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Moles and harbours

Vorontsov Lighthouse

Vorontsov Lighthouse is the main lighthouse of the port of Odesa was established at the head of Reydovy Mole in 1955, was made in Kronshtad of tubing. Its dimensions are the following: the trunk is white, lantern structure - a red electric rotating with the help of lens light of 1 million 100 thousand candles and a common period of red light flashes to 12 seconds with a duration of three flashes of 0.33, 0.34, 0.33 sec; the height is 27 m above sea level, at the base – 26 m;  range of visibility – 17 miles (31.49 km); gives sound signals in bad weather and gives radio signals of Morse Code round the clock; is equipped with the remote control.


The modern lighthouse has an interesting prehistory.

In 1770 – 1780s the Turks mounted the lighthouse made of sandstone on the coast but it was destroyed during the Russian-Turkish War (1787 – 1791). 


During the first years of the construction of the port of Odessa in 1795 200 vessels called at the port made use of Khadjibeevsky Lighthouse located at the west part of the bay 3.2 km from fortress’s remnants.


In 1827 beside the Uspenskiy Friary a new lighthouse that met all safety requirements of growing shipping was mounted. It was the firstcapital construction of such types in the Northern Black Sea region. It was designed to orient ships on the distant approaches to Odessa. The height of the light was 201 ft (61.27 m) above the sea level. The lighthouse was equipped with two steam and two electric machines, steam siren to work in foggy weather.


But it turned out that one lighthouse was not enough. There should be a lighthouse to direct vessels at the entrance to the port. That is why Rishelyevsky Lighthouse was mounted at the edge of Military Mole.


With the Quarantine Mole expanding the course of shipping changed and many ships grounded. Because of this reason the Holland Consul applied to the Governor General M.S. Vorontsov requesting to build a lighthouse on the Quarantine Mole.  It was constructed in 1843, was made of wood and was 26 m long. At night it had kerosene lanterns lit and at daytime – yellow flag. In 1854 the lighthouse was destroyed with the beginning of the Crimean War. It was restored in May, 20, 1859. But it needed modernization and that set the beginning of the history of a number of Vorontsov lighthouses.


The first Vorontsov lighthouse was mounted in 1863. It was lit on 8 November 1863 simultaneously with the opening of the monument to M.S. Vorontsov at the Sobornaya square that is why it got its name.


The first lighthouse was dismantled and mounted on the Crimean peninsula near Foros in 1898 and is still operating there.

The second Vorontsov lighthouse was lit on 20 November 1888 and was installed at the edge of Reydovy Mole.v it was the white cast iron tower 17 m high.


This lighthouse was litting the entrance to the port for 53 years. On 15 September 1941 during the days of the defense of Odessa it was blown up so that it would not serve as a guide for enemy’s aviation and artillery.


After the Great Patriotic War on the remnants of the lighthouse a wooden mast with the acetylene lantern was temporarily installed.


The modern (the third) Vorontsov lighthouse was constructed in 1955. This event was a symbolic completion of the decade of hard work on the reconstruction of the port after the war against fascists. For this period the foundation for further successful development of the port was laid down.

O.N. Sevostyanova.