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Russia and Ukraine will sign a cooperation memorandum in the shipbuilding field

Russia and Ukraine prepare the intergovernmental memorandum of cooperation in the shipbuilding field. According to the Ministry of production policy of Ukraine, the question was discussed during the VI session of Subcommittee on industrial policy of the Committee of the Russian-Ukrainian interstate commission economic cooperation which took place on April, 15th in Kiev. «Cooperation in branch, very important for economy of both countries – shipbuilding, especially in the field of heavy-tonnage vessels building» is discussed, - informs the Ministry of production policy. According to the ministry, the memorandum of cooperation in the field of shipbuilding is at the closing stage. Preparation for document signing is almost finished, declares the ministry. The next session of the Subcommittee on industrial policy of is agreed to hold in November, 2010 in Moscow. PortNews


The average level of tax take for one container which is processing in Ukraine, has grown by 30,5 % in April, 2010

The average level of tax take for one container which is made out in Ukraine, in April has grown by 30,5 % against 25 % in the I quarter of the current year. First deputy chairman of the State customs service of Ukraine Alexander Dorohovsky has informed about it. As he said, in April there was an increase in the average level of customs cost for 1 container at 24 % against 20 % in the I quarter. «At steam-ship registration in Odesa last year customs receipts in the budget reached 0,5 million, and at present it is 5 million. And it is not a limit. And this with the fact that the quantity of containers which is made out for today, has decreased for 30 % in comparison with the first quarter 2010», - Alexander Dorohovsky notes. As he said, taking into account Christmas vacations which were in the I quarter, the average day norm of container processing has made 180 units per day, in April it decreased up to 130 that is caused by expectations from the outside importers. «It is not necessary to wait. It is necessary to make out cargo and to pay money into the budget. Our position - business should earn, but business should not steal. We promote legal business», - Alexander Dorohovsky has noted. PortNews


Russia and Ukraine will consider possibility of joint building of the grain terminal on the Black Sea

Russia and Ukraine will consider possibility of joint building of the grain terminal on the Black Sea. Minister of agrarian of Ukraine Nikolay Prisyazhnyuk informed about it at the meeting in Moscow with the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Elena Skrynnik. He has noticed that this question has been discussed at the taken place meeting within the limits of the Russian-Ukrainian agrarian commission. Creation of a through railroad rate for reduction of grain transportation expenses in the territory of Russia and Ukraine is thus considered. Realization of such problem as considers the minister, will allow both countries to be competitive on grain foreign markets. In her turn E.Skrynnik has noticed that look-ahead food balances of the Russian Federation and Ukraine in the near future will be signed. In a basis of these balances the increase in cargo turnover of agricultural products of two countries is put. According to N.Prisyazhnyuk, these balances will give the chance to predict, what branches of agriculture of the Russian Federation and Ukraine need to be developed, being based on the data about potential of each country. Balances are directed also to maintenance of food safety of two countries. "We have stipulated that after maintenance of food safety of our countries and observance of balances of the food markets we will consider the problem on a joint output to foreign markets", - the minister has noted, having specified in a greater potential of the agricultural grounds and agromanufacture in the Russian Federation and in Ukraine. E.Skrynnik has noticed that within the limits of interaction in agrarian sphere of the Russian Federation and Ukraine cooperation expansion in seed-growing sphere is necessary, the strategy of joint development of an agropolicy of two countries will be developed, and also the joint commissions on inspection of the enterprises on processing of meat and milk for increase in mutual deliveries of this production will be created. RBC-Ukraine


The Ministry of economics initiates reduction in the cost of ship-calling and cargo handling in ports

The Ministry of Economics of Ukraine initiated the project of reduction in the cost of ship-calling and cargo handling in sea ports. The purpose is the increase of competitiveness of ports of Ukraine and alignment of prices for port services in comparison with neighbours in the Black Sea water region. According to the project, decrease by 30 % of port dues (except for administrative) is offered. According to the ministry, presently the cost on ship-calls in the Ukrainian water region is much more, than at neighbours, 1,5-2 times. The decrease in stevedore rates by 30 % and covering by this order of all subjects of port handling not counting a form of ownership should become an additional action. As a whole, the ministry considers expedient replacement of a tariffs setting order in the sphere of cargo handling. Thus, introduction of the co-ordinated rates for transportations on the ports, concerning separate directions of transportation and the limited cargo nomenclature, is recognised by breaking principles of a free economic competition. In exchange it is offered to enter the unified order covering all ports equally. The corresponding offers are on consideration of the Ministry of Ukraine. RZD-PARTNER


Ukraine exported 280 thousand t of grain from the beginning of April

Ukraine exported 280 thousand t of grain from the beginning of April. Director general of the Ukrainian agrarian confederation Sergey Stoyanov informs about it. S.Stoyanov has noticed that this data is as for April, 12th of the current year. As a whole, according to association, in March, 2010 has been exported 1,4 million t of grain. "We see that within March exporters have quickened, it is possibly connected with weather factors, as well as with that the government has decided to compensate debts on VAT by bonds emission. However further we’ve seen that in April export has started to falling", - he has told. Under forecasts of the association, about 700 thousand t of grain will be exported in April it, 1 million 100 t of grain - in May-June. trans-port


