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Presidents of Ukraine and Sri Lanka have signed cooperation agreements in sphere of tourism, about military - technical cooperation and about an informational protection

Presidents of Ukraine and Sri Lanka have signed cooperation agreements in sphere of tourism, about military - technical cooperation and about an informational protection. The president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich and the President of Democratic Socialist Republic Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksa have signed frame cooperation agreements in the field of tourism, about military - technical cooperation and the agreement on an informational protection. Signing of the agreements has taken place within the frameworks of the Ukrainian - Sri-Lanka negotiations. The head of the state has noted, that the frame agreements signed during the bilateral meeting, expand essentially bilateral contract-legal base. One of the actual goals is the expansion of cooperation in such spheres as shipbuilding, energy, fishery, industrial and infrastructural construction. «Intergovernmental agreements expand essentially contract-legal base of our relations and create a basis for their subsequent development», - the President has told. RBC-Ukraine


The overall production of ship-building enterprises of Ukraine for January - April, 2010 has been reduced to 17,5 %

-The overall production of ship-building enterprises of Ukraine for January - April, 2010 has been reduced to 17,5 % The overall production of dockyards of Ukraine for January - April, 2010 has made 82,5 % to the level of the last year’s similar period, according to the data of the State committee of statistics of Ukraine. The overall production of regional production plants for 4 months 2010, has made 1026,6 million UAH. Volumes have grown at the enterprises: Open Society "Vadan Ocean Yard", Open Society "Ship-building plant "Zaliv", dockyard "Black Sea", SE "NPKG "Zorya-Mashproject" Open Society "Plant "Equator", Open Society "Plant "Fiolent", Open Society « KZA named after Petrovsky». The volume of sales for the accounting period has been 2385,5 million UAH., that is 2,6 times more, than for the last year’s corresponding period. In 2010 dockyards of Ukraine have constructed and have delivered to customers 10 ships and floating devices the amount of $60,6 million, including, 7 ships for domestic customers and 3 - for ship owners of Norway and Holland. Ship-repair works on 62 ships for a total sum 28 million UAH are executed. With the purpose of loading manufacture in 2010 ship-building plants have concluded new contracts on construction of 16 ships and floating devices the amount of $210,5 million, including, 12 ships for domestic customers and four hovercrafts the construction of which will be carried out on Open Society "FSK "More", for Ministry of Defense of Chinese People's Republic under the contract with State Concern "Ukrspetseksport". The contract of the Open Society "FSK "More" with the State Concern "Ukrspetseksport " is concluded in 2009, but it has came into force the current year. Execution of works under the specified contract allows to load capacities of the Open Society "FSK "More", and also the enterprises of the ship-building industry: Commercial enterprise «Experimental engineering shipbuilding center», NPKG "Zorja-Mashproject", SE "STekloplastik", Open Society "Plant "Fiolent" which will implement design works and works on equipment making for construction of ships. PortNews


The ports of Ukraine have reduced cargo handling by 1.8% for 5 months

According to the State committee of statistics of Ukraine cargo handling by the Ukrainian port enterprises (sea and river as a group) for the 5-month's period has been reduced to 1,8 %, up to 63,628 million tons to the comparable last year's period, . Thus river handling has been increased for 7,3 % (up to 841 thousand tons), sea one - has been reduced to 2 % (up to 62,78 million tons). Export handling of cargoes for 5 months has made 34,81 million tons, +1,2 % by January - May of the last year. Thus seaports have reached an increase (+1 %, up to 34,31 million tons), and river (+1,2 %, up to 497 thousand tons). The largest increase inward cargoes (have shown 81 % for 5 months, up to 7,69 million tons). Here growth also was general - the river component has increased by 42 % (up to 82 thousand tons), sea - on 81,9 % (up to 7,6 million). Transit handling for 5 months has made 20,01 million tons (-16,6 % to the 5-month's period of the last year). Over 4 million tons of transit cargoes have been lost, thus sea handling has been decreased to 17,3 %, the river one is practically nulified (4,6 thousand tons against 78 thousand tons handled year earlier). RZD-PARTNER


