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The USPA specialists took part in the meeting of the interdepartmental working group on trade facilitation

On February 26, a regular meeting of the interdepartmental working group (IWG) was held Kiev. The meeting was attended by members of the working group, including all the ministries and departments whose competence includes issues of good and vehicle documentation at the border, representatives of the European economic Commission of the United Nations and international experts. On the whole, there were approximately 50 people.


Head of Strategic Development of the SE “USPA”, Viacheslav  Voronoj raised such questions:


1. Environmental declarations documentation on 100% of the cargo. "Although an exhaustive list of goods, which should be registered by the environmental Declaration, is specified in the CMU Resolution No. 1031 as of 05.10.2011, still, the ecologists in the ports require the Declaration of all types of cargo. During the meeting we were able to reach an understanding on this issue with the Ministry of environment. Representatives of the office after receipt of the Protocol IWG promised to regulate this issue. In addition, it is not clear why this Declaration is provided by the decree of the Ministry of environment exclusively for sea checkpoints. Therefore, we will insist later on complete abolition of this document," commented V. Voronoj.


2. The need for equipment of marine terminal with special devices of radiological control and connection to the information system of the port community (ISPS) of the environmental department when cargo documentation  for turnout  from  the checkpoint that would allow to perform radiological control in automatic mode without participation of the freight forwarder. "To resolve this issue, 3 decrees of the Ministry of environment must be changed. We have prepared and passed the projects to the Ministry of environment for approval. These 2 steps, if they are supported by the Ministry of environment, will help in principle forwarders not to cross with officials representing environmental services in the ports. Thus, if the first leaders of this Ministry has a desire to optimize, to deregulate and reform, there is a real opportunity to show it. Moreover, a large part of the preparatory work has been completed by the SE “USPA”,- said V. Voronoj.


3. "One of the most fundamental issues is the integration of ISPS with ASAUR (customs information base) that will allow to run an approval of an order (customs permission for loading the container on the vehicle and the assignment of the form control in automatic mode. I.e. if ASAUR did not work, it isn’t necessary to run an approval. Customs should consider this proposal until April," commented V. Voronoj.


4. Also during the meeting the issue of granting of the original vet certificates on discharging from a vessel was discussed, that does not always arrive on time, that causes the agent to have problems with getting permission to unload the ship. This is a question on which we are fighting for over a year and reached the Cabinet. Vitalij Vladimirovich Boshinskij, Deputy Chairman of the state veterinary and phytosanitary service, who was present at the cab, reported willingness to work with a copy, certified by a digital signature in ISPS. For this it is needed to add another module in ISPS for registration of ships in the free practice mode that is not a problem.
Still a number of important issues considered. It is needed to wait the minutes of the meeting in order to decide on further our actions," said V. Voronoj.


Press-center of the “USPA”