The general balance of light oils of Ukraine in the І quarter 2010 has made 1,8 million t., - expert

The overall balance of light mineral oils of Ukraine (in total: production, import and export) in March, 2010 made 772,35 thousand t that is 3,33 % less than in March, 2009 (798,96 thousand), according to "Consulting group A-95". The balance of gasoline in March, 2010 made 375,02 thousand t that is 8,2 % less than for the similar last year’s period (408,69 thousand). In particular, gasoline deliveries on import were reduced to 36 % (112,79 thousand) whereas internal production has increased by 24,65 % (292,05 thousand). The balance of diesel fuel in March of the current year made 397,31 thousand t, having exceeded the similar last year’s index by 1,8 % (390,27 thousand). The volume of diesel fuel import in March of this year in comparison with the similar last year’s period decreased by 6,58 % (166,5 thousand). Volume of diesel fuel production on the Ukrainian oil processing plants has also increased: in March it was 281,01 thousand t that is 18,72 % more than in March, 2009. As a result the accumulative balance of light mineral oils in the I quarter 2010 was 1,822 million t in comparison with 2,174 million t of the quarter index 2009 (-16,19 %). The balance of gasoline has made 981,79 thousand t (15,29 % decrease), diesel fuel - 839,77 thousand t (17,34 % decrease). According to the experts of "Consulting group A-95", decrease in balances during the current year is connected with the decrease in consumption of lighst mineral oil and stock rate decrease in the open market and at consumers that is, in its turn, speaks about high rates on bank credits. RBC-Ukraine


For 3 months 2010 Ukraine has chosen a quarter quota on reinforcement metal delivery to the Russian Federation

From January, 1st till March, 31st, 2010 Ukrainian metal enterprises choose a quota for 25,38 % on delivery to the Russian Federation of bars for concrete structures reinforcing. It is saying about it in the materials of the Ministry of Economics of Ukraine. For the specified period metal enterprises supplied 101,528 thousand т of this production to the Russian Federation. Let's remind that for two months 2010 the quota has been chosen for 12,48 %. Totally annual quota (from January, 1st till December, 31st, 2010) makes 400 thousand t of reinforcement metal. Business portal


Ukraine has offered Kazakhstan joint development capacities

Ukraine considering Kazakhstan as a perspective partner in the world grain market, offers the Kazakh joint projects on the organisation of marine transfer of grain cargoes. Such statement was made by president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych during official visit to Kazakhstan. «I would like that you became our partner in the grain market. In the territory of Ukraine, in the Ukrainian port, it is possible, to construct a good grain terminal together with us, fifty-fifty», - declared V.Yanukovych, acting in Astana. During the visit the president was accompanied by head of Ministry of transport and communications of Ukraine Konstantin Efimenko, head of Ministry of agrarian Nikolay Prisyazhnyuk and head of Ministry of production policy Dmitry Kolesnikov. Let's remind, that earlier Kazakh grain traders expressed a wish to have own transshipment capacities at the Ukrainian coast. As perspective points of a disposition there were port zones of the Odesa and Nikolaev sea regions. These projects are not realised yet. RZD-PARTNER


Grain export from Ukraine has been increased in March


The Ukrainian and Polish railways will simplify cargo transportation through the border crossing"Izov" from the Black Sea ports

The state administration of a railway transportation of "Ukrzaliznytsja" offers «Polish railways» PKP LHS (Poland) to set through rates on transportation of iron ore, coal, 20 and 40-foot containers by rail through the border crossing "Izov" (Volynsk region) from ports of the Black Sea. It was informed about it in the press release of "Ukrzaliznytsya". According to the message, PKP LHS (Volynsk region) is interested in the organisation of cargo transportation from Russia through Belarus by border crossing "Kovel-Isov". The Polish company also intends to carry out logistical and marketing calculations to determine the level of through tariffs by territory of Poland in the near future. PKP LHS (Poland) is the operator of a cargo railroad line from the borders of the former Soviet Union to the logistical centre in Slavkuv (Poland).


There is the Council on navigation safety created in the marine branch

Ukraine initiated creation of the new authority in the field navigation safety – Council on navigation safety. The new authority is created on the base of the profile department - State administration of sea and river transport of Ukraine, the basic state enterprises which are responsible for navigation safety– SE "Delta-pilot", SE «Agency of sea safety», SE sea telecommunications "Morkom", SE «Sea salvage and rescue service», State fleet inspection of Ukraine. Heads of the mentioned enterprises were the part of the Council management. As specifies in the Ministry of transport and communications, the primary aims of the Council is a stating of recommendations to the ministry regarding answering the international contracts demands in the field of navigation safety. Powers of the new authority will be applied to vessels, navigable companies and sea and river ports. According to the ministry, the Council acquires the recommendatory right in the sphere of formation and perfection of a strategy of sea and river transport development (including development programs, plans, and also concrete projects of the enterprises). «The Council will be focused on increasing of the efficiency of the state control and supervision and sea safety», - declares the Ministry of transport and communications, making comments on the project. RZD-PARTNER