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Ukraine exported about 850 thousand t of grains in May

Ukraine exported 20.2 million tons of grain crops from the beginning of the marketing years 2009/2010 (July 2009-June 2010). It goes about it in the message of the Ukrainian agrarian confederation. According to the message, in May, 2010 export of grain from Ukraine has made about 850 thousand tons that is twice less than the indicator of May, 2009. Particularly it was exported 230 thousand tons of wheat, 340 thousand tons of barley and about 280 thousand tons of corn. Thus, according to experts, following the results of 11 months of the current marketing year total export of the Ukrainian grain has been 20,2 million tons of the crop 2009, in particular 8,9 million tons of wheat is exported- 3 million tons less than last season. Besides that it was exported 5,9 million tons of barley, 5,2 million tons of corn – export of these two crops practically coincides with the last year’s level. trans-port


Customs regulations of ships and goods, transported by them are modified

State customs service by the order from March, 11th 2010 № 230 has made modifications to the Instruction about customs control and customs registration of ships and goods, which are transported by them. The document has not yet come into force. In particular, the Instruction item 1.5 is complemented by the position that start of cargo operations without participation of a special commission is supposed for ships-container trucks and ships transporting bulk cargoes, during moorage in port. In the case of no objections on the part of state authorities which are carrying out border control, free practice can be also applied to other ship classes. Besides, the Instruction regulations about free practice application have been also modified. In particular, the cases when free practice cannot be applied: - Non-observance of terms of preliminary application submission with notice about of free practice application; - Objections about its application on the part of supervising authorities; - Application with an incomplete list of necessary data; - Presence of operations briefing or other information from law enforcement authorities, briefings of department for the prevention of unlawful trading and customs rules infringement. LIGABusinessInform


Ukraine and Montenegro deepen cooperation in customs sphere

On June, 1st, 2010 the Agreement between the Cabinet of Ukraine and the Government of Montenegro about mutual cooperation in customs field comes into force. The Agreement is being signed to minimize frequency of infringements of the customs legislation in Ukraine and Montenegro. After all they do considerable harm to economic, fiscal and commercial interests of the countries. Performance of the Agreement on mutual cooperation in customs affairs will promote not only to closer cooperation directed to prevent infringements of customs rules and contraband, but also will promote international cooperation about application and observance of the customs legislation. Except the above-mentioned aims the general actions will provide legitimacy of customs valuation and, accordingly, legitimacy of charge dues and other taxes which are to be paid during import and export of goods. According to the Agreement cooperation of Ukraine and Montenegro lies in close cooperation of customs authorities and provides: - Data exchange which is given in accordance with a request; - Technical support (personnel exchange and organization of trainings, educational programs and new equipment testing, and also carrying out of administrative actions); Thus the Agreement provides data protection that is recipient has no right to use the received data for any other purposes except those which are defined by the Agreement and are registered in the request. The coming into force Agreement will allow to promote the mutual coopration between Ukraine and Montenegro in the field of economy protection of and safety of the both countries MDOffice


Import of iron ore in April, 2010 increased by 3 %

In April import of iron ore increased by 3 %, or by 15,69 thousand t in comparison with March to 544,80 thousand t. This is the data of the Ministry. Expenses on iron ore purchases in April increased by 8,9 %, or by $2,88 million to $35,31 million Import of non-agglomerated ore increased by 2,4 %, or by 12,36 thousand t to 526,32 thousand t. Import of agglomerated ore in April increased by 22 %, or by 3,33 thousand t to 18,48 thousand t. In comparison with April 2009 import of iron ore in April 2010 increased by 60 %, or by 204,27 thousand t. In January-April 2010 in comparison with January-April 2009 import of iron ore increased 2,1 times, or by 906,63 thousand t to 1 696,04 thousand t by $99,05 million. As it was informed, in March import of iron ore increased by 53,3 %, or by 183,89 thousand t in comparison with February to 529,11 thousand t. In 2009 in comparison with 2008 import of iron ore decreased by 16,3 %, or by 466,51 thousand t to 2 335,17 thousand t by $152,95 million Import of iron ore in April:  

