At the request of the prosecutor’s office, the ship "Kanton" was arrested for violation of the order on calling at the ports of the Crimea

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Published on Friday, 27 March 2015 08:41
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Interrogators of the Department on representation of citizens or the state in court interests, and crime and corruption prevention in the temporarily occupied territory of the Crimean Peninsula of the General Prosecutor's office investigated the facts of courts order violation on calling at closed ports of the Crimea (the entry to the occupied territory of Ukraine and leaving it) with the purpose of harming the state interests.


According to the Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine, chief military Prosecutor A. Matios, during the investigation it was established that one of the vessels, under the flag of the island nation of Tuvalu, stayed illegally in July 2014 in a closed port of Sevastopol, and in March this year called at Kherson port for uploading.


With a help of immediately organized and conducted in accordance with the criminal procedure legislation of Ukraine investigation, the conclusive proof of committing crime by a master, citizen of Turkey, was eliminated under item 2 of article 332-1 of the criminal code of Ukraine.


In this regard, he was given a written notice of suspicion, which in accordance with the legislation together with the request for international legal assistance was sent to the competent authorities of the Turkish Republic.


On 24.03.2015 Pechersky district court of Kyiv satisfied the request of the investigator on arresting the vessel "Kanton" (tonnage - 5 thousand) and on banning its use.


Now vessel is at the port of Kherson.


The sanction of the article oversees the punishment by means of deprivation of liberty for a term of three to five years with confiscation of vehicles.


Meticulous work to ensure the inevitability of punishment for violation of the order on entering the occupied territory of Ukraine (Crimea) continues - said the Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine A. Matios.


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