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Ukraine and Poland introduce a new project of container train Odesa - Slawkow

Ukrainian and Polish transport enterprises have initiated creation of the project of the new international route of railway container transportations - Odesa (Ukraine) - Slawkow (Poland). The project has been declared during the international forum «Day of the international forwarding agent». The initiators are "Open Company PKP LHS" (the Polish railway carrier), joint-stock company "PLASKE" (the Ukrainian transport-logistical company) and "Transinvestservice" (the largest private terminal company of Ukraine located in the Odesa region). The infrastructure of the track 1520, which is in the Polish territory, became the basis for the project (a part from border crossing point Izov/Khrubeshov up to the station Slawkow near Katowice). Inclusion of the station Slawkow into the project, which is at the joint of the tracks 1520 and 1435, provides an output of the route to the Western Europe. A sea shoulder (Odesa, terminal "Transinvestservice") provides an output of the route to the states of the Black Sea region (Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Armenia, Azerbaijan) and to the seven seas. Inclusion of Kiev into the route as the allukrainian distributive center will provide an additional advantage. Accordingly, length of the route Odesa - Izov/Khrubeshov - Slawkow makes 1361 km; in case of inclusion of Kiev - 1725 km. In opinion of project participants, loading of the route initially can make about 4 thousand TEU. Presently the project is at the stage of approving; the following stage is formation of a through rate. РЖД-ПАРТНЕР


Ukraine has increased by 10 %transportations of cargoes by a sailing charter for 5 months

According to the State committee of statistics of Ukraine, cargo transportation by a sailing charter for the 5-month's period have increased for 10,8 % by January - May of the last year, up to 3,16 million tons. Thus in May the increase has reached 20-percents - from 675 up to 807 thousand tons. For comparison: in January - May of the last year the 62% recession of volumes for the 5-month's period took place– peak for the sailing charter of Ukraine, by 65 % in May. River transportations has become the reactivating factor. Increase in volumes has made here +41 % for 5 months, up to 1,6 million tons, including in May - +83 % by May - 2009, up to 475 thousand tons. In a result the stake of "river" in the structure of water carriages of Ukraine has outstripped a sea quota, having made over 51 %. Sea cargo transportations are executed in volume 1,55 million tons, that is 9,4 % is less than the level of January - May of the last year. The strategic for Ukraine international transportations of cargoes have increased by 31 % (up to 2,37 million tons), thus the increase have shown both river, and sea transport. Increase in the international river communication - by 68,8 %, up to 1,6 million tons was maximal. Sea international transportations have increased only by 5,5 %, up to 1,125 million tons. Cabotage, perspective during the pre-crisis period as alternative to rise in price of rail transportation, has lost positions. So, the most essential to Ukraine river cabotage has been reduced to 9,9 %, up to 355 thousand tons. Sea cabotage has decreased even more considerable - by 33 %, to 431 thousand tons. РЖД-ПАРТНЕР


Drain of transit through Ukraine must be terminated to the end of the 1st half-year – Ministry of transport and communications

The process of transit volumes slump transported by railways through Ukraine will be halted to the end of the 1st half-year. Such prognosis is promulgated by the management of the Ministry of transport and communications of Ukraine during the international forum «Day of international dispatcher» dated to the IX International transport week «Inter-Transport» (Odesa). «Decrease in volumes of transportations of 2009 has been overcome, and now there is a tendency of transportations increase by a railway transport. It is expected, that for two quarters the increase of the internal transportations will make 10-12%, and transit will be multiplied by 3-4%», - declared first deputy minister of transport and communications of Ukraine Vladimir Kornienko, performing during the forum. Let’s remind, on results the 1st quarter 2010 transit of cargoes through «Ukrzaliznytsya» has decreased by 25% to the comparative last year’s period. Decrease in transit in 2009 has been over 30 percents. As evaluated by the ministry, tariff should become the basic lever of transit volumes renewal. «In order to attain high rates, it is necessary to develop instrumental through rates in the territory of Ukraine. For example, as in the case of transporting of petroleum through Odesa commercial sea port to Byelorussia», - summed up the leader. RZD-PARTNER


