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Moles and harbours


New Mole was constructed in the port of Odesa made of mass concrete by the project of Gartley in the form of rectangle with the length of 324 m, of width – 86 m, depth – on the right – 7.3 m, on the left – 6.4 m. Initially, general cargoes (in barrels, boxes, bags), lumber were handled. Later, they started handling coal delivered from England, Poland, and Donetsk – 400-600 thousand t per year.


In order to handle coal on the mole 2 steam portal cranes with the capacity of 1.5 t. Only in 1890 4 more portal cranes with the capacity of 1.5 – 3 t were established. The construction of the warehouses for coal was built.

After the Civil War New Mole continued specializing in coal despite the fact that on the opposite side of it there was a refrigerator. With the foundation of Illichevsk port in 1961 the port of Odessa transferred operations with coal there. In 1963-68 the mole was reconstructed as the passenger terminal of the port of Odessa and in 1968 a new passenger terminal was built. The berths of the New Mole have been serving as the points of departure and destination on the itineraries to Beirut, Venice, Marseille, Alexandria, Varna, etc.  At the butt end of the New Mole small cabotage and river vessels moored. There is also marina. Nowadays, the length of the mole at the right I 417 m and length of marina is 105 m, the total length is 522 m with the depth at the berths, there were also war ships of the Warsaw Agreement countries as well as foreign ships calling with the social visits.

Nowadays, the berths of the New Mole can simultaneously accept 5 large passenger vessels. At the butt end of the mole there are floating berths of marina, one of which accepts sort-trip boats. Currently, the length of the mole on the right is 417 m and marina – 105 m, the total length – 522 m, width – 115 m, depth at the berths are from 9.15 to 11.5 m.


O. N. Sevostyanova.