The Cabinet approved delegation to participate in negotiations on Free Trade Agreement between Ukraine and Israel

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Published on Thursday, 18 July 2013 11:16
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The Cabinet appointed the delegation of the Government of Ukraine to participate in negotiations on a free trade agreement with Israel.


The Head of the delegation became the Director of the Department of Cooperation with the WTO on trade defense under the Ministry of Economic Development Sergey Kryuchkov.

In accordance with the appropriate Order the Head of the delegation is empowered:

- To make alterations in composition of the delegation in consultation with the heads of central executive bodies;

- To involve to work of the delegation the government officials, employees of foreign diplomatic missions in Ukraine, enterprises, institutions and enterprises in consultation with their heads, as well as scientific advisors and experts.

In addition, the government approved directions of the delegation to participate in the negotiations. The content of the directions is not disclosed, they are available only for official use.