апрель 2010

March 2010

April 2009


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- non-agglomerated ore







- agglomerated ore








"Ukrrechflot" works out starting-up of a river container line project

Joint-stock navigable company "Ukrrechflot", the largest sea and river carrier of Ukraine, works out starting-up of a river container line project working in the system of mixed transportations (river-sea). Aim of the project is redirection of the container goods traffics moving to large internal centres of Ukraine (Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk), from overland to a sailing charter. The sea shoulder of the route will pass through container ports of Ukraine (Odesa, Illyichevsk), with a linking-up of the port of Constantza. Let’s remind, the port administration of Constantza put forward the project the similar route draft project- container transportations to the port by sea transport, with redirection to river transport for transportation across Danube. One of branches of this route was a shoulder of transportations to Ukraine - through one of the river ports and further by rail. The alternative which has been proposed by "Ukrrechflotom", reduces expenses for an additional river transportation and excludes a railroad tariff. Container transportation to the internal industrial centres of Ukraine gravitating to the river system of Dnepr, allows to create the system of water carriages "from door to door". The approximate term of container route start-up across Dnepr – the summer 2010


Ukraine increases level of the state financial support of the system of internal water carriages

During the current year Ukraine has twice increased the volume of state budgetary financing directed to maintenance of an exploitative-safe condition of navigable sluices and internal waterways. It is provided by the state budget for the current year. The corresponding articles are in the target state program «Maintenance of an exploitation-safe condition of navigable sluices, internal waterways», the more common state program stated within the limits of the program «Development of the international transport corridors national network in Ukraine for 2006-2010». Let’s remind, last instruction provided state financing allocation for modernization of the internal waterways (about $15 million for 5-year period), and also for capital repairs of the corresponding infrastructure objects ($11 million accordingly). In its turn the Ministry of Ukraine initiated attraction of river transit by granting of discounts for lock gathering (cargo traffic - the Belarus potash fertilizers across Dnepr headed for the ports of the Nikolaev sea region; perspective volume – to 1 million tons per year). During the current year the volume of state financing for maintenance of the system of the internal water carriages will make 53,65 million UAH+ (about $7 million). According to the Ministry of transport and communications of Ukraine, this volume exceeds twice the last year’s investments volume. Thus, within 2009 it was possible to invest into this field 25,317 million UAH ($3 million) of state budgetary funds at the plan in 31,658 million UAH ($4 million). According to the Ministry of transport and communications, all means allocated during the current year will be directed to maintenance of the internal waterways, navigable sluices (including their capital repairs), and also to repair of the fleet and coastal objects. Construction of a specialized fleet (icebreaking) is excluded from the program of the year, provided earlier within the limits of state budgetary financing. This point repeatedly has been mentioned in the projects of state development of a sailing charter, and remains unfinished. RZD-PARTNER


Announcement of the International agrarian exhibition

From June, 21, till June, 24, 2010 in the International exhibition centre of Tripoli (Libya) the 4th International agrarian exhibition AGRO-LIBYA 2010 will take place. The exhibition offers possibility to the Ukrainian manufacturers of agricultural products, agricultural machinery, the equipment to present the production to the Libyan consumers and to come into business contacts to the Libyan business partners. You can get more detailed information on the site


