USPA tax liabilities to the budgets of all levels and trust funds is 1billion 786 million UAH for a previous year

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Published on Wednesday, 18 March 2015 16:16
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(from the materials of the press conference of the SE “USPA” CEO Andrey Amelin on  March 18, 2015, Odesa).


The income of the SE “USPA” in 2014 is amounted to 4 billion 491 million UAH. Tax payments to the budgets of all levels and trust funds are amounted to 1 billion, 768 million UAH. Among them: 1 billion 370 million UAH is transferred to the state budget, trust funds are 285 million UAH.


The volume of other obligatory payments is amounted to 113 million UAH. In particular, the amount paid under the law of dividends to the budget of Ukraine is amounted to 564 million UAH. Thus, USPA has complied fully with the plan of payments to the state budget.


In 2014, the company's net profit amounted to 1.5 billion UAH, and, under current law, a portion of profits has been directed on the payment of dividends to the state budget and the part on investing in the development of the port industry.


On the whole, USPA capital investment in 2014 amounted to 967 million 212 thousand UAH. The biggest part of it is focused on the construction and development of hydraulic structures. In particular, 499 million UAH is the construction of new canals and new hydraulic marine terminals; 436 million UAH is reconstruction of the approach canals, operating areas and berth lines.


As the USPA financial plan was adopted only in November 2014, the enterprise failed to comply fully with the entire scope of work scheduled for infrastructure development. It should be mentioned, that in accordance with a Decree of the CMU No. 899 as of 03.10.2012 in case of absence of an approved financial plan, the company is substantially limited in the implementation of development projects, repair and replacement of fixed assets, etc.


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