Heads of Ukrainian seaports were appointed

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Published on Thursday, 18 July 2013 11:30
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The Ministry of Infrastructure has appointed 18 heads of seaports. Thus, according to the third part of the 15th Article of the Law "On seaports of Ukraine", which entered into force on 13 June 2013, the head of a seaport is the head of the Authority of the seaport.


According to the Ministry, from 16 July 2013 were appointed the following heads of Ukrainian seaports:


Head of Berdyansk seaport Authority - Vyacheslav Reznikov;
Head of Belgorod-Dniester seaport Authority - Alexey Khaimenov;
Head of Evpatoria seaport Authority- Evgeniy Pyatachov;
Head of Izmail seaport Authority - Nikolai Ilyin;
Head of Ilyichevsk seaport Authority - Alexey Koshelev;
Head of Kerch seaport Authority- Alexey Shatskykh;
Head of Mariupol seaport Authority - Alexey Rosinskiy;
Head of Nikolaev seaport Authority - Vasiliy Ivanchuk;
Head of Odesa seaport Authority - Mikhail Sokolov;
Head of specialized seaport of "October" Authority- Andrey Egorov;
Head of Reni seaport Authority - Sergei Stroya;
Head of Sevastopol seaport Authority - Sergei Tarakanov;
Head of Skadovsk seaport Authority - Oleg Protochenko;
Head of "Ust-Dunay" seaport Authority - Vladimir Korovin;
Head of Feodosia seaport Authority - Anatoly Mazila;
Head of Kherson seaport Authority - Sergey Ignatenko;
Head of Yuzhniy seaport Authority - Maxim Shirokov;
Head of Yalta seaport Authority - Alexander Kotovskij.