The State fleet inspection of Ukraine has suggested government corporation «Chernomorneftegaz» to examine readiness for oil spill response

The main state inspection of Ukraine on navigation safety (State fleet inspection) has held preventive measures with the purpose of emergency accidents prevention at drilling oil platforms, possible oil spill in the sea, and also for prevention of environmental disasters in the water area of Ukraine. According to the press-service of the Ministry of transport and communications of Ukraine, the State fleet inspection developed and recommended government corporation «Chernomorneftegaz», which is engaged in production and transporting of oil in the Black and Azov seas, to examine conditions of technological equipment of oil drilling platforms and readiness for emergency oil spill response, and also to conduct educational trainings of managerial personnel. On results of the check «Chernomorneftegaz» worked out a complex plan of measures. Government corporation «Chernomorneftegaz» is the state joint-stock company of Ukraine on production and transporting of oil and natural gas. The company belongs to national joint stock company «Neftegaz of Ukraine». The company carries out oil production in the territory of the Black-Sea-Crimean region. PortNews


Ukraine is interested in extension of cooperation with Greece in the field of shipbuilding - V.Yanukovich

President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich has expressed an opinion, that our country is interested in expansion and strengthening of trade and economic cooperation with Greece. He has emphasized this today in Athens during a meeting with President of Greek Republic Karolos Papoulias. "Ukraine is interested in extension of bilateral trade and economic cooperation indexes of which have been quite decreased as a result of the world financial crisis", - notes the Head of the Ukrainian government. In the President’s opinion, in this context the priority task is a renewal and build-up of bilateral trade volumes. Cooperation between Ukraine and Greece in the field of engineering and the shipbuilding, renewable energy sources, in opinion of Yanukovich, is also important. From his part the President of Greece has kindly appreciated attention of the Ukrainian authorities and the President of Ukraine to needs of the significant Greek diaspora living in the territory of our country. Karolos Papoulias has expressed confidence, that such attention of the Ukrainian authority to the Greek community works on strengthening of historical communications between our countries. Ukrinform


Ukraine is ready to help the world with struggling against pirates

The international corsairs are the sea disaster of the 21-st century. For today 14 Ukrainians from crews of 4 foreign vessels are captured by bandits. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs considers perspective cooperation with Russia in the field of seamen protection against pirates, informs deputy minister for foreign affairs Alexander Kupchishyn. As he said, interaction between the fleets of two countries, and also the Ministries of Defense and other authorities is necessary. Ukraine holds the fifth place in the world by number of the seamen working on the international-fleet vessel. Alexander Kupchishin is commenting: "diplomatic efforts of our state in the sphere of struggle against marine piracy are increasing within the framework of the United Nations and its specialized organizations. During a dialogue with the European Union, Russia, the USA and other interested countries Ukraine considers ways of attraction to the European Community’s action "Atalanta". Maritime Business News


The Ministry of transport and communications of Ukraine has charged "Ukrzaliznytsya" to analyze throughput in the direction of the Azov-Black Sea ports

Minister of transport and communications of Ukraine Konstantin Efimenko has charged the State administration of railways of Ukraine ("Ukrzaliznytsya") to analyze throughput capacity in the directions of the main Black Sea ports of Odesa, Nikolaev and Crimean regions. The press-service of the Ministry informs about it. "Ukrzaliznytsya" is entrusted with examine of the current situation and prospects in the view of increase in freight traffic and to make proposals on actions of high priority which are to be taken in order to increase in throughput of railway directions aside the Azov-Black Sea ports. «We are speaking about that Ukraine is a transit country. The transit country is not a place on a map. The transit country is a presence of an infrastructure, communications, technologies, etc. After that it can be called the transit country, - admits the minister. - We have unique opportunities: a powerful railway network, the sea, an output to the open ocean. Therefore our task is to create conditions, to involve cargoes ». PortNews


