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Odesa Sea Port Authority got permission to reconstruct the concert and exhibition hall and the square in front of the Passenger Terminal building

Recently, the State Architectural and Construction Inspection of Ukraine has agreed technical documentation for the implementation of works under the project ‘Reconstruction with restoration of load bearing capacity and surface tightness, modernization of power supply networks, conditioning and ventilation systems, fire alarm of the concert and exhibition hall, inv. № 079599, Odesa, 6 Primorskaia Street.’


The upper surfaces of the CEH serve as the basis of the paved area in front of the main building of the Passenger Terminal. Thus, the project also presupposes the reconstruction of the area itself. According to the contract, the term of execution is 7 months and the total cost of the project is 102.24 million UAH.


According to the specialists of the construction service of port Authority, the CEH was built in 1994. Dynamic loads during the operation of the hall have affected the technical condition of its elements. The construction survey conducted by an independent profile inspection shows that ‘some parts of the building have the plates of coating inside close to emergency condition.’ Taking into account experts' conclusions about the impossibility of further safe CEH operation, port Authority initiated a reconstruction of this facility.


‘Today, the project documentation for the reconstruction of the concert and exhibition hall and its area has passed all stages of approval, examination and obtaining permits from state controlling bodies,’ – Igor Tkachuk, General Manager of port Authority, stated. ‘After the reconstruction, the interior spaces of the CEH will get modern interiors and will be equipped with modern engineering networks. This will allow us to hold international exhibitions and conferences at the highest level again in the hall and, therefore, returns the glory of the center of Odesa cultural and public life to the Passenger Terminal. At the same time, the project is planning some changes in the design of the Terminal`s square to make it more attractive for the citizens of Odesa and city guests.’


As I. Tkachuk stated that according to the results of the procurement procedure, an agreement with the company Tehbudcentr LLC was concluded... The contractor's employees are now obliged to instruct on labor protection and fire safety. The procedure for issuing passes for the equipment delivery to the Passenger Terminal comes to an end…


On November 6, the fence of the construction site will be installed on the section of the Terminal`s square where the reconstruction of the complex begins. In the near future, the dismantling of overhead structures will start.


Press Service of Odesa Sea Port Authority