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Technical characteristics

The port of Odesa is one of the largest ports of the Black and Azov Seas basins, located in the north-western part of the Black Sea on the historically founded merchant ways between East and West. The port is a leader in cargo handling volumes among the ports of Ukraine and the largest passenger port on the Black Sea.




The port authority – the State Enterprise «Odesa Commercial Sea Port» controls over navigation in the port’s water area (abbreviated as SE «Odesa Commercial Sea Port» or SE «OCSP»).


Geographical coordinates: latitude - 46°32'N, longitude - 30°54'Е. Territory: 205,72 hectares. Quantity of berths: 55. Extent of a berthing line: over 10200 mtr. Maximal vessel dimensions: length - to 330 mtr, width – to 40 mtr, draught- to 13.0 mtr.




The port’s technical capacities allow handling of more than 25 million tons of dry and 25 million tons of bulk cargoes annually. Container terminals provide handling of over 900,000 TEU per year. The passenger terminal is capable to serve up to 4 million tourists a year.


Such types of cargoes as oil and oil products in bulk, liquefied gas, tropical and vegetable oils, technical oils, containers of all types and sizes, ferrous and nonferrous metals, ore, pig-iron, raw sugar in bulk, grains in bulk, perishables in containers, various cargoes in bags, boxes, packages, big-bags and integrated cargo units, motor transport are handled in the port. Cargoes potentially dangerous environmentally is an exception.


Within the port territory there are eight production-handling terminals for dry cargoes handling, passenger terminal, oil harbour and two container terminals, terminals for vegetative and technical oils processing, specialized berths for Ro-Ro type vessels and handling of grains.


In the territory of the Quarantine mole the free (special) economic zone "Porto-Franco" operates.


The developed transport infrastructure allows delivering of cargoes into the port by automobile, railway, marine and river transport. In order to provide high efficiency of container processing «Dry Port» is created and constantly developing, besides, there is a special overpass allowing access to the port for cargo motor transport passing the city highways and a specially equipped area of "Dry Port” for transport traffic.




The modern port represents the form of state-private partnership bringing together over 400 companies of small and medium business which carry out a wide range of port services.


At the port of Odesa and stevedoring companies there are more than 8 thousand workplaces and about 100 thousand workplaces in private and state enterprises, which activity is directly or indirectly connected with the port’s operations. The city and regional economics are closely connected with the port of Odesa as a powerful merchant transport hub which unites an essential quantity of forwarding agents, motor transportation enterprises, maritime agencies, enterprises of wholesale trade, building enterprises and others.


The companies of nonstate pattern of ownership rendering cargo handling services:

- Company branch "HPC-UKRAINE" of «HPC Hamburg Consalting GmbH Port»;

- «Metalsukraine Corp.Ltd.» LLC;

- "Novolog" LLC;

- "Novotech-Terminal" LLC;

- "Brooklyn-Kiev" LLC;


- "Olympex Coupe International" LLC;

- Subsidiery Enterprise «Prista-Oil Ukraine»;

- «Odesa Port Industrial-Transshipment Complex» LLC;

- «Brooklyn-Kiev Port» LLC;

- Private Joint Stock Company with Foreign Investments "Sintez-Oil".


Service of the port’s facilities:

- embarkation-disembarkation at the passenger terminal;

- rendering of services to freight and passenger vessels with own fleet;

- shipyard services;

- supplying with water at berths and at anchorage;

- stuffing and unstuffing of containers;

- taking off sewage, garbage etc.;

- granting of the passenger terminal exhibition hall for exhibitions, concerts and other events;

- other kinds of activities.