Railways of Ukraine increased loading by 7 % in January - May

Railways of Ukraine increased volumes of loading by 7 %, up to 137 million tons in January - May, 2010, in comparison with the corresponding last year’s period, informs the press-service of "Ukrzaliznytsya". In May about 31 million tons of cargoes was shipped by railway transport of Ukraine, that is 22 % more, than for the corresponding period of the last year. In the structure of cargoes during a month prevailed coal (8 million tons), ore (6,2 million tons), oil and mineral oil (0,8 million tons), ferrous metals (2,5 million tons), building materials (4,3 million tons) and grain (0,6 million tons). RZD-PARTNER


The marine transport branch: for 5 month the result of 6

The marine transport branch transferred 899,1 million UAH to the state budget for 5 months 2010 - 15 % more, than for the corresponding period of the last year. Then this indicator has been 781,5 million UAH, informs the press-service of the Ministry of transport and communication of Ukraine. For 6 months 2009 889,6 million UAH was transferred - less for 5 months, than this year. In particular, sea commercial ports transferred 740 million UAH for 5 months of this year - by 11,4 % more, than for the last year’s corresponding period. In 2009 these results made 664,4 million грн. RBC-Ukraine


Ukraine introduces "transshipment" system in the container ports

The Verkhovna Rada has enacted the Law "About modification to the Law of Ukraine "About transit of cargoes", concerning customs registration. Pro - 318 People's Deputies of Ukraine. The law is developed with the purpose of introduction of the "transshipment" system in the Ukrainian container ports, i.e. a special transit mode of cargo in containers which are shipped by a sailing charter - the simplified procedure of containers registration in the transit communication. It is stipulated that declaring of transit cargoes which are transported by sea and river transport, according to the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine is carried out by granting to customs bodies of the ВІLL оf Lading and the cargo customs declaration. The cargo customs declaration is not needed for the goods (except for excisable), transported in transit mode by sea and river transport in containers and which remain in the limits of one check point or a zone of the customs control of seaport in during a storage time. Without introduction of "transshipment" the Ukrainian ports have no opportunity to involve new container freight traffics and to receive additional incomes for handling of these cargoes and service of container ships. Thus, the basic regional competitors of the Ukrainian container ports for today are the Romanian Constanta and the Russian Novorossiysk. Taking into account that fact, that up to today the system of "transshipment" in Ukraine was impossible, the majority of the leading navigable container lines (MAERSK (volumes of transportations in the Ukrainian ports in 2008 - 175,2 thousand TEU), MSC (137,6 thousand TEU), ZIM (141,1 thousand TEU), CMA CGM (178,9 thousand TEU), CSAV NORASIA (125,2 yew. TEU), CSCL (66,4 thousand TEU), Hapag Lloyd (56,4 thousand TEU) and other) before calling at the ports of Ilyichevsk and Odesa usually call at the Romanian port Constanta with the purpose of unloading containers in the "transshipment" mode. It is expected, that after modification in the current legislation it will be possible to reorient in the first years up to 50 % of containers in "transshipment" from port Constanta to the Ukrainian container ports. It is more than 400000 TEU per year (or 30 % from the total amount of container handling of 2008). Taking into account the present level of freight rates, national ports and terminals can receive about $54 one million only for handling of the specified quantity of containers in "transshipment", reoriented to Ukraine. Additional incomes of port gathering are estimated at level not less than $4,0 million. ЛIГАБiзнесIнформ


The law "About seaports of Ukraine" will be worked out in the near future

The law "About seaports of Ukraine" needs to be finished in the near future and contain an inducement for port development as a business. The minister of transport and communications of Ukraine Konstantin Efimenko declared it on Friday during a meeting on a subject of state-private partnership and cooperation with sea commercial ports with participation of stevedoring companies. The minister has charged to involve in the legislative draft working out port employees, stevedoring companies, forwarding agents, lawyers, and also international experts. "We should fulfill the law which will stimulate branch development", Konstantin Efimenko underlines. "We’ve been working over the law "About seaports of Ukraine" during 10 years". Probably, for 10 years it has become the best, but we still have no benefit from it, - the minister marks. – We have got no law yet; the game rules are not made. Think of it as work is a steam which goes to a hooter, instead of motion. Therefore the Law "About seaports of Ukraine " for the moment is the number-one question", - Konstantin Efimenko marks.