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Vasiliy Strelets

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Vasiliy Strelets (26.06.1942 ) - the Brigadier of dockers of the port of Odesa, Holder of the Order of "Labour Glory" III degree, an Honored Worker of Transport Industry of USSR, an Honored Worker of the Navy and the delegate of XYII and XYIII Congresses of Trade Unions of USSR, a veteran of the Odesa port.


After graduating from high school V.Strelets from 1961 to 1964 served in the Soviet Army. In May 1965, Strelets began to work on the First District of Odesa port as a docker. In 1969, he was appointed foreman of the 120th Brigade.


In 1981V.Strelets graduated from Odesa Maritime College. Due to changes in zoning the Brigade repeatedly changed its number, but the foreman filled its post.


Anatoliy Gubanov


Anatoly Gubanov (1944, Saratov) –a permanent foreman of the 103rd Brigade of dockers at the port of Odesa since 1975. In 1980’s Gubanov’s Brigade was among the top three teams in the port along with teams of Tymun and Zimoglyad.
A.Gubanov is a Holder of the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, the medal "For Labor Valor", was awarded with an honorary pennant of the Central Trade Union Committee. Repeatedly by the results of port socialistic competitions between the Brigades received the title of "The Best Foreman".


Today, Gubanov’s team handle metals, cast iron, iron ore concentrate, corn and operated on 9-13 berths, since 1993 owned by LLC "Novolog". Under the supervision of Gubanov work more than 50 people.


Vladimir Turetskiy


Vladimir Turetskiy (1914 - 1996) was a talented organizer of handling mechanization in the ports, an innovator, an Honored Worker of the Soviet Navy, the Head of Odesa port mechanization department, co-author of textbooks for maritime schools, a veteran of World War II.


He played a significant role in the revolution of mechanization of waterfronts when Odesa port one of the first in the Soviet Union began to receive the gantry cranes. In the 60's and early 70's it was the first ones, not yet tested, the Hungarian "Ganz" and the German "Albrecht". Many of these cranes mounted in times of Turetskiy are still functioning properly and organically supplement industrial landscape of the port, so much loved by the citizens.


On the account of Turetskiy as an innovator, there are numerous advanced technical and technological solutions, innovations, economic efficiency of which totaled millions of rubles.


Valentina Golub


Valentina Golub (23.01.1937) - a veteran of Odesa port, an Honored Worker of maritime transport in Ukraine.


In 1954, Valentina entered the Maritime Institute Operation of Water Transport Department.She graduated from the Institute in 1959.


A young specialist was assigned the Shift Deputy Manager of the warehouse on the 4th District of Odesa port, from which later was formed Illichevsk port. A year later, Golub transferred to the Second District which was located on the place of today's passenger terminal.


In 196, Golub was appointed the Deputy Head of the Second District storage area. During her work at the port of Odesa (for almost 43 years), Valentina worked in the main control room as a Dispatcher, the Economist of the Second District, the Senior.Engineer in Commercial Department, etc.


Andrei Haritoshin


Andrei Haritoshin (9 February. 1936 -29 June 2006) was a prominent worker of the maritime industry.

A.Haritoshin proved himself as initiator of development and implementation of "Control System of Port’s Captain", which in accordance with international conventions and laws of Ukraine formed the basis for the safety of navigation in the ports and its waters.


In 1997 for the first time in Ukraine under his leadership was mastered "Pilot Satellite System" to provide pilotage in the ports independent of weather conditions. It has reduced the downtime and increased ship navigation safety.


In 1999 he developed the "Scheme for mooring tankers with freight capacity of 100 thousand tons at the Oil harbor" that allowed the port of Odesa to significantly increase handling of oil products.


With his participation was developed and implemented the "Port electronic mapping system", which increased the information field of mooring, moorage and processing of vessels.


Valentin Danilko


Valentin Danilko (01.18.1943 – November 2011 , Orenburg city) - the Head of the Odesa port floating workshops, Valentin was an Honored Worker of Maritime and River Transport and awarded with the Diploma of the Cabinet of Ukraine, decorated with "Honorary Bage" of the General Manager of the port.


In 1983 V.Danilko started to work in the port of Odesa as a group fleet mechanic. In 1985 he headed the floating workshop № 650 and led it till the last years of life. Thanks to the efforts of Danilko a small port’s floating workshop turned into a modern ship repair complex. On his initiative were opened a number of new industrial departments, developed more than 30 kinds of new jobs and services.


By the request of the collective and decision of the Commission “Port and the City" the floating workshop #650 named in memory of  V.Danilko.