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Shipyard «Ukraine»

Shipyard "Ukraine" of Odesa port for vessels repair of all types with displacement tonnage up to 30,000 tons was created on the base of the Odesa dockyard "Ukraine".

The dockyard was created on the base of admiralty workshops of the Black sea row fleet one year before the foundation of Odesa city. The dockyard has been oriented to the repair of the greatest fleet in the system of MSF Black Sea shipping company during the existence of USSR. Shipyard "Ukraine" produces different metal constructions, carries out separate orders of industrial character.

Ships of the foreign fleet, ships of CIS countries and ships of the Ukrainian maritime register of shipping are repaired at berths of Odesa shipyard “Ukraine”.




Shipyard territory area is 75,524 thousands sq.m. Electrical power networks 380 W, 50 Hz. The extent of all berths is 1,230 m, including the ship-repair berths – 570 m, depth of the berths is up to 7.1 m. Loading equipment on the berths – 6 gantry cranes with the carrying capacity of 10-30 ton., floating cranes: mobile, c/c 100 ton., non-mobile, c/c 5 ton. A railway spur is conducted to the shipyard, motor and sea transport also can be used for the cargo transportations.


Large-sized nomenclature of works that is carried out by the Shipyard "Ukraine":


• repair of main and auxiliary vessel engines (SULZER, B&W, MAN, FIAT, PIELSTICK and other types); repair and replacement of all hang-on machinery, gas turbo-blower, reducing gearings, pumps of different types and purposes, other seaborne auxiliary machineries, inspection and technical service of main steam and internal-combustion turbines;


• the presence of 1A675 lathes gives the possibility to process details with the diameter up to 2,500 mm, turn, couple, check the propeller shaft with the diameter up to 300-350 mm and the length up to 18,200 mm. The maximum weight of details is up to 100 ton; processing of details on turning-and-boring lathe with the diameter up to 3,400 mm and with the height up to 2,000 mm; boring overall length is 1,500 mm.; turning overall length is 2,000 mm.; boring diameter is 350-3,200 mm; cramped detail’s diameter is 400-2,900 mm. Turn of the rest allows to bore and turn cones. The weight of slug is up to 14 ton; surface-planning machine “Billiter” processes details with the width up to 1,550 and height up to 2,000 mm, worktable length is 6,000mm, worktable travel is 800-6,000 mm;


• repair, replacement, fettling of electric machines and electric motor of direct and alternating current with the power up to 650 kW, relating to adjustment devises and equipment for automatic controllers operation, management stations of direct and alternating current of all powers, cable networks of all settings;


• repair and replacement of vessel’s hull, boilers, vessel devices, efficient things, metallic structures, other hull-welding works;


• cleaning of vessel’s hull using different methods: water jet, sandblast with the cleaning degree up to SA 2,5, according to the requirements of the Swedish standard SIS 055900-1967; painting of vessel’s hull with different compositions, repair of screws, rudders, shaft lines, bottom-board armature, repair and replacement of deadwood glands of different types, including "SIMPLEX COMPACT", accompanied hull works, welding gas-cutting works, maintenance of vessel-elevating constructions and vessels that are in dry-docks and at berths;


• upholstery, cleaning and painting of hull constructions, mechanisms and devices;


• repair and replacement of vessel pipelines and systems made of black and nonferrous metals with the diameter up to 325 mm, repair and replacement of valves, valve boxes, collectors, brick-valves, bibcock with the diameter up to 350 mm, repair and replacement of heaters, oil and water refrigerators for main and auxiliary engines, condensers, filters, hydrophores of sanitary-engineering systems;


• repair, producing and refit of wood decks, vessel furniture, creation of cabins’ interior, other vessel rooms, polishing, works with glass and mirrors, internal brushing of cabins;


• repair of windlasses and capstans, freight, tug, boat stairway haulers, freight electric cranes, mooring devices, heavy freight devices, stairways, illuminators, waterproof covers;


• producing of injections for diesel engines and their devices for the wide range of engines class B&W and their analogs, produced in Russia, engines MAN, SILZER, SKL, NVD of various modifications, Ukrainian engines, engines of other companies of different types and sizes (more than 140 items);


• repair of the fuel equipment of diesels, ram-type pumps of steering machines. Docks characteristics: Dock #4. Lift capacity 15,000 ton, 6 pontoons, 3 cranes with 15 ton each, non-autonomous. Dock length is 168.28 m, the width is 39.77 m. 6 main dewatering pumps with productivity of 2,700 cub.m per hour. Dock #2. Lift capacity 6,000 ton, 6 pontoons, 2 cranes with 5 ton each, non-autonomous. Dock length is 130 m, the internal sides width is 22.5 m, 6 main dewatering pumps with productivity of 2,000 cub.m per hour.