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For prevention of anthropogenic, terrorist and other threats as well as in the events of corruption at the port. Odessa Sea Port Authority 24/7 hotline (048) 706-57-96. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using the phone book on our web-site

“The port is itself an existence of Odesa”

— Count A.Lanzheron









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The first liner of the cruise season-2010 in Odesa: liner MELODY (204,7 m, flag of Panama) has been moored at 7.00 at 18 berth of the passenger terminal of Odesa port. Vessel mooring was carried out by 2 modern tow-boats of SE "OCSP", 2009 year of construction "Bulat" and "Patriot".

1205 tourists citizens of Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands have stepped down ashore the hospitable Odesa coast. The tour operator «Eugeniya Travel» has provided the guests with 13 buses for a sightseeing city tour.

In total for this season, according to head of marine station Nikolay Makovetsky, 75 demands for calling of foreign cruise steam-ships and 60 for calling of the "river-sea" type vessels have been got. Remarkable feature of the season 9 demands for daily moorage (for comparison: in 2009 it was 5, in 2008 2), 27 visits of "thousand"-liners over 200 m in length, including, 2 calls of vessels over 290 in length. It is COSTA MEDITERRANEA (292,5 m, flag of Italy) in June, and QUEEN VICTORIA (294 m, flag of Great Britain) in September.

N.STEPANOVA, «Odesa port worker» newspaper.



On April, 2-d the cruise liner MELODY (204,7 m, flag of Panama) will launch the spring-and-summer navigation of passenger ships 2010 in Odesa.

The liner will arrive at 7:00 from Yalta and after 5 and a half hours will head for Sevastopol. During a half-day of stay in our city about 1200 tourists from Great Britain, Germany, France and other European countries will get acquainted with sights of the Black Sea Pearl via bus excursion (15 cars have been ordered) or a pedestrian walk. Tourist agency «Eugenia Travel» hosts and serves the guests.

This year it is planning 4 more visits of the steamship MELODY to Odesa: on April, 13th, on May, 27th, on July, 10th and on August, 23rd. The liner belongs to cruise company MSC Cruises which is the part of the Italian holding Mediterranean Shipping Company. It is interesting that the well-known actress Sophie Loren is the godmother of at least eight vessels of the named company.

N.STEPANOVA, «Odesa port worker» newspaper.


State Comittee of veterinary medicine had forbidden import of meat and raw materials from the territory of the Russian Federation

The state committee of veterinary medicine of Ukraine from March, 30th 2010 has forbidden import of pigs, products and raw materials from them from territory of the Russian Federation, informs the committee press-service. The interdiction is a consequence of the information given by the International epizootic bureau about registered classical swine fever in the administrative territory of Volgograd, Saratov and Voronezh regions in the Russian Federation. RBC-Ukraine


There is a new container line in the Ukrainian market

In the middle of the month in Ilichevsk sea port the first vessel with cargoes of the new in the Ukrainian market container line ANL, which successfully joined in 2009 the European market and the countries of the Near East as competitive service from the Southern-Eat-Asia. ANL will be in Ukraine "under the wing" of the line CMA-CGM using its vessels. However, rates on freight promise to be much more attractive at the corresponding quality, which is the prerogative of CMA-CGM. On each vessel of CMA-CGM, coming to the Black sea, it is planned to load up to 300 TEU in the area of ANL. A circular route of service in the area of ANL is the next: Dalian—Tianjin—Pusan—Shanghai—Ningbo—Taipei—Chiwan—Yantian—Port Klang) – Port-Said-Damietta-Izmit-Konstantsa-Ilichevsk-Odesa-Damietta-Port-Said-Port-Klang-Daljan. 11 ships are involved in the weekly service MED 3. Time of circular voyage— 77 days.


Ukraine expects the answer from Romania to the offer on joint ecological monitoring of the Danube delta

Deputy minister of surrounding environment of Ukraine Dmitry Gursky informed about it from Bruxelles. "The Romanian site has apprehended a research-and-production program which was offered by the Ukrainian site, it has worked, made the remarks then the meeting of experts took place, and now we expect a final position of the Romanian site to dot one's "i's" and to begin such monitoring", - he has told. "It would be final and good, if in this commission on joint monitoring there were independent European experts", - the deputy minister has added. D.Gursky has reminded that Ukraine sounded such offer even in the autumn 2009 during the session of the Committee of high level between ministers of ecology of two countries within the limits of the presidential Ukrainian-Romanian commission. According to D.Gursky, in January of this year the Ukrainian party has directed the Committee a report on implementation to Convention ESPOO (Conventions of the United Nations on an estimation of influence on environment in a transboundary context) about performance of all necessary measures. «It is all, we have executed all procedures regulated by Convention ESPOO», - D.Gursky has told. In April, 2008 The Implementation committee of Convention ESPOO suggested to recognize infringement by Ukraine of positions of articles 2, 3 and 4 of Convention at channel building «Danube – the Black sea» in the mouth Bistroye. In particular, the committee has come to conclusion that Ukraine has not given enough information to the Romanian site, concerning the project on mouth deepening and has not given possibility of the Romanian public to take part in an estimation of consequences of this project for an environment. Romania accused Ukraine of infringement of international law norms at channel building "Danube – the Black sea" since 2004 when Ukraine began renewal of activity of the channel in the mouth Bistroye. Romania tried to prove ecological danger of works which were carried out by Ukraine on deepening of the navigable course, involving the Eurocommission in it. Information. On May, 12th, 2004 the Cabinet made a decision on building of the 3,5-kilometre deep-water channel "Danube – the Black sea" in the Ukrainian part of the Danube mouth Bistroye. On August, 26th, 2004 in the Odesa region a solemn opening of a first stage of this channel took place. Trans Port



Thus, as of March, 26, 2010 the cargo handling plan for the first quarter is executed by 101 %, including 102 % performance on dry cargoes and 100 % on bulk ones.

