the specialized port Olvia makes up less than 1%.

Odesa port increased container turnover by 15.2% to 598 613 TEU. The transshipment of imported containers increased by 10.8% to 298 428 TEU, the export increased by 26.4% to 274 199 TEU. Transit container processing decreased by 18.2% to 25 986 TEU.



In 2018, 65% of grain export cargo delivered to seaports by rail transport was accepted by six port stations serving deep-water ports of Great Odesa and Mykolaiv. Despite a number of objective circumstances that have led to a decrease in grain transshipment rates at Odesa Sea Commercial Port terminals, the Odessa-port station has become the leader in the volume of processed trains with this type of cargo. According to the resource, the quantitative indicators of grain accepted by port stations are as follows:

• Odesa-port exp. station - 5868 thousand t;

• Chernomorskaia exp. station (For TIS) - 5502 thousand t;

• Nikolaev-Cargo exp. station - 4884 thousand t;

• Chernomorsk port exp. station - 3240 thousand t;

• October exp. station (Mykolaiv) - 2491 thousand t;

• Ksenievo exp. station (Chernomorsk) - 2073 thousand t.



In January-November 2018, the passenger traffic of Ukrainian sea ports and river ports amounted to more than 512 thousand people, which is 2.7 times more than the same period of 2017. It was reported by «Center of transport strategies» with reference to operational data of the USPA.

CTS notes that most of the passenger traffic was domestic - 464.5 thousand people. Odesa port served the biggest number of passengers - 321.6 thousand people. Indicators of other rating participants are as follows: Kherson port - 146.1 thousand passengers, the port of Chernomorsk - 38.6 thousand passengers, the port of Ust-Dunaisk – 5.3 thousand passengers, Izmail SCP - 400 passengers.



Igor Tkachuk, General Manager of the Odesa branch of the SE USPA, regarding the strategic leadership in the container handling market by Odesa in 2018:

«Last year, the competition for container cargo among Ukrainian ports has become even more aggravated, as one can see by at least the reorientation of the service of one of the world's leading carriers - MAERSK LINE from Odesa port to Pivdennyi port. It should be noted that the transfer of the line from one terminal of the Black Sea basin to the other was not related in any way to the technical or technological features of operation in a particular port, and depended only on commercial reasons. At the same time, the high level of service received by the customers of two container terminals of Odesa port – SE CTO and Brooklyn-Kiev Port LLC in 2018 was confirmed both by an increase in cargo transshipment volumes and by an increase in the number of lines themselves. Thus, in April, last year, the Japanese carrier OCEAN NETWORK EXPRESS (ONE) opened a new service in Ukraine with an emphasis on cooperation with CTO company. In addition, the long-standing partner of Odesa port - the Israeli carrier ZIM, which is traditionally serviced at the Quarantine pier berths, increased the volume of cargo flow (which required attracting a larger displacement fleet). An extremely important outcome of 2018 is the development of cooperation between the container terminal operator in Khlebnaia Harbor - Brooklyn-Kiev Port LLC with the world-famous carrier CMA CGM. By the way, today it is the only ocean service that comes to Ukraine and is serviced exclusively in Odesa. At the end of last year, with the participation of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the central office of USPA in Marseille, a strategic document was signed - Memorandum of Understanding, which envisages the investment of CMA CGM in the development of container handling capacities of Odesa port … The port Authority is sincerely grateful to the top managers and collectives of the companies of SE CTO and Brooklyn-Kiev Port LLC for their professionalism, innovative approach and customer orientation, which allows Odesa to retain its leadership in the domestic market of port transshipment of containers.


Press Service of Odesa Sea Port Authority