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Odesa port initiates the launch of a joint with the Сity Council coordinating body to formulate a cruise tourism development strategy

Odesa returns to Europe's cruise hub club. Today, 11 requests to visit the maritime capital of Ukraine by passenger ships under the foreign flag for 2020 and 10 applications for 2021 have been received. This breakthrough against the background of last year's zero indicators and two requests for 2019 was the result of the active cooperation of Odesa Sea Port Authority with the world`s largest Cruise Port Association Medcruise and Black Sea Working Group Meeting partners. At the same time, at the local level, the coordination of the port and the city authorities` efforts in the development of cruise tourism have sporadic character. Transfer these contacts into the collaborative system work area opens up opportunities to serve passengers of ‘white steamers’ in Odesa at a new level. This was discussed at the working meeting with the port representatives and executive committee of the Odesa City Council yesterday, 22 August.


Tatyana Markova, the director of the Department of Culture and Tourism and Alexander Ilko, the director of the Department of Transport, Communications, and Traffic, represented the City Council in the discussion. Odesa Sea Port Authority was represented by Ruslan Sakhautdinov, Deputy General Manager on operation services of Port Authority, Ihor Panchenko, Head of Cruise Infrastructure and External Relations Services, Yuliia Strikh, Head of Tourism and European Integration Department.


- In order to bring back the big cruise ships to Odesa, we actively use the tools of the negotiation platforms of the largest tourist forums in Europe and the United States, including the international Cruise Shipping Miami International Exhibition and Conference and The General Assemblies of the Medcruise Association, - states R. Sakhautdinov. — At the same time, our negotiations with cruise line operators could be more effective if a representative of the Odesa City Council took part in them. After all, addressing many cruise ship onshore issues belongs to the competence of the city government. This concerns the organization of the excursion buses movement in the conditions of dense car traffic, providing comfortable conditions for physically disabled tourists movement in the city streets and so on. And moreover, in the leading cruise ports of Europe port authorities and city authorities jointly create a tourism development strategy …


Among other things, the working meeting participants discussed the issues of tourist coastal services, announced by representatives of the maritime travel industry at 54th General Assembly of Medcruise (May 2019, Kusadasi, Turkey). In particular, the meeting concerned the improving of the public transport system, launching proper social structure for tourists (sanitary areas, medical assistance, transferring with children), enhancing public safety at the historic center during cruise vessel calls in the harbor. Cruise companies also want to get up-to-date marketing forwarding with tourist products at the local level.


- A program of tourism development in Odesa launched a year ago was introduced a new destination, cruise tourism, - noted T. Markova – So, obviously, today we are negotiating with the Port about cooperation in this industry. We hope that representative of the City Council and other representatives of the port will be proxy to our partners the cultural and historical heritage and tourist routes of our city at the next Medcruise General Assembly. We also welcomed the news of the establishment of the permanent working group on the initiative of Odesa Port, which will be participated by representatives of Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey. I think we could also be involved in the marketing practices of this body. Moreover, we have something to present: for the last years the Executive Committee of the City Council has made a real breakthrough in tourist infrastructure arrangements, we participate in 33 international tourism exhibitions, we have a large number of high-quality promotional materials.


In his turn, O. Ilko stated that the creation of the relationship between the City Council and the state enterprise represented by Odesa Sea Port Authority will greatly facilitate the work of the city Department of Transportation aimed at preventing technological disruptions during cruise tourists servicing in the historical center of Odesa.


At the end of the meeting, the participants discussed the draft of Memorandum of launching the joint coordinating development strategies body of cruise tourism in Odesa by port Authority and the Executive Committee. After signing the document, the parties will be capable of proceeding to a joint marketing action plan. 


Press Service of Odesa Sea Port Authority