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Stevedoring company “NTT” Ltd was established in October, 2004 on the grounds of the the Transshipment terminal No.4 of Odesa Commercial Sea Port. The Company does operate at the berths № 22, 25 and 26. The Company works with the cargoes for export, import and transit by the “wagon-to-ship” method and throughout the warehouse offering a wide range of services to its customers. The nomenclature of cargoes includes: rolled metal products, basic pig-iron in bulk, metal in billets, fruits and vegetables in packages, citrus, grains, iron-ore concentrate, motor-vehicles, equipment and other cargoes in big-bags.

In 2008 the Terminal’s handling cargo turnover was 1281500 tons. As a result of 2006 «NТТ» Ltd has been appointed as the «Odesa Port’s Leader due to outstanding gain of cargo handling volume against other multi-purpose terminals».




Terminal’s technical features.


The main profile of the berths № 25 and 26 is loading of metal products and bulk cargoes. Total berthing shoreline length is 400 meters that allows handling vessels up to 250 meters LOA and maximum draft up to 11 meters depending on the vessel’s length. There are specially equipped warehouses for bulk cargoes storage that admit to store about 50,000 tons simultaneously. The terminal does stuffing of large-capacity containers with steel wire rods in coils, hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel sheet in packages, wide scope of pipes, rolled metal, big-bagged commodities, ferroalloys pellets and basic pig iron in bulk. The technological scheme and equipment have been developed explicitly for stuffing of basic pig iron into marine containers located on vehicles and to define the cargo weight at any moment of stuffing process. That has allowed to reduce an operational period and minimize customers’ expenses consequently. At the present time only "Novotech-Terminal" is providing the pig-iron in bulk to be stuffed into containers in the Port of Odesa.


Berths №22 and 23 are equipped to handle the cargoes are being kept under the temperature control. The Total length of the berths №22 and 23 is 390 meters that together with the cargo ramp is one of the biggest terminal for temperature-controlled cargoes in Ukraine. This terminal equipment admits to accept the vessels with LOA up to 200 meters and draft up to 9.3 meters. The vessels handling is used to be carried out basically by ship-to-vehicle / r/w wagon method.


The handling terminal is equipped with six railways, that allows to load/ unload of 105 wagons simultaneously. The specialized ramp, which is located in the operational zone of the gantry cranes on the berth №22, provides 2 refrigerator and 20 auto-transport units being handled simultaneously.


Total area of open storage is around 33,000 sq. m. that admits over 220 thousand tons of metal products to be accommodated simultaneously.


There is the following handling equipment used by for loading/unloadingoperations: 14 gantry cranes of 5 up to 32 tons capacity each one, there is a grapple-mounted grab park for handling of bulk cargoes with capacity from 2.5 up to 9 m3, and there are also the grapple-mounted grabs with magnets assembly for unloading of bulk pig-iron and steel sheets, the pneumatic wheeled cranes of 36 mt capacity are used for cargo operations. The Terminal has the following cargo handling vehicles: fork-lift trucks of 1.5 up to 16 tons capacity each one, 1.3 tons electric loaders of 1.3 tons, shovel loaders, port trailers, various typed and sized roll-trailers.


The cargoes weight check is being accomplished on cargo ramp at the berth №22 by means of three electromechanical scales, whose tolerance is from 50 kg up to 6 tons.


The railway electromechanical scales are equipped at the berth №26 to determine the weight of cargoes while both static and dynamic position, whose weighing limit is from 2 up to 100 tons.


Contact details:

«NТТ» Ltd

Mytna Sq. 1, Odesa, Ukraine, 65026

Ph./fax:+38 048 729-34-01, 729-34-50

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Chief Manager -  Mr. Sergey VOLOSHCHUK