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The main objectives in port industry and their solutions were underlined in USPA

(from the materials of the press conference of the SE “USPA” CEO Andrey Amelin on  March 18, 2015, Odesa).


Among the priorities in the port industry there are: capital fund renewal, improvement of the regulatory basis, the development of port infrastructure, of electronic document management and the establishment of the FEZ in Ukrainian sea ports. About the tasks and ways of development of the port economy, the SE “USPA” CEO Andrey Amelin told during the press conference


 "Today, moral and physical depreciation of fixed assets at seaports is from 80% to 90%. Therefore, there is no other choice but to exclude state stevedoring companies -  sea trading ports from the list of objects of state property that are not a subject to privatization. Next it is needed to look for the most balanced and effective solutions for each specific CSP (commercial sea port) in cooperation with the specialists, local authorities, groups of enterprises",- underlined the CEO of the enterprise.


Also among the primary steps to improve the regulatory basis of the port industry and attracting investments, CEO has allocated the necessary changes to several laws, including the Laws "On sea ports of Ukraine", "On management of state property", etc.


"All the necessary draft documents Has been already prepared by USPA specialists and require political will and inclusion in regulatory procedure",- said Andrey Amelin.


To improve the operation of state enterprises, there is an urgent need for decentralization and optimization of the control system. We are talking about changing the approval of the financial plan, procurement, disposition of property. In particular, due to the complex and long procedure of approval of the financial plan, the company failed to perform the full scope of works on development of infrastructure in the past year.


To improve control procedures, USPA seaports works on further implementation of the Information system of the port community, and participates in the reduction of the activity of the control bodies to the European standards.


Also, to optimize the procedures of obtaining permits on performing dredging, the most urgent is the issue concerning amending the Decree of CMU as of 12.07.2005 No. 557, which regulates the procedure mentioned.


At the same time, a comprehensive solution for many problems of the industry will be the creation of special (free) economic zones in all the seaports of the country. The mechanism of the FEZ will provide additional investment attractiveness, as well as sustainable development of port areas for the long term period.


"The construction of modern infrastructure at the territories of seaports is a progressive step, repeatedly tested in the leading ports of the world. When creating FEZ investor must receive a clear road map for approval of investment project, the ability to transparently acquire the land for the period of implementation of the project and have a clear right to protect their investment. This partnership of state and private sector will benefit all," said Andrey Amelin.


Press-centre USPA