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Moles and harbours


Khlebnaya Harbour. The maximum length is 630 m, maximum depth – 13.5 m. Its complex in the modern form was created in 1960. At that time Port’s silos with the capacity of 100 thousand t with berths No. 44 and 45 for mechanical loading of grain was built. Negative processes in the economics of USSR changed cargo flow from export into import.


Grain was followed by Cuban raw sugar in bulk. In 1970 mechanized specialized terminal for raw sugar handling with the cargo turnover of 1 mln t per year was constructed. Sugar terminal included Sugar pier 170 m long and 24 m wide, equipped with portal cranes, grabs, propelled hopper and conveyers with the capacity of 800 t per hour.  

By the mid-70s country’s need in import grain increased. The grain flow handled in the port of Odessa grew from 0.2 mln t in 1960 to 3.8 mln t in 1975.


That was why the Sugar pier was reequipped for handling grain. Along the berth No. 46 one more conveyer was set.

Nowadays the capacity of the universal pier is 140 cars per day.


By the early 90s as the result of port’s structural reorganization Khlebnaya Harbour became Terminal No. 6. In 1994 the berths and facilities were transmitted to the Joint Activity Venture “Brooklyn-Kiev” for operating. Now its Brooklyn-Kiev Ltd. in 2002 the new territory was reclaimed to the berth No. 43. The stevedoring company owns two new silos of 2005. Technical park of Brooklyn-Kiev Ltd includes tractors of Terberg, bulldozers, locomotives, conveyers, etc. today the company can handle Postpanamax vessels.


In 2008 the territory for container terminal was reclaimed and it is operated by Brooklyn-Kiev Port Ltd. The terminal is equipped with two container cranes of «ZPMC» with the capacity of 50 t. With the use of the berth No. 43 handling containers from the vessels with the following dimensions: length – 300 m, draft – 12.5 m, carrying capacity – 70 thousand t became common practice.

T. N. Gleb-Koshanskaya.