Import of metal rolling to Ukraine has increased by 139,2% for 4 months

Import of metal rolling to Ukraine for 4 months 2010 has increased by 139,2 % -up to 403,3 thousand t in comparison with the similar last year's period. The marketing service of «Ukrainian mountain-metallurgical company» informs about it. According to the company, in April, 2010 delivery of imported metal rolling have increased by 10,4 % in comparison with March, 2010 and by 132,5 % in comparison with April, 2009 «there was practically no armature import in April, 2010 while interest to hot-rolled sheet only increases», they says in the company. In the import structure still the largest stake takes hollow billet. Thus, following the results of January-April, 2010 its stake has increased from 23,5 % to 31,9 % in comparison with January-April, 2009, the stake of hot-rolled sheet (including roll g/k) has grown from 13,1 % to 27,3 %, zinced sheet - from 10,9 % to 11,9 %. Total increase in indicators on 3 positions has made 23,5 percentage points. It has been reached at the expense of considerable reduction of armature import (from 19,9 % to 1,7 %), and also at the expense of cold-rolled sheet reduction (from 12 % to 6,3 %) and pipes (from 7,9 % to 3,9 %). The electrometallurgical industrial complex Oskolsky and the Belarus metal factory which stake has made 64,4 % and 25,7 %, accordingly became the basic suppliers of hollow billet following the results of 4 months 2010. The basic customers of import stock material - billet factories of the "Intertype" group (84,9 % in the structure of deliveries). The Russian factories - «Magnitogorsk metallurgical industrial complex» and "the Severstal" which stakes in deliveries has made 83,2 % and 9,1 %, accordingly became the basic suppliers of hot-rolled sheet following the results of 4 months 2010. Customers of import sheet are «Lugansk trumpet factory» (44,7 %), trumpet factories of the "Intertype" group (22,5 %), Stakhanov (14,6 %) and Kryukovsky (7,2 %) car-building factories. In total amount of other production on spheres, Z-profile and carload racks are more than 60 % of deliveries following the results of 4 months 2010 and more than 80 % in April, 2010. Following the results of 4 months 2010 the enterprise of trumpet branch remain the basic importer of metal rolling. Their stake makes 47,2 % in comparison with 29,9 % of the similar period of 2009. Second by rate - enterprises of machine-building branch from stakes of 18,1 % in comparison with 21,4 % of the similar period of 2009 RBC-Ukraine


The Ministry of transport and communications of Ukraine will coordinate ratification of activities in the water area of ports

The ministry of transport and communication of Ukraine has developed an order of consideration and coordination of offers which are given by subjects of managing on building or any other activity in the zone of action of navigating equipment and shipping routes. You can read the full text of the document text here. Similar works should be coordinated with the Ministry of transport and communications, however now we have no strict order, - says assistant head of the State administration of sea and river transport - main state inspector on safety of navigation Alexander Shchiptsov. - Hence, a general manager and a seaport captain cannot implement the functions on safety of navigation in full force and effect", - he marks. Simultaneously the decision of this question is complicated also by an absence of a strict legal mode concerning assignment of water fund's land lots and presence of a legal collision regarding differentiation of the local governments' and enforcement's authorities, Alexander Shchiptsov underlines . Thus, document acceptance will provide preservation of the state property of sea commercial ports and safety of navigation in a port. Maritime Business News


Goods turnover of transport agencies of Ukraine has increased by 16% in January - April, 2010 - Victor Yanukovich

Goods turnover of transport agencies of Ukraine increased more than by 16% in January - April, 2010 - Victor Yanukovich. According to the press-service of the President of Russian Federation, President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich informed about it during the Russian - Ukrainian economic forum with participation of heads of two countries. As he said, Ukraine managed to achieve "essential turns for the better" and to stabilize a situation in economy. Let's remind, that, according to first deputy minister of transport and communications of Ukraine Vladimir Kornienko, all financial and economic indexes of the branch of transport and communications goes with the gain in comparison with the similar period of the last year. PortNews


Ukraine has increased ferrous metals export by 18 % in the I quarter 2010

In January-March, 2010 Ukraine has increased export of base metals and its products by 18,2 %, to $3,490 billion in comparison with the similar last year’s period. It is told in the message of the State committee of statistics of Ukraine. In particular, export of ferrous metals has grown by 24,5 %, to $2,967 billion whereas export of ferrous metals products has decreased by 24,4 %, to $355,6 million. The stake of base metals and products in January-March, 2010 has been 33,8 % in the general structure of the Ukrainian export (ferrous metals - 28,7 %, products - 3,4 %). Let`s remind that in 2009 Ukraine has reduced export of base metals and its products by 53,6 %, to $12,816 billion Business-portal