In total by results of the first quarter 2010 cargo handling at the level of 6870 thousand tons is expected, which will make 107 % to the plan of the first quarter.




The largest ship party in March was shipped last week by dockers of "Metalsukraine". From the berth № 7 in holds of the bulker VOC DAISI (flag of Panama) 40 thousand tons of export slabs has been sold by appointment to India. The vessel processing was carried out by three lines with the use of one portal crane "Condor" and two "Mark-45".

Average intensity of loading was about 20 thousand tons daily. Till the end of the month it is expected another heavy-tonnage vessel for loading of 30 thousand tons of grain. As a whole, the cargo turnover of March in the administration of the stevedoring company is predicted at the level of 150 thousand tons, that exceeds the result of February by 10 thousand tons.

«Odesskiy portovik»





Ukraine has increased gas transit by 73,2 % - to 19,2 billion cubic m. for 2 months 2010.

Ukraine has increased gas transit from Russia by 73,2 % - to 19,2 billion cubic m. for 2 months 2010 in comparison with the similar period of 2009. The government has informed about it. The increase is connected with an essential falling of transit in the beginning of 2009 because of the Ukrainian-Russian gas crisis. In February, 2010 volumes of gas transit increased in comparison with February, 2009 by 41,4 % - to 9,052 billion cubic m. It was transfered 18,394 billion cubic m. to the EU countries in January-February, including in the direction of Slovakia - 12,762 billion cubic m, Hungary - 1,866 billion cubic m, Poland - 738 million cubic m, the Balkans - 3,028 billion cubic m. 827 million cubic m of gas was transfered to Moldova in January-February, 2010 by transit. In 2009 gas transit through Ukraine made 95,2 billion cubic m that is 24,4 billion cubic m (20,4 %) less, than in 2008. RBC-Ukraine


The Ukrainian grain association declares necessity of compensation of the VAT to grain exporters

The Ukrainian grain association declares necessity of compensation of the VAT in summ 5 billion UAH to grain exporters in March-May. The president of UGA Vladimir Klimenko has informed on it at a press conference. «Considering the necessity of export support of the Ukrainian grain, a non-admission of decrease in procurement prices for producers of grain by 20 % and necessity of financing of spring-field works, to find money means in the sum about 5 billion UAH.», - the president of UGA has told. Klimenko also has noticed that debts repayment under the VAT before exporters of grain is necessary for carrying out in March-May, 2010 on purpose to provide rhythmic compensation on current operations. He also has noticed that debts repayment should be carried out in all companies-exporters of the proportionally existing debts. As it was informed earlier, the Cabinet has charged to the State tax administration, to the Ministry of Finance and the agrarian policy Ministry to compensate to exporters of grain the value-added tax in the sum 1,5 billion UAH due to Agrarian fund in March - May. Earlier the Ministry has prolonged the mechanism of compensation of the VAT operating in 2009 to exporters of agricultural production through Agrarian fund for 2010. The agrarian fund on account of budgetary compensation of the VAT can realise to exporters grain and flour from the state intervention fund, and also ammoniac saltpeter.


[23.03.10] Chernomorsky dockyard has constructed a container ship for the Dutch company «Damen Shipyards Bergum»

The state joint-stock holding company «Chernomorsky dockyard» has finished building of a container ship for the Dutch company «Damen Shipyards Bergum». Chernomorsky dockyard has made case designs mounting, all-ship systems, painting, isolation and a covering of premises. The vessel is intended for transportation of dry cargoes and containers. The container ship designed speed - 12,3 knots, maximum loading – 193 containers of TEU type. Length of the vessel makes 88,6 m, width – 12,5 m., board height – 7 m., deadweight - 3,800 tons, draught - 5,4 m. «We are glad that, despite the financial problems of the Ukrainian shipbuilding, we have finished vessel construction», — the chief executive – the director for production of the state joint-stock holding company Valery Kalashnikov has commented on the end of building. The container ship case has been built in May, 2008 in covered slip of the dockyard. In connection with the bank crisis in the end of 2008 the works on building have been suspended. In June, 2009 after the change of management of the enterprise the factory has resumed works on the vessel building. The state joint-stock holding company «Chernomorsky dockyard» is the largest enterprise of branch in Ukraine and one of the most powerful in Europe, it is foundeded in 1897. During the century it was constructed more than 1000 ships and vessels of various types and appointments, including war ships at the dockyard. 90,25 % of actions of the dockyard are owned by Open Society «Kherson ship-building factory». The Kherson ship-building factory and the Chernomorsky ship-building factory are the parts of the formed ship-building holding of Joint-Stock Company "Smart holding". Maritime Business News