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The number of ship transits through the Ukrainian channel Danube – Black Sea increased by 43% for January-April, 2010

The number of ship transits through the Ukrainian channel Danube – Black Sea during January-April, 2010 increased by 43,7 %, to 460 units in comparison with a figure of the first four months 2009. In April, 2010 this index increased almost 1,2 times – to 110 ship transits in relation to April of the last year, informs the press-service of SE "Delta-pilot", maintaining the channel. During April, 2010 ships transported almost 118 thousand tons of cargoes through the channel. The deep-water Danube - Black Sea channel is a part of the international transport corridor N7, connecting the North and Baltic Sea with the Black Sea, Azov Sea and the Caspian Sea. The state enterprise "Delta-pilot" carries out maintenance and operation of the hydraulic engineering constructions - channels Dnepr- Bug-Liman channel, Kherson navigation channel, the deep-water shipping channel «Danube - Black Sea»), pilotage and rendering of maritime traffic regulation services in all ports of Ukraine (geography - from Mariupol to Reni). The enterprise has a specialised fleet – 20 pilotage boats, 2 promeasured boats, tow of an ice class "Gaydamaka". Net profit for 2009 was 391,68 million UAH. PortNews


The Cabinet has cancelled a surcharge on import duty

The Cabinet has cancelled the decision №230 from March, 18th, 2009 about introduction of the time surcharge 13 % on the current rate of import duty for refrigerators and automobiles. Minister of economics Vasily Tsushko informs about it. As he said, the corresponding decision was accepted at government session on Wednesday. He has noticed that in 2009 the Verkhovna Rada enacted the law on introduction of an additional duty on automobiles and refrigerators for 6 months, presently the period of validity of this law has expired. "The law acted during a half-year, and then it has stopped the action, was not acting for a long time — few months. We simply have abolished it", — Tsushko has told. As he said, abolition of the decision of the previous government was a simple formality. As is known, on February, 5th, 2009 the government has entered an additional surcharge 13 % for 6 months to the duty for a number of import goods. In March, 2009 the Ministry has suggested the Verkhovna Rada to abolish the surcharge 13 % to the duty on import goods except for refrigerators and automobiles, simultaneously having accepted the corresponding decision which classifies the goods on which the surcharge is applied. In June 2009 the Constitutional Law recognized as unconstitutional the Ministry’s right to reduce, abolish and prolong an action time of the surcharge to rates of import duty. MDOffice


The Ministry of transport and communications Ukraine has developed draft regulations on definition of the minimal crew complement of a vessel

The Ministry of transport and communications of Ukraine has developed the draft order « About adoption of the Regulations on definition of the minimal crew complement at which the sailing of a vessel in the sea and on internal waterways is allowable ». As informs the press-service of the Ministry, the document is formulated with the purpose of navigation safety. This is the first in Ukraine regulatory legal act which authorizes such regulations. The project is developed in accord with the requirements of the Merchant Shipping Code of Ukraine and the International convention on human life protection on the sea of the year 1974 with modifications (SOLAS - 74), the International convention on seamen training and certification of 1978 . PortNews


Turkey and Ukraine have agreed to develop ferry communication Sinop-Yalta

Turkey and Ukraine have decided to launch a ferry communication between the Turkish city Sinop and the Crimean Yalta. "At a meeting with the Crimean administration I have brought to their attention the decision accepted yesterday (May, 5th) on ferry communication between Sinop and Yalta", - says in an interview to journalists Minister for Foreign Affairs of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu. The Turkish diplomat also adds that the Crimean region "has a large potential" for economic development. A.Davutoglu during visit to Crimea on May, 6th met Crimean speaker Vladimir Konstantinov and prime Minister of the autonomy Vasily Dzharty, and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Konstantin Grishchenko - on May, 5th in Kiev. UNIAN


Ukraine together with Russia will create a joint marine commission on Kerch strait exploitation

Ukraine together with Russia will create a joint marine commission on Kerch strait exploitation. Minister of transport of the Russian Federation Igor Levitin informs about it following the results of negotiations with the minister of transport and communication of Ukraine Konstantin Efimenko during the VII session of transport subcommittee of the Committee on economic cooperation of the Ukrainian-Russian interstate commission. «Lack of proper regulation of borders in this region is a problem for two managing subjects - administrations of ports Caucasus and Kerch», - quotes Igor Levitin the press-service of the Ministry of transport and communications of Ukraine. «Therefore we have agreed that we will create the joint marine commission on this object», - he has added. The commission will work over providing and increase of navigation safety. «First of all, it will allow not to admit errors at navigation providing in the differentiated territory», - Igor Levitin has told. Besides, work of experts from both parties will allow Ukraine and Russia to plan implementation of works on own sites, to introduce pilotage technologies, etc. PortNews