In January-May 2010 "Ukrzaliznytsya" has increased cargo transportations

In January - May, 2010 "Ukrzaliznystya" has increased transportation of cargoes by 14,5 %, up to 169,8 million t in comparison with the similar period of the last year. It is told about it in the press release of the enterprise. Within 5 months it was possible to increase volumes of import transportations by 64 %, export - by 17 % and internal - by 12 %. In particular, transit cargoes by railway transportation of Ukraine it has been transported 19,8 million t. The basis of a freight traffic was made by oil and mineral oil, coal, iron both manganese ore and chemical and mineral fertilizers. The basic transit freight traffic is formed in Russia and Kazakhstan. Inward cargoes have been transported in the volume almost 13 million t. Among them coal, iron and manganese ore, oil and mineral oil, and also building materials prevailed. Among export cargoes which have been transported in the volume of 46 million т, iron and manganese ore, ferrous metals, building materials, grain and products of grinding and coal prevailed. In the internal communication over 91 million t cargoes is transported. The basis of an internal freight traffic was made by coal, iron and manganese ore, building materials, oil and mineral oil, coke, ferrous metals breakage, ferrous metals both chemical and mineral fertilizers.


The Ministry of transport and communications of Ukraine initiates reconsideration of the procedure of control and registration of cargoes in seaports

The Ministry of transport and communications intends to limit terms of stay of cargoes in containers in sea commercial ports up to 24-hour period, and also to improve the procedure of control and registration. Such decision has been accepted at a working meeting of representatives "Urmorrechflot", Association of international motor carriers, the ports of Odesa and Illyichevsk, informs the press-service of the department. «Effective work of carriers is an effective work of ports. If transportations will have an efficiency, then cargo turnover will be also increased», - deputy minister Alexey Baranov marks. For today the time of cargo transportation very much depends on time of survey and registration. For example, the control and registration of cargoes in containers are carried out by employees of 10 state bodies, that considerably increases terms of stay of containers in port, the press-service informs. RBC-Ukraine


Azarov is going to discuss draft agreement on oil transportation- in Moscow

Prime minister of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov is going to discuss the draft agreement on cooperation in the sphere of oil transportation on June, 28 in Moscow. He has informed about it yesterday at press conference after session of the government, commenting a course of document preparation. "This question is working out. On Monday I shall be with a working visit to Moscow, I shall meet prime minister Vladimir Putin, among set of questions this one will be also discussed", - Azarov has told. "First of all, the meeting will be devoted to the analysis of the Sochi arrangements performance", - the prime-minister says. He reminds that since the time of session of the intergovernmental committee to Sochi almost two months has already passed. As he says, the new meeting is called to give a stimulus to performance of the Ukrainian - Russian arrangements, "in order to find new decisions by September". Let's remind, the head of the Energy Department of the Russian Federation Sergey Shmatko recently has declared, that Ukraine should make attractive its transit routes for oil deliveriesl. He notes that for today shipping of oil through the Ukrainian ports economically compares poorly to other existing directions. "For the moment there is a cutting back of oil pumping in this direction, and, it happens only because of economic reasons", -he adds. At this S.Shmatko notes: "we have paid attention the Ukrainian party, that to guarantee filling of a pipe, it is necessary to make attractive and competitive conditions (oil transit) in comparison with other directions. The Ukrainian party is thinking over this issue". trans-port


"Ukrzaliznytsya" increases volumes of bulk-oil cargoes transit

In January - May, 2010 transit transportations of bulk-oil cargoes on the Ukrainian railways have made 6,8 million t. The mentioned cargoes ranks the first place with an indicator 38 % in total amount of transit by the railway transportation of Ukraine. Olga Sanina, deputy chief of Management of international tariffs, contracts and logistic of "Ukrzaliznytsya" informed about it, speaking at the international conference "Rail transportation of bulk-oil cargoes " today in Moscow. As she said, changes in volumes of transit transportations of mineral oil in the territory of Ukraine shows positive dynamics: despite of business recession in the world markets as a result of the financial and economic crisis, in 2009 the growth from 11,7 million t up to 11,9 million t is expected. O.Sanina has noted, that the transit relative density from the Russian Federation, makes 55 %, from Kazakhstan - 42 %, from Byelorussia - 3 %. Thus 70 % of this volume goes through ports (basically, dark mineral oil and oil crude), about 30 % - in the direction of Western Europe (liquefied gases and light mineral oil). RZD-PARTNER


