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Stevedoring company “Olimpex Coupe Int.” LTD was founded on March, 1, 1995 on the grounds of the Transshipment Terminal №7 of Odesa Commercial Sea Port. The Company conducts export, import and transit shipments by ‘shore-to-ship’, or so-called “direct method”, and loading as well as throughout the storage, that ensures wide scope of services rendered to the customers. Basically, balk and dry balk cargoes prevail in the cargo nomenclature. Also nomenclature includes: rolled metal, bulk pig iron, metal ingots, iron and non-ferrous scraps, iron ore raw material, grains and cereals, industrial transport, r/w spare parts and other equipment, big-bagged commodities etc.               




The main activity of the company is multimodal transshipment (railway, auto, shipping). Being owned by sustainable cargo stock, as well as high-performance equipment and about 300 people of qualified and duly managed personnel, the company has increased its annual cargo turnover twice to keep it on over 2 million tons level.        


The stevedoring company achieved annual volume of 3’067’771 tons handled in 2012. Thus, the Company was recognized as “The Odesa port’s leader for maximum transshipment among the multipurpose stevedoring companies in review of 2007, 2008 and 2010”.




Two berths of the total length 520 m are provided for loading/unloading of the vessels of DWT up to 65’000 th. tons and max draft up to 11,5 m.


The consignments are accumulating and storing on the warehouses of 28’760 sq.meters, what enables to keep over 220’000 tons of steel materials at a time.    


The total area of stevedoring company “Olimpex Coupe Int” LTD is 69’670 sq. meters.


Cargo operations are provided by the cranes with capacity of 32 up to 40 tons each. The crabs of 0.8-0.9 cub.m volume are used for bulk cargoes, as well as the magnets are to be deployed for unloading pig iron in bulk and steel sheets out of railway cars. Besides, there are high-strung loading machines of 1.5 to 25 tons capacity each one.        




Following equipment is used for cargo operations within warehouses and on board small-sized vessels (river-sea type): hydraulically operated and pneumatically wheeled manipulators Fuchs MHL350, MHL360 by 20 tons capacity each on, which are equipped with towing hooks, magnets and grabs.  


The intra-port cargo shifting operations are being provided by customized tractor units, that are equipped with the low-framed trailers of 40 tons capacity each one.


Herewith the load rate about 15000 tons per day to be achieved.


The contemporary technologies and wide scope of specialized and multipurpose cargo locking devices are to ensure high performance and quality of operations to be effected within vessel’s limited cargo compartments.


On August, 19, 2010, the Company has put the grain silo into service on the rear side of berth No.4, which capacity is 1,5 million tons (simultaneous storage is 82’500 th. tons). At a time being, the 4th turn of silo construction is in progress in order to increase its output up to 2 million tons (with 126’000 th. tons of simultaneous storage).        


Being targeting the grains handling there is the technological scheme and appropriate equipment designed to ensure the process of containers loading, accommodated on trucks, as well as to determine the loaded weight at any time of process with the rate is up to 120 containers per day.  




The railway scales are on the rear side of berth №4 to perform weight measurements of cargo at both static and dynamic position, so those range is calibrated within 50 kg to 100 tons.    


All bunkers are connected into the system of conveyors and noria-transporters, what enables automatic operation of cargo to be managed by single controller – dispatcher unit, the every process here is automated and computerized.          


The ship loader machine of 1000 tons per hour capacity does operate on the berth №4.  


The company’s main activities are:

- stevedoring services;

- handling of bulk cargoes, rolling metal and metal scraps;

- handling of grains and cereals from silos and by “shore-to-ship” method;

- Full scope of freight forwarding services;

- Cargo documents execution;

- Customs clearance and brokerage;

- Shipping agency attendance;

- Vessels freighting;

- r/w transit forwarding service.


Berths particularities:

- number – 2 items

- shoreline length – 250 / 270 m

- max draft allowed – 11,5 m  


The achievements are as follows:  


The hugest shipping parcel has been loaded at one berth aboard a single vessel:  


m/v ELEFTHERIA  K (13-21.06.2011)  LOA – 293 m, Breadth – 50 m, Iron Ore Pellets – 100.636,440 tons


The largest vessel: 


m/v MYKONOS ( 24-28.02.2010, 28-31.07.2010) LOA - 299,65 m, breadth – 50 m, DWT – 214th. tons


The hugest grain shipment has been loaded by means of Shore Loading Machine aboard single vessel:


m/v Bottiglieri Flavio Borriello ( 01-10.11.2011) LOA – 230 m, Breadth - 38 m, cargo - Maize in bulk –about 66 th. tons.


The biggest quantity is being handled over one year – 3067 771,627 tons in 2012.  


The biggest quantity handled over one month – 356 658,275 tons in March, 2014.   


Head Office:

67/69, Atamana Golovatogo str., Odessa, 65003, Ukraine

Phone: +38 048 729 41 41

Fax: +38 048 729 41 36

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.