Thousands of Humorina’s guests visited foreign frigates in the port of Odesa (photo-report)

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Published on Monday, 01 April 2019 19:50
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The news of the possible visit to NATO warships, which today called at the port of Odesa, caused a real pilgrimage to the passenger terminal.


The passenger terminal square gathered many people, especially, tourists who have come today to the Black Sea capital for the official opening of Humorina, the annual festival of humor and satire. Despite the rather strict security protocol, the event organizers have done everything to satisfy as many people as possible wishing to be on board the ships. In particular, several hundred civilians could come on board of the frigate «Toronto» at the same time. Control at the ramp was carried out in two streams. The route of the improvised excursion ran through the wheelhouse of the ship resulting in a real delight among the public.


Thus, the whole afternoon, the berths № 18-19 accepting the frigates of the Mediterranean group of NATO — Canadian FHH333 Toronto and Spanish F81 Santa Maria — were another crowded location of Humorina. At the same time, the crews of these ships were able to visit the main sites of April Fool's Day in the historic center of the city.


Press Service of Odesa Sea Port Authority


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