Ports of the Odesa region will handle 96 million t of cargoes following the results of 2010

Head of Central administrative board of economy of the Odesa region Oleg Murat has made the corresponding forecast at session of board of the Odesa regional state administration. "By our prospective calculations, the volume of cargo handling in ports of the region following the results of 2010 will make about 96 million tons and will increase by 3 % approximately", - underlines Oleg Murat. Also by the end of the year, as he said, "the situation in cargo and passenger transportations of the Odesa region" is stabilized. "The positive dynamics on railway transportations" are expected, - adds the official. Trans-port


The shipbuilding of Ukraine in money terms increased by 77 % for the 1 quarter

According to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the volume of production released by ship-building enterprises for the 1 quarter, makes 845,9 million UAH (about $105 million) that is 77 % more than the same period’s level of the previous year. A number of the profile enterprises has shown increase in production, including almost all branch-leaders - Open Society "Kherson shipyard ", Open Society " Wadan Yards Оkean ", Open Society "Shipyard "Zaliv", SE "Zarya-Mashproekt", Open Society "Shipyard " Equator ", Open Society "Shipyard "Fiolent". The volume of ship-building production release for the specified period is 660,2 million UAH that is 40 % more than in January-March, previous year. The ship-building program of quarter is made by 7 units by general cost $52,5 million. The list of the released and delivered to customers production consists of 4 vessels for the domestic customer and 3 - for foreign (Norway and Holland). Ship-repair works are executed in the volume of 17 million UAH ($2,1 million). The order volume is made by 39 units under repair. Trans-port


Import of meat to Ukraine has decreased by 40 % in the І quarter 2010, - expert

Import of meat to Ukraine for the first quarter 2010 is 58 thousand t that is less by 40% than the last year’s indexes. The press-service of "Ukrainian club of agrarian business" informs about it. Experts of UCAB notice that the decrease in import is connected with development of domestic animal production, strengthening of a veterinary control, and also with reduction of solvency of the Ukrainian consumers. Thus the basic part of import goes to fowl (24 thousand) and pork (19 thousand). According to head of the UCAB expert commission Vladimir Lapa, the decrease in import can already be a tendency in 2010 as of the beginning of April the livestock of pigs has grown by 14 % in comparison with the previous year, birds - by over 5 %, and meat realization on a face has exceeded by 8 %.the last year's indexes "In time not only an competition will be noticeable, but also a competition of domestic producers", - marks V.Lapa. RBC-Ukraine


Ukraine has forbidden import ofone-hoofed animals, production and raw materials from them from Brazil

The State committee of veterinary medicine has forbidden import to the territory of Ukraine of one-hoofed animals, production and raw materials from them from Brazil (№15-2-23/3760 from 28.04.10). The press-service of the State committee of veterinary medicine informs about it. As it is marked, according to an official message of the International epizootic bureau, the disease of horses by equinia is registered in the territory of Brazil. Import of other cargoes from this country which are the subject of control of the state service of veterinary medicine, should be carried out according to the veterinary requirements on import to Ukraine of objects of the state veterinary-sanitary control and supervision. MDOffice


Ukraine will help Belarus with the project on oil refining

In Minsk execution of the Ukrainian-Belarus documents has taken place. The ceremony has passed following the results of negotiations under the chairmanship of president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich and president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. President of Belarus A.Lukashenko has declared that the countries have agreed about delivery of the Venezuelan oil – transportation of the Venezuelan oil to Mozyr oil processing plant will be carried out through the Ukrainian railway. A.Lukashenko has also underlined that he does not exclude in the future a possibility of the Venezuelan oil transportation through the territory of Ukraine to Belarus and by pipelines. According to the president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich, Ukraine will also help Belarus within the limits of realization of its oil refining project. RBC-Ukraine


Ukraine reforms the administration system of the state enterprises of sea economic complex

The Ministry of transport and communications of Ukraine has initiated reforming of the administration system of the state enterprises of sea economic complex by merger of the similar-function enterprises. According to the ministry, by the reform it is supposed to cover the three state enterprises of marine branch, which provide performance of hydraulic engineering constructions – SE "Ukrvodput", SE waterways of "Ustdunayvodput", SE «Black-and-Azov seas industrial-operational Management of shipping routes» ("Cherazmorput"). «These are three structures which are of the similar operational functions. Therefore now we consider expediency and possible schemes of their association that will allow to strengthen influence of this structure, and also purposefully to develop it», - declares head of the Ministry of transport and communications Konstantin Efimenko who has charged to promote the initiative to corresponding divisions. The minister has turn to heads of the marine branch with the commission to analyse possibilities of the merger of other enterprises for a principle of their uniformity. The purpose is the optimisation and improvement of transport complex operation. «I expect from you rational offers and substantiations for improvement of our work», - demands K.Efimenko from transport officials. RZD-PARTNER