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Passenger terminal of the Odessa port is the best in Ukraine and one of the largest in the Black Sea. It meets and accompanies tourists coming to Odessa by sea. The unique location of the quay in the form of a horseshoe "for luck", a magnificent view on the seascape of the harbor attract not only visitors but also the inhabitants of our city.


The passenger complex is located in the very center of Odessa, in the immediate proximity of the historic city center. Numerous monuments of architecture and city history, southern climate and a large number of entertainment facilities attract tourists from all over the world.


The passenger complex is able to accept five vessels simultaneously at berths with a total length of 1370 meters. Fairway and port facilities allow accepting vessels up to 330 meters long. The terminal capacity is 1 million people per year.


The terminal includes restaurants and cafes, bars, souvenir shops and Duty Free, currency exchange, ATM. Various conferences and business meetings, international and national exhibitions, fairs, celebrations and entertainment events are held all year round within the terminal, in exhibition halls and open air.


General characteristics:

Berths — 5

The length of the berthing line — 1070 m

The projected depth — up to 12.5 m

Throughput capacity — up to 1 million passengers per year

The airport — 8 km away

Parking — 98 units, guarded around the clock


Within the passenger terminal area there are:

— Marine Art Terminal

— Restaurants and cafes, bars

— Church of St. Nicholas

— Yacht complex

— Anchor Museum

— Duty - Free


Maritime art gallery



The Art gallery comprises a VIP room and storage rooms and is equipped with modern ventilation and air conditioning systems. It is possible to provide lighting, sound and video projection equipment.


Phone: (048) 729-60-62


St. Nicolas church



The modern St. Nicholas church was built in 1993 on the territory of the marinas near the yacht complex. The library of Orthodox literature is opened at the chapel. Before going out to sea, sailors and tourists can ask for the patronage of Nicholas the Wonderworker, to witness Orthodox rites, the most beautiful one is the wedding of lovers.


Anchor museum



The open-air museum, without halls, guides and ticket office is located in front of St. Nicholas church, near the berths of the yacht complex. Some exhibits were raised from the bottom of the port harbor, others were brought from Berdyansk and Zatoka. But still, the main part of the museum’s exhibits are the anchors taken from the collection of the Museum of the Navy.


Today, the exhibition of the open-air museum includes 4 types of anchors: dead anchor, Martin's anchor, cat anchors and the so-called Admiralty standard anchors. Visitors can not only watch all the types of anchors available in the museum, but also learn their brief history.


Rental of premises at the passenger terminal of the Odessa port


We are pleased to offer comfortableб, flexible purpose facilities of various areas (premises for offices, banking organizations, cafe-bars, restaurants, warehouses, etc.) on different floors of the passenger terminal building with seaview and clean sea air, as well as a convenient location in the heart of the historic center of Odessa, on Primorskaya Street, 6.


If you are interested, please, feel free to contact us by phone:

(048) 729-41-42, (048) 333-44-47, (048) 729-35-23, (048) 729-43-13 с 8:30 до 17:30.


Advertising at the passenger terminal of the Odessa port


The administration of the passenger terminal is ready to consider the offers of advertising agencies for conducting advertising campaigns (placement of mounted advertising structures, video, audio clips, etc.) is possible.


If you are interested, please, feel free to contact us by phones:

(048) 729-41-42, (048) 333-44-47, (048) 729-35-23, (048) 729-43-13 с 8:30 до 17:30.


Holding exhibitions and festivals at the seaport of Odessa port


Administration of the passenger terminal is pleased to offer the area of ​​the terminal building and the open area in front of the building for your company to hold exhibitions and festivals on various topics.


The convenience of holding events is provided by the following important factors:

- the passenger terminal location in the center of Odessa, on Primorskaya  Street, 6;


- possibility of holding events at any convenient time, including weekends;

- car parking availability;

- presence of restaurants in the building of the maritime station, etc.


We are always ready to cooperate!



If you are interested, please, feel free to contact us by phones:

(048) 729-41-42, (048) 333-44-47, (048) 729-35-23, (048) 729-43-13 с 8:30 до 17:30.


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