The President has signed modifications to the order of transit container cargoes registration

The president has signed modifications to the Law of Ukraine "About transit of cargoes " (concerning customs registration). The law states, that declaring of the transit cargoes moved by sea and river transport, according to the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine, is carried out by granting to customs bodies of the ВІLL оf Lading and the cargo customs declaration. The cargo customs declaration is not needed for the goods (except for excisable), transported in transit mode by sea and river transport in containers and which remain in the limits of one check point or a customs control zone of a seaport during a storage time. As a whole, innovations are directed on introduction of the "transshipment" system into the Ukrainian container ports that is such transit mode of cargoes in containers at which customs registration is made without granting of customs declaration and without warranting of delivery. Liga zakon


For 5 months 2010 Ukraine has increased 2 times import of metal products

In January - May, 2010. Ukraine has 2.1 times increased import of metal products in comparison with the similar period of the last year, up to 605.4 thousand t. The Ministry informs about it. Besides in May, comparing with April, import of metal products has decreased by 14.6 %, to 122,6 thousand t. In particular, import of semifinished items for 5 months has increased 2,4 times to the similar period of the last year, i.e. up to 165.1 thousand t, in May it has decreased by 17,6 %, to 32,2 thousand t in comparison with April. Also in January-May import of sheet products has grown 2,33 times, up to 310,9 thousand t, in May in comparison with April it has decreased by 26,9 %, to 57,8 thousand t. Besides for 5 months import of long products has grown by 46,2 %, up to 129,4 thousand t, and in May in comparison with April it has grown by 28,9 %, up to 32,6 thousand t. Business-portal


The Ministry of Agrarian is planning to reconsider the customs tariffs on beef and dairy products

The Ministry of agrarian of Ukraine plans to reconsider the custom duties on meat and dairy products within the framework of the World trading organization. Sergey Ivashchuk, director of the external economic cooperation department of the Ministry informed about it. " We plan to reconsider the custom duties on those commodity groups which have felt negative influence from WTO. First of all it is - meat production, some commodity lines of meat, some commodity lines of milk and dairy products ", - was noted by S.Ivashchuk. As he said, the ministry plans to devote this year searching for demonstrative base for those branches which have suffered, and to agree with the countries of WTO. "Certainly, we should go on some concessions to the countries of WTO, probably, we shall make concessions commodity groups which are competitive at us ", - has added S.Ivashchuk MDOffice


The tendency to increase in volumes of freight traffics is observed in sea ports

On results of the first five months 2010 the tendency to increase in volumes of cargoes moved through the state ports, and services rendered by state enterprises of sea branch is in progress. Head of the State administration of sea and river transport Sergey Krizhanovsky has informed about it during the session of Board of Ukrmorrechflot at participation of deputy minister Oleg Bondar and representatives of trade unions, chiefs of ports and navigable companies. Total cargo handling in seaports in comparison with 2009 has increased more than by 2 %, export - by 7,4 %, import - by 143 %. Transit shows positive dynamics. In comparison with the last year in January it was less by 28,1 %, in February - already by 23,6 %, in March - by 20 %, in April - by 19,8 %, and in May breakaway reached 17,1 %. Increase in cargo handling had an impact on sugar. In May of this year its processing in comparison with May, 2009 has increased more than by 236 %. Timber cargoes - almost by 103 %, chemicals - by 29,5 %, coke - over 17 %, chemical and mineral fertilizers - almost by 15 %, motor-vehicles and agricultural machinery - almost by 18 %. In May of this year handling of production cargoes in boxes and bales increased more than by 56 % in comparison with May, 2009, handling of containers in tons - almost by 53 % , containers in TEU - more than by 29 %. Handling of motor transport has increased almost by 32 % in tons and over 12 % in web. «The marine branch is not only a public sector, this is the improvement of transport system of the country», - Sergey Krizhanovsky has emphasized. MТСU