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CMA CGM URAL crew is healthy, the vessel is processed ordinarily (official statement of the sanitary-quarantine department (SQD) of Odesa port)

On February 13, the container ship CMA CGM URAL (Malta flag) moored to berth No.42 of Odesa port. There were many publications of an alarming nature in the electronic media before her call to the port. Like, the vessel that had called to Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen and other Chinese ports before the coronavirus epidemic 2019-nCoV outbreak comprises sick crew members.


According to Oksana Borisenko, head of the sanitary-quarantine department of Odesa port, having studied this information, the experts handed it over to the National Coordinator for International Health Regulations, which is the Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The SQD also began to prepare for accepting the vessel.


‘When the vessel was only approaching the Suez Canal, we contacted Alexander Shchokin, CMA CGM Ukraine CEO’, said O. Borisenko. ‘He provided us with the necessary information and supporting copies of the documents of foreign ports' sanitary authorities on the route of the vessel. In particular, the CMA CGM URAL container ship, which began its route in mid-January with calls to several Chinese ports, came to the ports of Egypt (Port Said), Lebanon (Beirut, Tripoli), Turkey (Izmit, Ambari), to Romanian Constanta, and she was given free pratique everywhere.


‘A month ago, on January 13, the container ship entered the last Chinese port of Xeamin’, A. Shchokin commented. ‘We have been monitoring the situation aboard throughout the month. It is important for us that in ports such as Istanbul, Izmit (Turkey), Tripoli (Lebanon), the sanitary services noted that the crew was healthy. Yesterday (February 12), when the vessel was being processed in Constanta (Romania), we received information that there were no patients on board. Today we submitted the sanitary bulletin to Odesa port's SQD, which clearly states that the crew is healthy.


At the moment, the container ship is moored at berth No.42. After inspection by epidemiologists and confirmation that all crew members are healthy, processing of CMA CGM URAL, with a 9400 TEU capacity, has begun. 2665 TEU for unloading and 3286 TEU for loading are scheduled.


We remind that since 24.01.2020 the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 185 has come into force, providing for an enhanced regime of operation of special sanitary-quarantine services in international maritime checkpoints across the state border of Ukraine. Epidemiologists are the first to ascend the vessel, inspect the crew, and only after that, the vessel is granted ‘free pratique’. Moreover, the Ukrainian side receives information on the status of the crew in advance - for a day, or even for two. Depending on the information received from the maritime agent, port epidemiologists, taking into account all possible risks, apply appropriate personal protective equipment. SKO doctors are provided with the necessary protective suits, respirators, masks, panoramic masks, goggles, gloves.


Odesa Sea Port Authority




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